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Possibly the coolest piece of Computer Technology I've seen


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Is "shoulder surfing" really a problem? I mean, maybe for stuff that need protecting, like CIA business or whatever. I'm in a coffee shop right now, and if someone expressed an interest in reading the terrible story I'm writing, I'd be more then happy to oblige.

tl;dr - Looks like a product that only a paranoid turbo virgin neckbeard would use.

Edit: Actually the comments come up with a better use of this software...

"Given that one ten-thousandth of our field of vision is processed by one half of the visual processing part of the brain, this technology has massive implications for gaming, where resolution, size and detail are everything.
Imagine a wall with a projected image at 300dpi wherever you glanced. Work out the lags that currently exist and it's an awesome product.
Exactly. You're getting it. This type of tech really offers a whole new way of interacting with monitors. It isn't just about security. -gs"

I still stand by my tl;dr.

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[quote name='Fusion X. Denver' timestamp='1321734650' post='5653293']
That'd be helpful for hiding the fact I frequent a YGO forum and watch anime from family at home and friends at school.
Yeah, I support this technology.

Also, it's pretty damn awkward to watch anime like Baka to test with my Grandma in the same room

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