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Street Fighter 5


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So, wondering where Akuma is?




This also makes Rival Schools connected to Tekken.


So, to recap, Soul Caliber, Tekken, Street Fighter, and Rival Schools all co-exist.



And Smash Bros, due to Ryu, which is connected to basically every Nintendo Universe, which is also related to the real world. (Mike Tyson's Punch Out).

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Dat Chun Li costume. 


Also, does Ryu look like Joel from The Last of Us or is that just me?

Nah bruh he totally looks like Kenshiro with his beard




Well Akuma might have sent Ryu's ass to the Smash universe during the Asura's Wrath DLC, but Asura sent Akuma into Tekken 7.  It all makes sense now

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So a by of a necrobump here, but now the game is finally out? What are your first impressions?


Frankly I like the game as a whole, but I feel like it can't decide on whether to be 3rd Strike or Sf4. It has a decent speed though it took me a WHILE to get used to since I'm a 3rd Strike junkie.


Strangely enough I've really resonated with F.A.N.G of all characters. He has a nice amount of multi hitting normals, is a straightforward Charge character (which I like from Skullgirls), and he has some REALLY nasty traps and setups. I usually don't go for that type of character, but I've been having a lot of fun with him

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This game looks good, but I'm dismayed that the single player stuff seems to be lacking at the moment. Not even a Free Battle mode of some sort?

I'll probably grab this in May around my birthday, hopefully they address those before then.


They already have.  In order to prevent further delay of the game, a fleshed out story mode and other such features have been delayed to somewhere around June, and will be included in a free update.  Since Capcom had the core of the game finished already however, they decided that, rather than making everyone wait for just a few features, they would simply release what could be called as an "arcade version" that has all the functionality, and simply release the other features as they finish them.  It honestly was just so we wouldn't have to wait until June to play the game just for those last few features that a lot of people don't even care about.

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