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YCWE - [Episode 4 - Part 2 is up!]

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Welcome to the unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh! Cardmaker Community Wrestling Entertainment Fan-Fic!


[spoiler=Rules of the thread *PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!*]

1. All YCM Forum rules apply.

2. Arguing and trolling with NOT be tolerated!

3. All complaints or hatemail must be PMed to me. No negativity is allowed here on this thread.

4. All Apps are to be PMed to me. Do not spam the thread with apps.

4. All requests are subject to changes to promote unexpectedness and irony, etc. (in other words, I will try to make things as unpredictable as possible to keep things interesting.)



In the YCWE, WWE crosses over with YCMembers (you) as the superstars. The show will run off your support! So feel free to contribute ideas and characters (etc) into the pot. I will try to work with them in any way I can.


Now, without further ado, here is YCWE. Enjoy! ...and don't forget to comment! :)


(Also, if you happen to come across ads in the links, feel free to rage at Youtube for being desperate for money.)


***WARNING!: Links may lead to music with bad language. Click at your own risk.***


:: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ::

[spoiler=Episode 1]

Theme plays.

Sparks and pyro fly off the stage under the Titantron. The crowd’s cheers fill the arena, itching for a good show.

“Lllladies and gentlemen! Welcome to our first episode of the unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh! Cardmaker Community Wrestling Entertainment! My name is Rai and as of now, I am the only commentator guy here but we will be joined by our other announcers in just a moment. It is ELECTRIC in this arena and the audience is off their seats in ovation to the start of the show! Yes, they are in for a real treat tonight. We have quite a line-up to kick things off here tonight and I hope everyone watching from around the world enjoys it.”

Thar enters.

The audience cheers.

“…and speaking of which, here comes Thar right now. Thar is our official arena announcer for this show and again, Thar will be joining me in the commentator table along with another one of our commentators that will not be joining us today but hopefully we’ll get the chance to hear from him soon. So without further ado, here’s Thar.”

Thar slowly raises his mic to his lips. “LLADDIIEEESSS AND GENTLLLLLMENNNN!! WELCOME TO THE FIRST UNOFFICIAL YU-GI-OH! CARDMAKER COMMUNITY WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT SHOW!!!” The crowd goes wild. “The YCWE has set up one helluva show for you, and ONLY you, our awesome audience, for your entertainment tonight! It is our job to keep you at the edge of your seat! Keep you pumped! Make you wanna scream and shout all night for the superstars in this ring! And, most importantly, to keep you involved in the sport! We can only run off of your support, and as long as we keep you interested, THAT IS WHAT WE WILL HOPEFULLY GET!” More cheering. “Alright, y’all are obviously itching for a good show tonight, so that’s what you’ll get. Now let’s get started!” Thar enters the ring.

Remo enters.

Sparks fly and more cheering occurs.

“Our first contest is set for one-fall. Our first contestant: From the General forum; weighing a reputation of 83; please welcome…REMMMMMMOOOO!!”

Still under the Titantron, Remo gestures as though performing a Genjutsu, bolting into the ring under the bottom rope and raising a hand in the air with a “rock on” gesture, intensifying the ovation.

Jazzy enters.

The ovation comes to a screeching halt as boos from the audience cloud the arena.

“…and his opponent: Roaming in the Clubs and Organizations forum; standing at a rep of 190…JAZZZZYYYYYY!!!”

More boos filled the area as Jazzy raised two fists into the air with a smirk on his face. Taking his time, he climbed onto the edge of the ring and ducked under the top rope to enter it, returning Remo’s challenging glance.

The official in the ring kept a few feet between the contestants, and signaled for the bell for the match to start. Thar and Rai are sitting side by side in the commentator’s table.

“And our first match has begun, ladies and gentlemen! Kicking off the season we have Remo, a well-known club-hopper with a club of his own; the Soul Society!”
“Yes, Rai, the Soul Society is a club based around the popular anime Bleach, which personally I think is a little too mainstream to be considered a good anime, but enough about me. Jazzy, his opponent, is in fact a club host all on his own.”
“Indeed he is, Thar, and this club is the second version of Gaming Central, the first version being hosted by Glitch, whom I don’t think is recognized as much as Jazzy but should be.”

As the match starts, the two contestants lock arms around each others’ heads. Jazzy begins to best Remo into the corner, hooking an arm around his neck and delivering blows to Remo’s chest. Remo endures the heavy hits, eventually kneeing Jazzy in the gut, making him shuffle back hunched over for Remo to deliver an uppercut to his head, knocking him back.

“This match has started off strong and with Jazzy trying to wear Remo down early, Remo immediately retaliates and is given the upper hand on Jazzy.”

