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YCM GPT Match 1-15

Flash Flyer - Sakura


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  1. 1. You decide who emerges victorious out of this one

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GG, the RNG goddess done it again, putting two of my noms in the same match

Don't really care much for Floatzel

Latios is a cool 'mon but it only comes 3rd here

Excadrill is one of my nominations, but it only comes 2nd here because

Hydreigon looks badass and is an awesome 'mon, and since it's one of my noms, it gets my vote by default.

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I voted for Latios because nomination / one of the 3-4 Pokes that represent me (the other two being Espy and Latias, and Lucario to an extent).

That, and he's been very useful in battles.


Other three are also cool, but due to nomination, well you get it.

Hell, the Hydreigon Yui gave me is still sitting in whatever OR/AS box I kept it in.


(Latios got himself into a pretty intense fight this time around)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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