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Only click here if you have a cool dueling catch phrase!!


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I just wondered if anyone had a dueling catch phrase, if so please reply. Mine is "NOT SO FAST", i only say it if i activate a card's effect. I only usualy say it when 1 of my monster's are being attacked, to prove it ask mychemicalrahim or university222, because once mychemicalrahim was about to destroy a monster, so I activated my trap card , magic cylinder and said "not so fast" (my best catch phrase), and he was left with 2000 from 4800 life point's but, unfortunately i was left with 800, but catch phrases are prety fun to say, even when you don't need to (my point is catch phrasesare fun to say, so make 1 of your own up, and don't copy mine).


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I would punch/laugh at a kid who tried that on me. Its childish (as is punching children, but it brings joy to me to do so)


But seriously, if anything, its "What the **** are you doing?" Whenever someone makes a misplay.


This one kid activated Transmigration prophecy, and his opponent thought HE got to pick the card to put back, and then another kid was like, no, he picks. So the kid who acitvated it took TWO from HIS OWN graveyard, and then TWO from the OTHER kids graveyard. I called him out, made him look like an idiot because of an event that happened prior that he did that angered me. It wasn't official or anything, so the game went on as normal.


I did enjoy calling that kid out though :)

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Not really catch phrases, but HORUS and I say weird things when we're dueling. If one of us is attacking, we sometimes sing some random part of some A7X song. And when on of our turn starts, we sometimes immediately say something like, "IT'S MAH TURN NOW!!!!!", or "IT'S THE (sexual) PREDATOR'S MOVE!!!!".

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster



When I negate an opponent's attack-blocking card: "Sorry, but I can attack en passé, too."


When I launch a powerful combo or defeat a powerful enemy card: "Check!"


When I have my opponent caught in a tough situation: "You're forked and pinned. Make your move."


When I am in a tough situation: "It seems I have lost the initiative."


When I get out of a tough situation: "The initiative belongs to me now!"


When I win: "Checkmate!"


Without looking at the last one, *please* someone tell me which game I base this on.

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