Remo punches Jazzy in the face twice, then runs back into the ropes to bounce forward and deliver a kick to the side of his head, knocking him over face-first into the ring floor.

“Ouch! Did you hear that, Rai?”
“I did Thar, in fact I’m getting a headache already just watching it.”

Remo smiles, looking at the audience and raising his rocker-gestured hands in the air, signaling for a cheer, which he got. Remo then picks up Jazzy by the hair, delivering another uppercut to his chin and knocking him back into the ropes.

“And Remo already is making an ego in the ring as he takes control of the match.”

Remo throws Jazzy by the arm into the ropes on the other side. Jazzy bounces back towards Remo and drop-kicks him in the face, knocking him over the ropes.

“Oh my God! What a comeback from Jazzy!”

The audience explodes as Jazzy makes his way under the bottom rope to join Remo outside the ring.

“And already this match has been taken outside the boundaries. This is where things get ugly, Rai.”
“Yeah, no kidding. Outside the ropes you have these dangerous props set up for you and your opponent and who knows how either contestant is gonna use them.”

Jazzy picks Remo up by the head and rams him into one of the corners of the ring.

“Oof! Those are steel poles, people. Not a good feeling for Remo.”

Still on the offense, Jazzy picks up an exhausted Remo again and slams his head on the side of the ring. He repeats this twice after, soon to be followed by Remo’s knee to Jazzy’s head, knocking him back a few feet. Remo charges a fist into Jazzy’s face, knocking him back toward the ramp. Muffles from the official telling the two to get back in the ring can be heard.

“And again, Remo has the offense. But…where are they going? Guys…the ring is that way!”
“I don’t think they’re listening, Thar.”

Remo grabs Jazzy by the arm and rushes him back into the ring under the bottom rope. He soon does the same, then hooks Jazzy around the head before slamming it into the floor.

“OH! Killer neckbreaker by Remo!”
“Well at least it was inside the ring rather than on the steel ramp where they were headed.”

Remo goes in for the cover. The official dives in for the count.


Jazzy kicks out.

“A good cover attempt by Remo, but Jazzy makes his way out in time.”
“Granted, that was one bad neckbreaker by Remo. How Jazzy kicked out of that is beyond me.”

Frustrated, Remo picks Jazzy up by the head and punches him down. He repeats this several times until Jazzy blocks one of them and breaks out with an uppercut to Remo’s jaw, knocking him back to follow up on more blows to the head until Remo is backed up into a corner. Jazzy backs up and charges a shoulder ram into Remo’s chest, weakening him.

“And we see Jazzy building momentum here as Remo is stuck in the corner and enduring massive damage delivered by his opponent.”
“He needs to get out of that corner. That’s never a good place to be against someone as violent as Jazzy.”

Jazzy continues to pound at Remo without mercy. The official pulls him back, and Jazzy pushes him away as he makes for another shoulder ram into Remo, but Remo moves and Jazzy’s shoulder slams into the metal pole.

“Oh my! Remo moves at the last second and Jazzy takes a massive hurt to the shoulder from the corner of the ring!”
“Yeah, luckily for Remo he had time to recuperate thanks to the official pulling Jazzy back and had the energy after to make the move.”

Remo gets to his feet and grabs Jazzy’s head, climbing up the corner onto the top rope.

“Ohhhh boy! What’s he gonna do, Thar?”
“I dunno but whatever it is, Jazzy’s in for a world of hurt!”

Feeding off the roaring crowd, Remo sticks out his tongue like a snake, lifts Jazzy up by the armpits, and plunges into the center of the ring with a slam on impact.


Remo covers.


The bell rings.

Remo’s theme plays.

The whole arena explodes in ovation. Thar stands up with mic in hand.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Your winner…..RREEEEEMMMMMMOOOOO!!!!!!”

Remo’s hand is raised by the official. Remo raises his other hand with a rocker gesture, smiling. The official leaves the ring, followed by a blow to Remo’s head by Jazzy knocking Remo back towards the ropes, where Jazzy bounces off onto the back of Remo’s head and slams it into the floor, knocking him out. Jazzy is handed a mic by request, and he speaks:

“Fellow audience!” A massive array of boos belt out from the stands. “This, is not the way this match should’ve ended! It’s quite obvious that I’m the better combatant!” More boos. “I have more reps! I have more posts! I am better LOOKING!!” Even more boos. “So for those of you who think Remo is the better man, you thought…..wrong!The whole arena starts to chant: “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!...” Jazzy looks around in confusion, but smiles at the attention. “Go ahead! Boo and chant ‘YOU SUCK’ all you want! But no matter what you nincompoops think, I will, and always will, be the best…wrestler…on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Cardmaker Fo-”

Glitch enters.

The crowd breaks into a cheer at the interruption of Jazzy’s ego.

