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Deck Building: Consistency


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Pretty sure that the number one concern when it actually comes to putting knowledge into practice is consistency. This is kinda a discussion thread on how you go about making decks consistent.

Especially when it comes to compromising early game consistency and late game consistency. You can either build up your resources during early game (which is a weaker early game), before going for a final push in late game (a stronger late game), or going vice versa. Which way is better in your opinion?

Other stuff to consider is stuff in multiples like Tengu, or Duality. Or stuff like Rai-Oh that will lose you consistency from dead Dualities blah blah. Do you cut out all that for worse, but effectively more consistent cards?

And do you add consistency in the side ever?

Pretty relevant considering all the tourneys going about. In competitive play, consistency is pretty much the most important thing possible in a deck. One loss will possibly lose your whole chance of getting into top cut, so your views?

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Varies a lot of the deckstyle too.

80% of the decktypes that exist won't be consistent enough. They are good for casual play, but competitivity-wise, no.

Now, if we're abraoding the top decks of the current meta, most of them have personal techs that don't hinder their consistency regarding the goal, in fact most of the time it helps the goal. Other decks can't afford fancy techs because they actually lowers the consistency, though.

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Right now I'm making a token.dek and the key is adding consistency. I can't use Jam Breeding Machine even though its the most consistant token source because it kills off Duality which is so important and it gives me no other options. I'm trying Compass something but it's consistency is weak too because I can never get enough tokens off it. Now I'm trying compass but with a few Lord British added in for stronger bass tokens and it will let me rely less on a single card. It's really hard work.

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I've run into problems with my Twilight build. It'll win a lot, but then it just goes on just...STREAKS of losses.
It pushed me from 1130 to 1280 very quickly on DN. Then the bottom fell out for whatever reason, and I went below 1100 after a little bit.

It's by far my favorite build, so I wanna know what I can do to make it as consistent as physically possible xD
I personally hate running Wulf, as it's an automatic dead draw, unless you're lucky enough to have a discarding effect just waiting for you. Only thing is, I don't know what to replace it with.

Anyway, from what I've seen, when consistency fails people, often times, instead of taking a harder look at what's making it inconsistent, they panic and add cards to stop a specific thing, while ignoring the bigger problems.

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[quote name='TheTurtleOnceCalledGod' timestamp='1321838669' post='5656042']
There are plenty of fun decks that are consistent, but not fast enough/broken enough to compete with meta decks.
More or less, its like this:
If a deck is mostly DARK and focuses on swarming, then it wins games.
Everything else is moot.

EX: Tourguide + Gold Sarcoph lets you Normal Summon a 2300ATK beatstick + a 2500ATK Solemn Judgment.

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[quote name='-Venser el Transeúnte-' timestamp='1321845088' post='5656333']
Factor to Take into Account when playing DN: The Shuffling Algorythm is kinda f***ed up and will give you Imposible Bad hands out of Nowhere...multiple Times in a Row...XD
[/quote]>Starting hand:
3 Tour Guides
1 Sangan
2 Volcanic Shells

Opponent also had Rai-Oh face-up.

Yeah, I was pretty much was like gg...

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