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Why is Ragnarok1945 hated by some people



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I very rarely left the TCG section until I became a moderator, so I wasn't really all too sure of the ragnarok situation until about a year ago however...

To make a long story short, he doesn't know much about the TCG, yet insists to make comments regarding it. Comments like "this card is overpowered" when in the meta it truly is not and most likely never would have been, even considering pasts metas. Alternatively, a card with an absurd effect and a negligible cost. He typically sees life points as an end-all-be-all when in the actual TCG it largely doesn't matter.

Secondly, he has a razor sharp focus on one individual trait of a card and claiming it needs tweaking, when another, much more obvious and much more broken aspects of the cards exists.

However, I don't think it's entirely his fault. Just as much of the blame falls on Icy for never bothering to correct anything he says or does. If someone messes up and you don't tell them that it's a problem, don't act surprised when it happens again.

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Because he doesn't know "Right Yugioh".

See, there are two types of Yugioh, the Doing-It-Right and the Doing-It-Wrong. Doing-It-Right is only done by a limited number of duelists, but I consider only them to be "real" players. Most of the TCG section does it right, but a lot of people from other sections are doing it wrong, especially RC. Except, RC is actually the place that needs the most skilled people

And well, ragnarok1945 is a card rater. A famous one too. And yet, he's terrible at the game. He's doing it REALLY wrong.

He thinks Earthbound Immortals are overpowered.

Yeah, this is true.

These people don't deserve to be called "amazing card raters". In fact he's not good at rating. I find most of his advice rather incomplete, with no real background thought. He's not bad at it, I admit that, but he's still mediocre at best.

The reason why I hate him is how he's YET considered to be the best rater yet. Which is a complete lie.

Keep this in mind.

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