“Oh man, the former owner of Game Central. Could he be here to chew Jazzy out?”
“Well, let’s see what he has to say.”

Jazzy’s eyes widen as he staggers back. Glitch, mic in hand, speaks:

“Jazzy, Jazzy, Jazzy…” Glitch tilts the mic away from his face as he makes a tenacious smirk. “So this is what I hear from you after I leave for a while? You’re off on an egomaniacal rampage after a loss to an anime lover?” The crowd breaks out laughing as well as cheering.

Jazzy shakes his head in denial and shoots back: “Glitch, you aren’t supposed to be here! You’re supposed to be on vacation somewhere! That’s why I revived Gaming Central!”

Glitch responds: “Yes, and you’re doing well. But if you’re gonna let some stupid loss like this make you lose your cool, I might as well have you demoted!” The crowd cheers some more. “Besides…I will always be better than you…in bed.” The crowd unleashed a synchronized ‘OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!’ at Jazzy as the guy nearly fell over in humility. Glitch drops his mic and exits, leaving Jazzy plagued in his own embarrassment.

*commercial break*

Lora’s theme is playing.

“And we’re back from commercial break and getting back to some action.”
“Diva action, to be specific. Already in the ring stretching, Lora, Jake’s adopted daughter, prepares for her match against the girlfriend of none other than our beloved Daemon, Skyler.”
“As hot as both of these women are, I haven’t seen them recently until now. Hopefully this will draw publicity into our show.”
“In a good way.”

Skyler enters.

“Ready or not, here she comes. Man, Daemon must be shaking in the back for this match to make way.”
“I would if I were Daemon.”
“Same here. But let’s not get too gender-biased. Let’s get to the match.”

Official signals for the bell.

“We are now starting our second match tonight. A diva’s match between Lora and Skyler.”
“Yes, both of whom are labeled as ‘imaginary friends to feed the homestuck pervertedness of their imaginers.’”
“Hearing that, I’m actually not surprised.”
“Meh, I just roll with it. Keeps things interesting…until a mod comes in.”
“That would make things awkward, I agree.”

The match starts with Lora swatting at Skyler’s face. Skyler is driven back but retaliates with a backhand to the face. Lora gasps in both shock and anger as she rams Skyler into the corner, shaking her by the head and scratching at her face. The official pulls her back and she calms down, then Skyler rebounds off the ropes with a clothesline to Lora’s neck, knocking her down.

“Skyler starts the match with dominance, but knowing Lora, she might be in for a shocking turn of events in a few moments.”
“Wait…you know her? But, she doesn’t even…”
“Exist? Of course she exists, just not in the flesh. She exists in our minds.”
“You speak in riddles, my friend.”

Skyler gains momentum and begins dropping elbows onto Lora’s chest. Lora flinches upon impact with each blow, but moves at the last second to have Skyler nearly break her arm on the ring. Rebounding off the ropes, Lora delivers a kick to Skyler’s chest and Skyler falls flat on her back, bending in pain. The crowd shouts a reactive ‘OH!!!’ upon impact. Lora looks at the audience and strikes a seductive pose, drawing numerous cheers and whistles from the crowd before she jumps off the ropes and flattens Skyler with a booty drop onto her back.

“This is why I love diva matches. They’re always interesting.”
“I bet you wouldn’t last two minutes in that ring with one of those tigers.”
“As much as I hate to admit, you’re probably right.”

Lora turns Skyler over for the cover.


Skyler kicks out. Lora stands up in frustration and starts stomping on her.

“Well, a close call for Skyler after a deadly booty drop by Lora.”
“You’re telling me. That thing could flatten a herd of cows.”
“Are you implying that she’s fat?”
“Not at all.”

Skyler grabs Lora’s ankle and throws her off, wrapping her leg around Lora’s for a submission hold. Lora is screaming in pain.

“And look at this! Skyler has Lora in a submission hold!”
“And man, Lora is not liking it. Look at her expression, Thar.”
“I see it. Reminds me of my ex-girlfriend when I beat her in Mario Kart.”
Rai cracks at the image. “Dude, seriously?!”
“I’m dead serious. That’s usually why I let her win is so I don’t get to see her like that.”
“Thar, you have the strangest friends.”
“Again, naturally.”

Lora resists tapping out as she rolls over to escape the hold, rebounding off the ropes and driving an elbow into Skyler’s back.

“And look at that, Lora’s back on the offense!”

Lora picks Skyler up by the head and places her in the corner, then rams into her. Skyler wanders into the middle of the ring in exhaustion while Lora climbs to the top rope.

“Uh oh! Could this be it?!”
“I dunno, but it looks like it-”

Daemon enters.

Daemon rushes to the ring.

“Whoa, wait! What the…??”
“Daemon? What’s he doing here?”

