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Chronos Enchantress [My Comeback Card *Le Sigh*]


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[center]So... Yeah..... I feel like a complete idiot for coming back to RC but I have had a lot of ideas. Don't worry I won't run away again lol. Anyways, enjoy my crack at something a little different.


This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned from your hand, Deck or Graveyard when the current Turn Count of the Duel is 20 or more. If this card was Special Summoned from the Deck, the effect of this monster is negated until your next Standby Phase. This card gains the following effects depending on the current Turn Count of the Duel.
- 20 Turns+: Once per turn you can Put 1 Spell Counter on each face-up monster that you control. All face-up monsters you control with at least 1 Spell Counter cannot be destroyed in battle.
- 30 Turns+: You can Draw an additional card during each of your Draw Phases. Your opponent can Pay 1000 Life Points to use this effect.
- 40 Turns+: You can Banish all cards you control except this monster. If this monster is still face-up on your field during your next Standby Phase, you win the Duel[/center]

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[quote name='sgrug4' timestamp='1321850593' post='5656485']
Give it up for the cute anime girls in J-max's cards!

Maybe if the requirements and turn counts werent so...high
I barely reach turn 15 in most duels. These days, decks are hell of aggressive.

he has to do better than that to impress me for cute pics

but even final countdown is mostly useless now unless a card is made to cut the number from 20 turns to 10 turns or something

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It's tough to find a fine line. Hmmmm. I know! Pay 1000 and choose up to 3. But then I would have to create a Archetype based on this card as the only cards I can think of that would benefit from this is Final Countdown and this card. Sucks that LV monsters rely on Phases.

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I feel this card would be better if you replace Turn Counts --> Cards in your Deck.
This way, her second effect would actually accelerate her third effect, which would be the goal of a Deck based on her.
Because most competitive Decks run 40-42 Cards, if your Win-Condition is this card then you will have to mill your entire Deck and get yourself in an All-or-Nothing situation, a concept I find interesting and worth a try.

Like Exodia, "Chronos Enchantress" would become another Win-Condition Card, whose Deck would have a similar mechanic to Empty Jar, the difference being that don't need to mill your opponent.

I personally would remove her Summoning Conditions; l find them unnecessary, but that's up to you. I will only mention that you need to add a [[i]You can only control 1 "Chronos Enchantress"[/i].] clause, so you don't Summon 3 copies of her at the same time.

Actually, if this suggestion convinces you, then you will have to change her second effect entirely. I would replace it with something like: "During each of your Standby Phases, send 1 card from the top of your Deck to the Graveyard."

Forgot to explain that the effects of "Chronos Enchantress" would have to activate the less cards you have in the Deck, otherwise you would have to have 40 cards in Deck for her third effect, which makes no sense.

So, for the first effect it could require <=20 cards, <=10 cards for the second effect and <=5 cards for the third and winning effect.

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