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[quote name='Leviair the byakk Dragon' timestamp='1321483921' post='5647081']
Portable Battery Pack to special summon 2 Chargers, overlay them for Pleiades, use Pleiades' effect to bounce Battery Pack and use it again. Then Chaos Change to Ptolemys and Bounce another card sending the last charger to Grave. Voila Grave setup again


You forgot a little thingy...XD


Oh and inb4Armadilloz....(Wonders why nobody did this yet)

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[quote name='-Venser el Transeúnte-' timestamp='1321485317' post='5647151']
Wonders why nobody did this yet[/quote]
Because me taking a liking to Scraps over Batterymen caused Konami to print this artwork:
And it forces me to rage, in order to keep me from getting emotionally upset, every time I see this card.
You won't care why, so don't even bother asking.

As for the archetype itself, it has wonderful swarming potential and can easily make beatsticks out of nowhere. They just lack a decent boss monster, and the fact [email protected] kinda' kills the deck.
Yes, Batterymen are a lot like Spaceships, in which [email protected] made them playable.

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