Daemon climbs onto the edge of the ring, knocking Lora over. Skyler then hooks her by the neck and joins her on the top rope, sheplexing Lora into the center of the ring and going for the cover.


The bell rings. Skyler’s theme plays.

The crowd is in ovation for Skyler, but Lora scurries to her feet and pushes Daemon off the edge. Skyler pushed her away in reaction and a cat fight between the two divas start.

“Oh man. Not a good day for Lora.”
“I know, I mean…why did Daemon come out here?”
“Well, Skyler is Daemon’s girlfriend. Assistance, perhaps?”
“Or maybe he’s just trolling with Lora.”
“Of course, cause he’d totally do that.”

The catfight continues.

“Well people, it appears a heated catfight has broken out here on YCWE, and just look at the furiousness of these two.”
“Yeah, this puts razorblade pillowfights to shame. One minute with either of these ladies while they’re pissed could result in the need for a new pair of eyes to say the least.”
“I’d pay money to see what goes on in that head of yours, Rai.”
“That’s why I’m an artist.”

Jake enters.

“Oh my god. Really?”
“Jake the Sage, former host of the YCMaker Ultra Hotel in Clubs and Organizations. Why do you suppose he’s here?”
“Daddy must be coming in to control his daughter…or enjoy the show. Though Lora might not like that approach.”

Jake speaks: “Lora, you really need to control yourself.” Jake makes his way to the ring, slowly and humbly. “Seeing such behavior over something so stupid as Daemon doing it is not how I raised you.”

Lora, frustrated with her father, picked up a mic: “You shut your mouth before I come over there with a club and knock you out cold! Cause I’ve done it before!” ‘OOOOOHHHHH!!’ “Hell, I don’t even need to be around you to kick your ass, seeing how much of a drug addict you are!” ‘OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!’ Cheers rang across the place like a thousand gongs.

“It’s true, I’ve seen his trips before.”

Jake cleared his throat: “Let’s not be rash. Seeing as how you and Desperado are fairly close, I can’t help but wonder what you two do when I’m not around.” More ‘OOOHHH!’ chants break out. “Besides, I haven’t been that bad recently, especially with you out of the question.”

Lora replied: “It was smart of you to cut the leash. Now I can live my life without your pedophile persona!” ‘OOOOOHHH!” and stuff.

“So that’s why I haven’t seen Lora around recently.”

Lora drops her mic, but soon feels her skirt go up from a pair of hands behind her. Daemon met her demonized glare with a playful shocked look before he bolted under the bottom rope to escape, but Lora grabbed him by the hair and slammed him, gripping his underwear and yanking it upwards. Daemon squealed in pain as Skyler grabbed Lora by the bra strap and pulled, revealing more cleavage for the audience to marvel and cheer at.

“…oh man. This is getting outta hand.”
“Tch, what are you talking about? This is entertaining.”

Daemon bends up and pulls a strip of bacon from his back pocket, slipping it into Lora’s bra and panting like a dog. Lora’s rage peaks as she grabs him by the collar and winds up a punch…

Opal enters.

The cheering stops and is replaced with boos and thumbs down gestures.

Opal inhales, grimacing: “You guys having fun?” The group breaks up in the ring and stares at Opal. Jake was on the ramp when Opal approached him from behind: “You, get the hell out. You always seem to be around when this crap happens.” Jake leaves as Opal makes his way to the ring. “This sh*t is getting pointless. Nobody wants to see a bunch of immature morons strip each other of their clothing and slip bacon into them…Daemon!!” Daemon’s eyes widen as he slips out of the ring, leaving Skyler and Lora left. “As for you two: It’s bad enough that you guys are even existing to those two pansies. I want you out of this arena. Now!” Lora and Skyler run out through the curtain. “Let this be a message to all of you! No business of any kind will contain such nonsense as what you just saw! It is nothing but crap, and you all should learn to understand that crap like this is NOT entertaining!” More boos and ‘YOU SUCK!’ chants fill the area as Opal exits.

“Well folks, that right there was Opal, one of the mods of the Clubs and Organizations forum. In fact, he locked down the YCMaker Ultra Hotel just last week, which Jake used to host.”
“Yes, things got pretty crazy. But it wasn’t that crazy when he actually locked it down. He just didn’t see any improvement as far as topic discussion and lack of quality posts, which I still believe is stupid.”
“Well either way he did give several warnings beforehand, if I’m not mistaken.”
“Yep, he did, but to be honest, I think he’s just overreacting. But in the mean time, we will take another commercial break and we’ll be right back with more YCWE.”

*commercial break*

“Again, we are back tonight on YCWE.”
“Our show’s been pretty interesting lately. We started off with a match involving Remo and Jazzy and witnessed an appearance from Glitch, followed by a divas’ match with Lora and Skyler, soon to be joined by Daemon and Jake whom drew attention to the mod Opalmoon.”

