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Balanced Pot of Greed?


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[quote name='ケニヨン • ボリンガー' timestamp='1322027337' post='5660756']
There I changed it!

Fixed, yet I do agree with the Quick-Play part.

OT: I laugh at those restrictions. Play this during your opponents turn, following the change the above poster made, and you don't have to deal with the no Special Summon clause. With that, BLS says hi.

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Nah but seriously, why would anyone use Quick Draw over Reckless Greed? The no-SS condition and no-Battle Phase condition make it worse off.

On the other hand, the only deck that would benefit would be something like Exodia with Royal Magical Library or whatever the hell it's called, or some other FTK.

tl;dr - Worse then Reckless Greed. Only use is FTK fuel.

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[quote name='-Noel-' timestamp='1322090035' post='5661915']
Once per Duel is bad, guys...

Once per turn is ok. This card is a +1, and no Special Summon and no battle phase seem ok.

Remember, this card would be limited anyway, but it's not bannable IMO.
Really? I see it more as semi-restricted. Altho' certainly everyone would use it if it were printed.

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