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Scyther, the Razor's Edge

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So, in the middle of a conversation talking in the Duel Portal Skype Chat, I was talking about Sakura's Xyz that is in our pool of cards to use, Absol the Emissary of Darkness, (A Rank 4 that requires 2 DARKs and is sort of generic Catastor with a Threatening Roar attached to the monster that destroys it or another monster you control by battle) which was running really well in my own Archfiends. It was asked if it was better for such a card to be given to a less powerful attribute like WIND (Keep in mind DP's Tournament formats lack things like Yosenju and Ritual Beast), so I took on the challenge.


2 Level 4 WIND monsters
When this card attacks an opponent's monster while it has Xyz Materials, it cannot be destroyed by battle, and any damage you take is reduced to 0. Once per turn, if this card attacks an opponent's monster, at the end of the Damage Step, you can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; destroy the attacked monster. If this card destroy's an opponent's monster by this effect, it can make a second attack on an opponent's monster in a row, and if you do, this card gains 1000 ATK until the end of the Battle Phase.

I took on the flavor similar to something of Sakura's cards, representing moves and abilities via effects, in addition to my stats being similarly calculated. The protection effect represents it holding a Focus Band, the detach effect is Slash, and the double attack with raise is Fury Cutter. I may try to do a few of these attempts at Pokemon Xyz since I enjoyed Sakura's attempts at these before and this was a fun little run.

As always, CnC is appreciated.

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[spoiler=For those of you who want to know the card Darkness is referencing, this is it]





I'm glad that you took some inspiration from the Pokemon cards I posted in the past (tbh, it's been quite a while since Pop Culture cards ended up here in Advanced).


Anyway, the protection effect is indeed nice and does represent a Focus Band in-game (although personally, I don't really rely on FB because it's risky; but off-topic a bit).

Essentially, you can use it to suicide into another of your opponent's monsters (either to get rid of it, and clear the field for other monsters).


Second effect is indeed similar to that of Absol's one (both of them are based on the derivatives of Slash that they can learn respectively); except this one lacks an OPT.

Although by that logic, if the first copy pops another monster and there is no other monsters; second one can't really trigger.


(I don't think Yosenjus would really want to make 2 copies of this card over other things like Chidori or whatever, so you should be fine there.)


With the third effect, it hits 3K and can run over another monster; which is also nice. At least you restricted it to requiring a monster on the field to attack, instead of giving Scyther the ability to be a 3K direct attacker after that.



In the real game, we do have Yosenjus that can abuse this after their NS shenanigans, and other Rank 4 spam things. That, and Harpies (if they can afford to run this).

This could probably be a nice addition to MPBs or something, but they'd likely prefer their other options (a free monster pop is still nice though).



That being said, it's nice.

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