Daemon enters.

“And speak of the devil, here comes DD right now!”
“Yep, and for those of you who don’t know, DD is one of Daemon’s vintage nicknames meaning Douchy Daemon, which has fit his personality at the time but now he only seems to be a spontaneous furry.”
Thar stands up, mic in hand: “The following contest is a tag team match! Introducing first: wandering the realms of Custom Cards, Graphic Design, and Clubs and Organizations; dominating at 341 reps; please welcome the great douche himself…..DAAEEEEMMOOONNNNNN!!!” An ovation breaks out as Daemon makes his way to the ring. He slips under the bottom rope and gestures a lifting movement to further the cries of the audience, making a duck face and nodding as he savors the moment.

Jake enters.

Cheers are half-clouded with boos.

“Making his way to the ring to side with Daemon: He is the former host of YCMaker Ultra Hotel; he stands at 205 reps…..JAKE, THE SAAAGGGGEEEEEE!!!” Half-ovation and half hatred mix within the observers. Jake, like before, makes his way to the ring slowly and humbly, shrugging his shoulders as he looks around at the audience, questioning their mixed feelings. He climbs the stairs and enters the ring by ducking under the top rope, stretching out facing the audience with a look of hubris domination his features.

“And ladies and gentlemen, it was these two that started the chaos that drew Opal in here. Hopefully it won’t happen again tonight, but we’ll see.”

Real DL enters.

The ovation becomes full again.

“And the first of their opponents: Holding the record for most active posts in the community; basking in a rep of 372; please welcome……the REALLLLLLLLLL DEEEE ELLLLL!!!!” More cheers ring out as DL jogs in place under the Titantron, shuffling towards the ring and climbing onto the edge, slipping through the ropes and running in place in the ring all pumped and ready to go. Jake and Daemon are leaning against the ropes on the other side, scoffing his presence.

Fusion enters.

The ovation doubles.

“And finally, joining Real DL: the co-host of two well-known clubs and the author of Trio of DEF; standing at an impressive 351 reps; ladies and gentlemen……FUUUUSSSIIOOONNNNNN!!!” Fusion stands under the Titantron, stretching before pounding his chest that is exposed under a lime-green suit, slowly approaching the ring as the crowd continues to fill the area with screams of joy. After he enters the ring, he goes to all sides of the ring, pounding his chest and drawing screams from each set of bleachers in the arena.

The bell rings to start the match. Real DL and Daemon stay inside the ring.

“And we start our third and final match for tonight, folks. We have Jake and Daemon, host and veteran of the former Hotel versus Real DL and Fusion, host and co-host of both the Chibi Knights and the Akatsuki of YCM, both known to be decently active clubs on this forum.”
“Yes I would agree because I am a member of both of those clubs. Also, a quick note: Fusion is the author of a fan fiction called Trio of DEF, which was awarded ‘Best Fan Fiction’ and it was the very idea of that fic that inspired the idea of this very event we’re hosting right now.”

Daemon begins to sweep a leg into Fusion’s knee, making him kneel. Blows to the head soon follow, but Fusion pushes Daemon back and stands up, ducking under a clothesline to return one upon Daemon bouncing off the ropes. After each, Daemon bolts back up only to hit another…and another…before being hooked around the neck for a rolling neckbreaker by Fusion.

“Wow, what a neckbreaker! Fusion has the offense on Daemon as we end things here with a tag team match-up between two massive parties.”
“It is a party indeed, Rai. Just listen to the audience cheer on both sides.” Cheers alternate between ‘HOTEL! *clapclapclap*’ and ‘DARKLINK! FUSION! *clap clap clapclapcalp*’ “Of course Darklink was the old name DL went by before changing his name to Real DL.”
“I see what he did there with that name change.”
“Yeah, I did too. I thought it was pretty clever.”

Fusion covers.


Daemon kicks out. Murmurs of disapproval break out from the crowd.

“Fusion makes a cover attempt early but it’s a lost cause. A match-up like this ending this early is like a returning soldier going off prematurely in his wife.”
“Yeah, you know what that’s like, right, Rai?” Rai shoots a cold glance at Thar in response to the remark. Thar shifts his eyes. “….mister hurricane?”
Rai turns his head back toward the match. “You’re lucky I know what you’re referencing, or I would’ve been the one to set the bomb off on you.”
“Either way, I’d still get my seventy-two virg-”
“Shut up, Thar.”

Fusion picks Daemon up by the head, landing blows that render him half-conscious before Fusion rebounds off the ropes and dives into Daemon’s swaying body. The crowd reacts to each blow with an ‘OH!!’ while Fusion unloads a fury of uppercuts on Daemon, but Daemon headbutts Fusion into the ring before falling onto him with a fist to the groin. Fusion grimaces and doubles over in pain.

