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Baby, Please Kill Me! (A.K.A. Kill Me Baby!)


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As found on Mangareader...

"It's a 4-panel style manga that follows the comedic life of a typical school girl Yasuna and her assassin classmate Sonya. Sonya’s attempt to fit in often fails when her natural assassin instincts kick in and Yasuna’s attempt to be more friendly with Sonya often gets her hurt or intimidated."

Yeah, I'd suspect it'd be something that you'd find in a Jap newspaper or something.

This is actually pretty good, being entertaining and having some truly funny moments. Heck, I've laughed out loud more than just a few times while reading.

Anyway, discuss. It's also getting an anime adaptation, so I'm looking forward to that.

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EVERYTHING! about it, opening made me go wtf , and at the last 3 min of the episode made me really tired i almost fell asleep. Its just.....not a good comedy, it never made me laugh....but the 4koma on the other hand its awesome. Oh and one last thing. This should have never been a 24 min episode series.

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