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Armed Dragons


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Yes, the original Armed Dragons. Specifically the original DAD, LV 7.

I personally like them.
Back in my days of fun dueling, I ran Armed Dragons and Horus together. When it worked, it was a lulzy lockdown. Horus 8 + Dragon 10 + Decree was just amazing.[/center]

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I love you guise. You made my day with this. [quote name='PikaPerson01' timestamp='1321766154' post='5654429']
Average as hell, in a meta where "average" is [b]s***[/b].

I still have fond memories of a long chain of Masked Dragons ending in Armed Dragon Lv 3, which then became level 5 on my opponent's turn. It leads to bad draws though, a lot of the time.
[/quote]fix'd. and masked dragon is the only way to go obviously

[quote name='evilfusion' timestamp='1321769340' post='5654509']
[b]I always wanted Armed Dragon LV10, just for set completion. [/b]The problem is LV10 doesnt have Level Up! support due to not being in LV7's card text, and it only gets a 200 ATK boost. Granted, it turns any card in hand into Lightning Vortex, but LV7 is plenty.
[/quote]THIS^^. Never got it tho...

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[quote name='Passion Pit' timestamp='1321798113' post='5654770']
...Level 10's a WIND... U sure u don't mean DAD?

ITT: Phantom of Chaos can only use the effects of DARK monsters

EDIT: Ninjas.

Well, I loved these on WC 2006. Get your Masked Dragon killed, summon Level 3, Level it up, on nom nom on their monster, summon Level 7

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