“Oof! Ouch! You think Fusion will still be able to make children?”
“I dunno, but either way, the guy’s too innocent to think such things.”
“This is true.”

Daemon makes his way off the ropes with a kick, but Fusion grabs him by the ankle and trips him into the ropes on the other side, rendering him dazed. Fusion takes this opportunity to crawl over to Real DL and make the tag. DL shuffles in, pumped to be in action, and hooks Daemon around the neck, climbing to the top rope and slamming him into the ring with a jump.

“And DL is fresh and ready to go with a heavy start on Daemon!”

The crowd roars as DL makes the cover.


Daemon kicks out. More boos unload.

“Wow. Daemon takes that much of a beating and he still manages to kick out of that one.”
“Daemon is known for his stubborn behavior as well as dedication to the discussion at hand, in which case here it’d be the fight.”

Daemon tries to make the tag with Jake but DL has him by the ankle. DL pulls Daemon toward him and lifts him up for another slam, followed by an elbow drop to the chest. Flinching in pain, Daemon counters one of the drops with a fist to DL’s chest and, with DL doubled over, Daemon leaps to make the tag with Jake.

“And Jake is now in the ring!”
“With the match getting heated, I have a question, Thar.”
“When Daemon kicked out, the audience booed him. But when he entered the ring, he had an ovation. Why is that?”
“Beats me. The attitude of the audience changes more than the thoughts in your head, Rai.”
“Oh, I highly doubt that, Thar.”

Jake has DL by the temples, pounding at his face before delivering an uppercut, soon followed by a massive clothesline off the ropes. Jake takes this opportunity to cover.


DL kicks out. Jake continues to pound at DL’s exhausted body, picking him up by the shoulders and slamming him into the ring. Jake makes another cover.


Again, DL kicks out. Frustrated, Jake stomps on DL repeatedly before being pulled away by the official. Jake interrogates him as DL makes his way over to Fusion for the tag. The crowd roars as Fusion picks Jake up by the thighs and holds him on his shoulders.

“Oh my god! Rai, are you seeing this??”
“Look at the strength of Fusion! How is he able to lift someone as massive as Jake??”
“I have no idea!”

Fusion makes an expression that draws more cheers from the crowd, but Jake shakes his way out as he grabs Fusion’s neck.

“Oh boy! Jake is not happy!”

Jake lifts Fusion off the ground and slams Fusion into the ring, going for the cover yet again.

“Oh man, could this be it?!”


DL interrupts the count with a boot to the side of Jake’s head. DL immediately makes his way out of the ring, but Daemon meets him there by throwing him into the set of steel stairs.

“A good save by DL but he risked his own head by being rammed into the steel steps by Daemon.”
“Yeah, Daemon ain’t got no respect for those who take cheap shots like that.”

Jake is dazed for a moment, but he makes his way back over Fusion, only to have him bounce off the ropes and deliver a kick to Jake’s temple, knocking him out cold. The crowd booms.

“A brogue kick by Fusion! Fusion lands a brogue kick to Jake’s head!”
“Wow! What a reaction from the crowd!”

Fusion makes the cover.


The bell rings.

Fusion’s theme plays.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Your winners….REALLLL DL AND FUSSSSIIIOONN!!!!”

The crowd stands up in ovation as DL joins his companion for the official to raise their arms in victory. Fusion goes back around pounding his chest as DL does the same, shuffling in the ring.

“And look at DL, shufflin’.”
“Everyday he’s shufflin’.” Both Thar and Rai laugh. DL and Fusion continue to draw noise from the crowd, but Jake and Daemon soon butt in. Daemon pushes Fusion off the top rope in the corner as Jake lifts DL off the ground onto his shoulders, falling back into the ring and slamming DL. The crowd booed as both members raised their fists in “victory”, but Fusion made his way back to the top rope from the outside, diving at Jake and Daemon with a clothesline to both of their necks, knocking them both to the ground. The crowd exploded.

“Man, what a night this is turning out to be!”
“You’re telling me, Thar. We definitely can see the rivalry developing between these two teams.”

Fusion and DL exchange high fives as Daemon makes his way up and strikes Fusion in the back of the shoulders, knocking him over. DL delivers a kick to Daemon’s gut, hooking him by the neck and jumping off the ropes with a flip that delivers a slam to Daemon’s head. Jake grabs him by the back of the neck and throws him out of the ring, but Fusion gets up and hooks Jake’s neck, pulling him down into his knee, nearly breaking Jake’s back. Daemon attempts to knock Fusion back, but Fusion kicks Daemon in the head and knocks him out cold. Fusion held a half-conscious Jake’s hands behind his back, gesturing DL to start delivering blows to him. DL nodded and entered the arena, punching Jake in the face and weakening him.

