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Street Fighter 5


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I'm very surprised that nobody has made a topic on this yet, or at least if they have, it's long since buried.


So yeah SF5 is on it's way, and from the glances we've had at it, I really do like how it's turning out.  The V-Trigger system is a really great way to make it so Supers == Ultras once again.


Apparently the build they showcased at Twitchcon had some really stupid nerfs and changes.  Hopefully those will be gone.  Not much else to say.  The cast is almost full for the 16 fighters they were shooting for.


Mechanics and Gameplay:

This game isn't too different from your average SF game, but there are a few notable differences, so lets go through them

  • The V-Gauge

So in this game, there is something called the V-Gauge.  You can fill it up by executing a character's V-Skill, or under character specific circumstances.  What is a V-Skill?  Simple.  It's a unique function for characters that allow them to do something maybe others on the cast cannot.  For example, Nash can use his V-Skill to grab Fireballs your opponent throws at you in order to further build his V-Skill.


Additionally, every character has a V-Reversal.  This is also pretty simple.  Along the V-Gauge, there are little segments.  To perform a V-Reversal is simply consuming one of those segments in order to perform a powerful counter hit.  Not much more to say here.


And finally, we have the V-Trigger.  This can only be activated once the V-Gauge is completely full, and once it is done it changes the properties of some of your character's moves.  For example, Necalli fills his V-Gauge by taking damage, and when he's just about dead is when his Guage will become full.  Upon using his V-Trigger, he basically goes super saiyan for a short period: His moves become crazy strong and he becomes super rushdown focused.  For him, the V-Trigger is essentially his Comeback in a nutshell.  When you are about to lose, you get a short burst of power to try to 180 the situation.


The V-Gauge resets between rounds.

  • Super Meter and "Critically Arts" (aka your super)

Once again we return to the standard Super meter.  It fills as you do damage and take damage.  You can use some of it to use EX special moves.  You can use the whole thing to do a Critical Art (aka your super).  However, Supers in this game do CRAZY damage, and are generally very easy combo enders, unlike some recent SF titles.  They are far more useful than they have recently been; probably since SFIII.  Your super meter does not refresh between rounds.  If you saved your super through round 1, you can burn all of it at the start of round 2 if you so desire.

  • The good old Stun Meter

So yeah everyone knows that in SF whenever you take a lot of damage in a short amount of time, your character enters a "dizzy" state equivalent to a shield break in Smash.  In this game though, that meter builds FAST.  Like FAST.  Like Smash 4 Marth charging Shield Breaker fast.  if you get caught sleeping, you are gonna get comboed twice into stun, into a third combo with a super art ender which will probably take the match.  This REALLY stresses attention in your gameplay, and USING THE GORSH DANG V-REVERSALS.  That's where they're there for.


Well that takes care of that, lets move on to everyone's favorite part:  The Characters!


Ryu and Chun Li were in the builds first shown, so here are the other Characters and their trailers, updated as they come out:


[spoiler Trailers, from oldest to newest]

Essentially, Classic Fighters are those you would expect to see in most SF games, Returning are those you haven't seen in awhile, and New are obviously new fighters.


Returning Fighter: Nash / Charlie


Classic Fighter: M. Bison


Trailer for the new battle system, and minor highlights to above characters



Classic Fighter: Cammy and Returning Fighter: Birdie


Classic Fighter: Ken


New Fighter: Necalli


Classic Fighter: Vega


Returning Fighter: R. Mika


New Fighter: Rashid


Returning Fighter: Karin


Classic Fighter: Zangief


New Fighter: Laura




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Rashid does indeed look fun as hell.  From the Beta Charlie is apparently very weird in terms of combos and movement.  A bit tricky to learn


Laura tho.  Holy hell those command grab combos.  This is probably one of the first times I've ever seen a rushdown grappler.  She looks SO fun to play.  Her projectile is even a slow moving wall like Urien's Aegis Reflector from 3rd Strike.

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The Laura one was a leak from around a week ago. But she's pretty much in the game, or at least, Capcom would be stupid to pull her out now, considering how well she and her 'hills' are being received on the internet.


Naturally, Ryu's our boy but I'm pretty curious about Laura too. For at least two other reasons than her gameplay.

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Can we talk about how funking terrifying Zangeif's face in in some of his stuff?


Like his super for instance.


Holy sheet like if a giant russian man with a head the size of my torso made that face my bowels would just instantly void themselves.

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I've never played any SF games and I most likely won't play this one either, but I really enjoy the characters and seeing the reveal trailers is cool.


I like Ken's new look, it's cool that they differentiated him from Ryu more. Zangief's super being a German suplex where he further thrusts them into the ground is awesome.

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The only Street Fighter I ever got into was Third Strike.  Most of the other SF games are pretty defensive and slow, but 3rd strike has a sort of hyper-aggressive mindset to it that reminded me of games like MvC and MKX.


Street Fighter 5 seems to once again embody that playstyle, so it looks like I might have to pick it up at some point.

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Bruh she's related to Sean don't be hating or he'll TORNAAAADE all over ur ass.


Also Blanka wasn't really a rushdown grappler.  Laura specifically uses hard body blows and quick movement options (her V-Skill lets her quickly dash left or right) for short, sweet, high damage combos that build a fuckton of stun and can generally finish with a command throw.

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Bruh she's related to Sean don't be hating or he'll TORNAAAADE all over ur ass.


Also Blanka wasn't really a rushdown grappler.  Laura specifically uses hard body blows and quick movement options (her V-Skill lets her quickly dash left or right) for short, sweet, high damage combos that build a f***ton of stun and can generally finish with a command throw.

Really? Interesting... But then... Why does she have electric powers and he doesn't?


I know this, that's why I said 'grabby'. I dunno... She just seems eh compared to the others.

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Okay, so Laura is Sean's sister. That's confirmed. Coolio. Please explain why she has electric powers and Sean doesn't. That just bugs me a little. Did she eat eels like Blanka? 

We're speculating it's before Street Fighter 3... but I find that hard to believe in some ways. Granted, old characters appearing in this game that did not appear in 3 makes it seem like it is before 3, but Ken's design throws me off. In Street Fighter 3, he was very much look like his traditional design, red gi... and red gi. But here in Street Fighter 5, he's in a muscle shirt and gi. I don't see why he would be in gi in 4, switch to this new design in 5, and then back to gi in 3.


On the other hand, Ryu doesn't seem to have the Joudan Sokutogeri, which would be unusual for him NOT to use it in this game. But... he does use Dejin Hadouken... So... it does seem to suggest he's still training these moves. So, maybe it is before 3.

In the end, it's seems Alex will decide its placement in the story. If he is playable, it will be after 3. If he isn't... then it's before.

Unless Capcom just decides to retcon on us. Again.  

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Charlie Nash is a cyborg, which he was not in 3. Therefore it is after 3

Bruh Charlie was in Street fighter ALPHA 3. The alpha series is like the prequels to everything. Everyone was super young. Charlie died at the end of it by Bison's hand. At some point he was revived, and is now hell bent on getting his revenge. The actual Sf 3 series was New Generation, [insert 2nd game's title I forgot it], and Third Strike. They are currently still the last games chronologically, assuming the theory behind 5 is true

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