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A vanilla to ruin my credibility.


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Well, it's hard to critique a vanilla, but I'll try d*** it!
So, stats are low, even as a level 2, since it has no other ability or any support. The picture looks awesome and it deserves more for it's awesomeness.
I'm not impressed with the text, I know most real cards don't have much, but you coulda put more effort into it.
I really hope it has the true power the natives believe it does, it looks pretty puny to me.
I actually love vanillas for some unknown reason.

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let's see here
the stats aren't bad for a level 2, though i know that alot of people like to give a FIRE monster 200 DEF just for Rekindling. The art is good, though i would say it wouldn't match the name, but on a second glance it does look fitting. the only thing i'm disappointed in is the flavour text, in my opinion the flavour text should tell a little story about the card, but the text is so bland and boring that you wouldn't get much story out of it.

so on that i'd give your card a 7/10

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[center]Yes, the flavor text should hold more...well...flavor.[/center]
[center]Rekindling/Flamvell Counter support, searchable by Flamvell Poun, though Poun would prefer Lyla.[/center]
[center]Limit Reverse, but with Call of the Haunted at 2, why bother with Limit Reverse.[/center]
[center]Maybe if it was a Warrior, though you made it a Wolf, so its a Beast.[/center]
[center]Can work with Junk Synchron and make Laval Twinslayer...[/center]

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