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[Written] Hate


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So, an extreme Battle Mania? I can only really see this being ran in some sort of Yubel-esque deck or if you want your opponent to attack your strong monster a lot of times for crazy damage. Also, a word of OCG. Effects don't "run", they "resolve".


"...and cannot leave the field until this effect resolves."


You actually want that effect to apply for the rest of the turn, not only during Hate's resolution.

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At present, there isn't a precise wording to describe something like this.

Resolution probably works, since the effect doesn't end until the monster makes the required 10 strikes.


Although, I can try to fix it so it makes sense in PSCT, but...


During your opponent's turn: Target 1 monster they control; that monster must declare an attack 10 times during this turn and cannot leave the field until after the 10th attack. Any battle damage either player takes from battles involving that monster is halved. You can only activate 1 "Hate" per turn.


(Probably incorrect wording, but as mentioned, there is no existing card that has a similar effect to this)


But yeah, I suppose you can use this to force the opponent to ram into a wall monster multiple times, and cause them significant damage.

Or use that to trigger some other card effects that build off of attacks, like Yubel (egotistical mentioned her, so not doing it again). 



As for Azuriena, what are your thoughts on the card itself?

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