Desperado enters.

Flames shoot up from the Titantron as the arena dimmed, soon covered by a strong blue light. The audience burst at the presence of Desperado as he slowly makes his way out of the smoke, revealing his brown, leather cloak and ten-gallon brown hat, gradually marching down the ramp in his heavy boots with spurs hanging off the heel.

“Holy sh*t! It’s him! It’s Desperado! Desperado is in the building!”

Everyone in the ring seized what they were doing, staring paralyzed at the approaching beast. Desperado continues to coldly stare at the bunch as he makes his way up the stairs in the corner, standing there for all to marvel at his intimidating figure.

“Desperado! …one of the most intimidating, dominant, and destructive members of this business!”
“I don’t even think he’s in this business. He’s just here to play mind games.”
“Well, either way, for those close to him, Desperado is labeled in the community as the number one a**hole. No joke.”
“He’s an a**hole all right, but at least he can back up his arguments.”
“No kidding. The guy specializes in replying within the quotes of a member’s comment and parodying it on the spot…and making sense.”
“Now that takes talent to pull off right.”

Desperado enters the ring. The lights return to normal as everyone else in the ring backs up into a corner in fear. Jake and Daemon eventually make their way up to him and try to negotiate, but Desperado grabs both of them by the neck and slams them into the ground.

“Oh, and the fiend is pissed!”
“The strength and brutality of a demon, and there’s already a Daemon in the ring with him! And he was just slammed with one hand by Desperado!”

Desperado approaches DL and Fusion, whom charge into the man with nothing but a mere budge. Desperado looks down on them with an angry look and, again, slams them from several feet off the ground by the neck.

“And another double chokeslam by Desperado!”
“What is this guy’s problem?!”

Desperado’s theme plays.

The man stands dominant in the ring with everyone else flat on the floor. The crowd thundered.

“Now wait just a minute!” Thar is standing with mic in hand. “Desperado, as much of a beast as you are, you have no right to just waltz in and take out everyone in your path just because you can!” Desperado shoots a look of interrogation at Thar, eye twitching. “Intimidate me all you want, but you have no right or authority to walk in here and act like you own the pl-” Desperado dives under the bottom rope towards the commentator’s table, grabbing Thar by the neck.
“Oh my god! Thar! Desperado, what has gotten into you?!”
“Holy sh- Desperado! Put me down! What the hel-” Desperado slams Thar into the table, collapsing it. Rai steps back in shock as Thar laid unconscious in the ruins.

Aggro enters.

Another ovation broke out. Desperado dives back into the ring, facing Aggro as he appeared.

Aggro spoke: “Desu, you’re dominance and destructive force never seizes to amaze me. It’s no wonder why they call you the ‘forum’s number one a**hole’!” More cheers rung as Desperado showed a look of malice towards Aggro. “But I can rival with that, cause you see, I’ve been looking for a challenge recently, and you….well…just might be the guy to give me that!” The crowd marveled at the image. “Well, it appears you need some time to think things through. I’ll see you again someday!” Aggro drops his mic and leaves, leaving Desperado standing with his face twitching, wishing he would bring pain to Aggro. Rushing into the arena were several Damage Control members, attending to Thar and putting him in a stretcher and a neck brace. Rai stood speechless over the collapsed commentator’s table.

“…well folks…that’s our show for today. Please tune in for our next show later on in time and feel free to send us your suggestions and requests for what you want to see in what’s to come. I’m Rai, and I thank you for watching our first show of the season. See you next time…oh jeez…”

*fade to black*
Episode 2 (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Episode 3 (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)


Episode 4 (Part 1) (Part 2)

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[quote name='God Crouton!!!' timestamp='1336594101' post='5935836']
I can't help but think this would be 20% better with a Scott Steiner-like character. *Points at me*

Definitely a consideration for next episode. :)

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[quote name='Dwarven King' timestamp='1336594622' post='5935842']
The thought and time put into this...AWESOME! =D

Thanks. ^^

Hopefully next episode will be just as good if not better. :)

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Okay I like my theme actually, which is unusual since I normally despise scream-o music.

But I have to say I couldn't really "get into it" because of the style of writing you did it in Thar. Not saying it was bad, but I just couldn't enjoy it personally. On a side note, "former owner of YCMaker Ultra Hotel"? The Hotel is just closed temporarily before I reopen it.

[color=#ee82ee]Uh can I say something? Yeah .... theme music. No. Hell no actually Thar. Can you please change it to something else?[/color]

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[quote name='Jake the Sage' timestamp='1336596433' post='5935858']
[color=#ee82ee]Uh can I say something? Yeah .... theme music. No. Hell no actually Thar. Can you please change it to something else?[/color]

Sure, I can give you another gimmick.

