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Winter Anime 2011-2012

Legend Zero

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Thank you METALMAXIMAL for finding this, I was about to go look when I got home. =P

Lets see we have SEED remastered, Prince of Tennis, and ZERO NO TSUKAIMA!

I'm interested in High School DxD and a few others. There are also a ton of OVAs and movies this season. =3

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wow so many new and good anime
Danshi koukosei no nichijou (maybe since i was into a all boys school)
Zero no tsukaima F
Mouretsu pirates
BRS( if its like the game)
Rinne no Langrange
Highschool DxD
Baby , please kill me

Ova and the rest
R-15, Maken Ki, Mirai nikki, carnival fantasm, Higurashi, scryed (maybe), Steins gate, Top wo nerae
Rurouni Kenshin, Gaiking , S7 : Night ed and that's it

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It's not like SEED made enough of an impact to get a tenth anniversary. Zeta got the movie remakes because it set the bar for the franchise. SEED just took the original show, replaced good characters with crap ones (Ranma Ral replaced by that Andy guy with the zoid,) and added 4 more Gundam pilots. It would be nice if they continued the story of the 0083 crew after they joined the Titans.

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