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Combo-burst Magician (WRITTEN)


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Hello, fine peoples! Here's a card I thought about a little while ago and wanted to see what others thought about it!


Combo-burst Magician

FIRE ****


Whenever your opponent activates an effect as chain link 2 or higher, you can activate this effect. When this effect resolves, inflict damage to your opponent's life points equal to 100 x this effect's chain link.



The thing of note here is the lack of an OPT and its minimum of 300 damage (which grows by an additional 200 if they continue to chain). It is supposed to discourage chaining in a similar way that Maxx "C" discourages Special Summoning.


What do you think? CnC appreciated as always!

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This kind of reminds me of Rapid-Fire Magician in terms of name and inflicting damage. What are the odds of this card surviving the chain however?

Also, why not make it more versatile (tbh i don't think i doubt anything less than 1000 damage will discourage your opponent from playing their cards).



Built in Spell Counter for protection and a specific method to accumulate those (to a certain max.). I'm saying a method, cause the classic - spell activated, counter gained will cause more confusion when playing out chains. Then, the damage could be " inflict 100 damage to your opponent for each Spell Counter on this card x this effect's chain link." This way, you can build it up and make it a thing your opponent takes into account. (?)

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Ha!  Thanks Dr. Cross!  The card actually was supposed to allude to Rapid-Fire Magician.  I'm kinda surprised that it came across so obviously!


As for your suggestions, I guess I could offer some protection and perhaps change the burn method, but I want to make sure it doesn't get too crazy.  As it is now, it would inflict 300 damage total for a chain of 2, 800 total for a chain of 3, 1500 for a chain of 4, etc (and this is without bumping the chain lengths using your own cards).  The idea of that damage doubling is kinda...


Well, I'm not opposed to trying to incorporate some kind of protection effect.  I'll need to think about how to do it...

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