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Star Sign of the Sacred


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[b][i]Once per turn, when a "Sacred" Xyz Monster is Special Summoned to your side of the field: You can draw 1 card.[/i][/b]

[b]Hand:[/b] [i]Sacred Pollux/Sacred Gredi, Sacred Kausto[/i]
[b]Field:[/b] [i]Star Sign of the Sacred[/i][/center]
1. Normal Summon [i]Sacred Pollux/Sacred Gredi[/i]
2. Use its effect to Summon [i]Sacred Kausto[/i]
3. Use [i]Kausto's[/i] effect to increase own and the other Sacred's Level to 5
4. Xyz Summon [i]Sacred Pleiades[/i] (-1)[/center]
[center]5. Draw a card from [i]Star Sign of the Sacred[/i]. (+1)
6. Use [i]Pleiades'[/i] effect, detach a materail to bounce [i]Star Sign[/i] back to your hand.[/center]
[center]7. Activate [i]Star Sign [/i]again.[/center]
[center]8. Xyz Change into [i]Sacred Ptolemys M7.[/i][/center]
[center]9. Draw a card from [i]Star Sign[/i]. (+1)[/center]
[center]10. Detach the [i]Pleiades[/i] from [i]Ptolemys[/i], return a monster form Graveyard to hand or bounce one of your opponent's. (+1/+0)[/center]

[center]Either +1 or +2 in the end. Then, if you have Xyz Reborn, you can bring Pleiades back, and repeat again from Step 5. Discuss.[/center]

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[quote name='Dante v. Nero' timestamp='1321477945' post='5646848']
I want to build a Sacred Deck, but I think if I build it, it would end up horribly inconsistent.

OT: Card is awesome. Apparently, timing is everything.
[/quote]sacreds are kinda easy...
I wanna see it if you make it :3

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