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A Guide to YCM's Ranking System

Flash Flyer - Sakura


As many of you probably noticed at this point, you all have a certain amount of user stars and are assigned to a certain group.


How does one attain a certain number of stars and/or enter a particular group?

The answer is, by posting (most of the time; there are some exceptions, but more on them later)





As noted earlier, you need a certain amount of post count to become a certain Level. Regardless of your group, this is your "rank", for a lack of better words.


0 - 24 posts = New Member - 1 star

25 - 149 posts = Member - 2 stars

150 - 399 posts = Advanced Member - 3 stars

400 - 999 posts = Seasoned Member - 4 stars

1000 - 4999 posts = Elite Member - 5 stars

5000 - 9999 posts = Senior Member - 6 stars

10000+ posts = Legendary Member - 7 stars


Note that staff members don't have user stars (on MyBB YCM, we did), but for certain games here, we'll use this table to reference our Level stars if we were still normal members. In my case, I'd be a Level 7 because of my 20K posts at the time of making this thread (yeah, I'm old -_-)



DO NOT spam post to get the necessary posts to ascend to the next Level; otherwise the staff WILL reduce your post count manually + remove any offending posts.


It's okay to post a lot, but make sure they don't end up as flooding (posting a lot within a short period of time).





Post related


0 - 149 posts = Member (A standard usergroup)


150 - 999 posts = Advanced Member (Denotes that you've been here a while and more or less know what's going on here. This is also used to mark when you're able to have a say in certain forum matters, like any potential changes to the section or mod candidates, if they ever occur again. No change in member privileges)


1000 - 4999 posts = Elite Member (You've put in a considerable amount of time here and made it this far. This also marks the point where you are eligible to participate in events such as the Halloween masquerade.)


5000 - 9999 posts = Senior Member (Those of you who've devoted a considerable amount of time on YCM are placed here)


10000+ posts = Legendary Member (while reserved for veteran members at the moment; this basically marks your activity on YCM over a long period of time)




Once you hit Elite/Senior/Legendary, you get additional benefits, which are cumulative.


Elite Members


Swear filter is turned off. 


We ask that you do not abuse this privilege, otherwise you will be moved to a group that still has the filter enabled.


Senior Members


Can change your name once every 45 days, as opposed to 90 days.

Ability to upload profile images / banners.

Slight increase in the number of likes you are able to give per day (16 -> 20)


Legendary Members


Name appears in blue text.

Increased like capacity to 24/day.


A lot of older members may be returning, and see themselves in a different usergroup than what is mentioned here. You need only post once in a forum with post count enabled, and you will have your group instantly changed to the corresponding one + receive the necessary benefits.




You retain these groups, regardless of post count.


VIP Members - Essentially for younger members to have access to the permissions that Legendary Members have. For 1000 points, you have access to this group until the 11th of each month (in which we'll reset you)


You get an animated username (well, your name will show up as fancy on the online list). Just keep in mind that you can't use animated avatars in this group; we don't know why this occurs.


CC Judge - Essentially given to members who passed the Card Making Judge exams. Be warned that for future endeavors, this group will be given out under a different set of standards.


Moderators / Super Moderators - Do I really need to explain what these are? Essentially the ranks that the staff members are part of.


We can lock/delete/sticky/hide threads or posts, warn/ban members for rule breaking, have our swear filter disabled and pretty much every other benefit extended to Legendary Members and other mod stuff.


Super Mods have more permissions to do things with YCM, but what those are, you don't really need to know (mostly administrative things related to ACP). Keep in mind that regular mods also have access to the ACP for certain things.


Junior Moderators - You may also know this as Damage Control; basically used for newly promoted moderators as a probationary period to see how they handle their responsibilities. Junior Moderators cannot access the Admin Control Panel nor have access to certain features in the ModCP (for whatever reason). 


However, they have enough power to warn/ban members, edit profile manually, sticky/lock/open topics and so on; basically, the standard mod stuff.


Junior Moderators will be promoted to Moderator proper if they're deemed to be fine after the trial period, which is usually a month. 


"Custom Groups"


You guys can just buy your own member groups, so not listing all of them. Just know that you get the swear filter removed (in most cases) + whatever formatting color of your choice. That being said, no special logo so you all are stuck with standard user stars (unless you specifically provide an image that you'd like; assuming it's 120 x 120 in pixels).


If you want one, PM one of the online staff members (preferably one of us with Moderator status or higher because we can actually do the requests) with your desired name + formatting, along with the necessary payments.




If you have any questions or need something elaborated, feel free to ask.

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Most of you know that's the usergroup for my Damage Control/monster account, so basically event/exclusive.

So yeah, you were basically a guinea pig for testing; make sure things are working properly for it.


On that note, Night's Watch isn't there anymore, but I have a feeling it'll be reinstated at a later date.



Then again, people can spend 10K to buy themselves their own group.

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