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Strange Talents

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[quote name='-Noel-' timestamp='1321318074' post='5642302']
I can whistle with my mouth wide open.

get on my level
[/quote]Wow... isn't that screaming though (if not, incredible)

[quote name='Fusion X. Denver' timestamp='1321318340' post='5642315']
Does whistling by inhalation count?
If not, I can situate myself anywhere: the kitchen counter, the edge of the couch, the back of a chair, etc.
It's easy to climb on things for me.
[/quote]I'm really short, so when I need something from the top shelf of my kitchen drawer I climb on the counter.
And then I fell so I stopped

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Well, I can find anything after a couple seconds of searching, but only if someone else is searching for it, and has been for a few minutes. Example: My brother was digging around for the ketchup for a few minutes (mind, he was the one who last used it). I walked up, looked in the fridge and pulled it out.
This doesn't ever work if I'm the one looking for something.

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[quote name='Lunæ' timestamp='1321321610' post='5642452']
I can take a bra off with one hand in no time whatsoever.

Does that count?
I'd like to see this...

OT: I am double jointed at the thumb, I have a ridiculous hitchhiker thumb that bends back at a right angle, I can put my feet behind my head, and I can lick my elbow.

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