And yeah, my bad Jake.

EDIT: Okay, Lora. How's this for your new [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAmChFTLP4w"]theme[/url]?

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So, IRL, I'm totally like Cold Stone so yeah if you can think of a way to mix Cold Stone with Creator DO EET!

Aside from that great episode, also I see what you did there with Desperado.

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[quote name='Verz Bahamut' timestamp='1336606144' post='5935913']
Can I just point out Opal is a she please.

Goddammit! >_<

Gender is so hard to judge on forums.

[quote name='Hideki Hinata' timestamp='1336602974' post='5935908']
So, IRL, I'm totally like Cold Stone so yeah if you can think of a way to mix Cold Stone with Creator DO EET!

Aside from that great episode, also I see what you did there with Desperado.

Certainly. I can also try and find a Dwayne Johnson character.

[quote name='Dwarven King' timestamp='1336605302' post='5935909']
DK has found a replacement for Monday Night RAW.


I mean thanks. :)

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[quote name='Crimson Thar' timestamp='1336606884' post='5935922']
Goddammit! >_<

Gender is so hard to judge on forums.

Certainly. I can also try and find a Dwayne Johnson character.


I mean thanks. :)

No, seriously. I haven't seen RAW in months because I'm always working. :<

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[quote name='Dwarven King' timestamp='1336607575' post='5935930']
No, seriously. I haven't seen RAW in months because I'm always working. :<

It's on Youtube. Just type in "wwe raw {insert date of episode here} full show" and deal with the buffering.

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Huh. I'd entered the thread on a whim, not really expecting to remain here for that long. To my pleasant surprise, I was wrong. It managed to engross me for a good while and it was frankly a bit hard to finally take my eyes away from the screen (metaphorically, of course). Of course, what I'm getting to is that I think you did a pretty awesome job with this, and I'd like to read more. Nice work.

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[quote name='Corona Ray' timestamp='1336610159' post='5935984']
Huh. I'd entered the thread on a whim, not really expecting to remain here for that long. To my pleasant surprise, I was wrong. It managed to engross me for a good while and it was frankly a bit hard to finally take my eyes away from the screen (metaphorically, of course). Of course, what I'm getting to is that I think you did a pretty awesome job with this, and I'd like to read more. Nice work.

Thanks. I was into it as well while I was writing it. It's such an awesome feeling.

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[quote name='Crimson Thar' timestamp='1336608670' post='5935951']
It's on Youtube. Just type in "wwe raw {insert date of episode here} full show" and deal with the buffering.

Well...hmm...I think I'll just read this. It's far more entertaining. :3

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[quote name='Hideki Hinata' timestamp='1336611202' post='5936001']
Some one is sucking up.

Their gut.

He ain't sucking up. If that was what he was doing, everyone who liked it would be sucking up. ;3

So yeah. Any ideas as to what will happen in the next episode?

As of now, a few rivalries were made:

Jazzy vs Glitch
Team Chibi Knights vs. Team Ultra Hotel (rematch)
Desperado vs. Aggro

With those matches in mind, I will be debuting more members. So now's the time to start sending character apps for a chance to be in it.

Otherwise, if you just wanna comment here feel free. Just keep it appropriate.

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Character apps, what?

Look though, his gut is in way deeper than it should be. I can see ribs, plus he is holding his breath.

Of course he is sucking up his gut, what else looks like that?

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[quote name='Hideki Hinata' timestamp='1336613735' post='5936025']
[b]Character apps, what?[/b]

Look though, his gut is in way deeper than it should be. I can see ribs, plus he is holding his breath.

Of course he is sucking up his gut, what else looks like that?

[b]Not really. Just what your character looks like and their moveset.[/b]


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Well Stone Cold + Lelouch should gi-

Lich King.

He wears a suit of armor, is really tall, all white hair, blue eyes.

He likes throws and signature would be grabbing someone by the face and slamming them into the pole...then into the pole on the otherside (*bird's eye view* Double bottom, Double left, Double right, Double Top) then into the mat.

Call it...Wrath Gate.


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That was lulzy and I'm adding most of this theme music to my iPod. I dunno if I'd pound my chest that much, but the matches were fun to read, can't wait for the next one.

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Just gonna bump this thread to inform you all that the next episode is in development.

As of now, the roster I have outlined will be debuting 4 new members. So stay tuned. :)

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[quote name='Dwarven King' timestamp='1336707615' post='5936820']
I hope it's posted soon!

I might make it a weekly thing like the actual show, since it takes effort to write out 12 pages worth of Fan-Fiction, let alone plan it.

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