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Shocking Controversy! King Crouton brings up something sinister about Destiny HERO - Dasher on DN!

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I built a deck around this. It's a Monster Mash deck where you drop in the grave as fast as possible, then when you draw the monster you want during the Draw Phase, SS it with Dasher's eff. The deck also runs Fear Monger to get used Dashers to the field.

[s]I was testing this deck a couple months back and got to use Dasher's eff. I announced it's eff in the chat, and brought out the drawn card (I think it was Black Rose Witch so I could NS something else to synch.) I realized a problem. If my opponent wanted proof that was the drawn card, I could never prove it unless I was recording the duel. My point? [b]You can cheat with this card on DN.[/b] Draw card, use eff and reveal ANY monster in your hand, and SS it. How can you do this? Because DN isn't IRL, so your opponent can't see you physically draw the card and can only assume it's the drawn card. You can gleefully cheat and the opponent will never realize you're screwing them.[/s]

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