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[quote name='空の竜藩主' timestamp='1322581678' post='5674038']
is it better then cyber valley though?

why would you run Cyber Valley in TGUAgents? Wasting your Normal Summon is bad because Normal Summoning is what sets up most of your combo peices. Combos(Basic) go like this

Agent - earth -> Tutor up agent venus -> Banish Agent Earth for Hyperion

probably my favorite combo, sets up a level 2 tuner in the Leviair zone.

Agent Venus -> 3x BALLZ -> Bounce a Ball, summon birdman -> 1x BALLZ -> Gachi Gachi -> Crimson Blader

Second favorite combo. Requires only 2 cards(In theory) and sets up for Kristya and Hyperion.

TGU -> TGU -> No.17/Leviair -> Revive Agent - Earth/Go 2.5k beatstick

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when i asked the question, i meant in general, not specifically TGUagents.
and i do know the combos.
OT: card saved me for a comeback several times. topdecking this in a bad situation is a godsend, even tho i don't believe in god.

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