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Character Creation Contest + Session Roleplay Poll



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Okay, so I'm thinking we're going to have a contest here to liven things up. Things don't really need to be livened up as far as I'm aware, but whatevs. Basically, it'll be a character creation contest where you submit an app and optionally a short passage characterizing your character as well. Characters for RPs can't just be made without context of course, so at the same time I'm going to be creating a roleplay for all of you to create a character for. It will be a Session Roleplay with limited acceptance. You don't have to participate in the roleplay to be in this contest, you can state beforehand that you are not interested in actually joining the roleplay.


Essentially, make a character for a roleplay, and it will get judged by yours truly. Winners will receive a nice lump sum of points. Then I will pick out of the people who stated their interest in actually joining the roleplay to actually roleplay with. In the contest itself, the apps will be judged by individual quality, but the final cast for the roleplay will be affected by other candidate apps.

[spoiler=in case you didn't know what session roleplay is]Session roleplay is my term for having writing sessions together online using Google Docs. It's still a roleplay where everyone controls their own character(s), but it's all real time. After every session, someone will post it IC on YCM. Of course, being like it is, we can only have a few people in each roleplay. This process makes a much smoother roleplay without the awkwardness of dialogue and combat in post-by-post roleplays and also without the unrefined quality of Skype roleplays. I also hope that this kind of roleplay is faster and less likely to die. 


We'll have to figure out times when everyone can be online. Due to the nature of this, I've arbitrarily decided there can only be a maximum of 4 people.

Okay so what we'll be doing here right now is deciding on a basic concept which I will further develop. Please vote on them and comment below on what further you might be expecting. You may also suggest other basic concepts for a roleplay. All of these prompts will be fantasy/adventure due to the recent poll by Rinne.


Please vote.

  • A moving settlement of people will supernatural abilities/traits. They are shunned, persecuted, and/or exploited in the outside world, and find this place to seek solace. You will be one of the people with the power to protect it. I'm thinking the plot will be around finally deciding to fight back against the powers that oppress you, or finally getting the means to. (although not everyone will agree to fighting since there will be a lot of casualties)
  • A roleplay about a group of adventurers/skyrates/whatever going dungeon diving, essentially. Going to these mysterious places where treasure exists, but lots of danger. There will be competition from rivals, as well as evil organizations. You seek these treasures for your own purposes, yet unleashing these treasures on the world can have unforeseen consequences.
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Disregarding my willingness to get back into RPing, I'm torn between both scenarios. The first one was always the way I like to at least start out; alone and given the ability to enter or mess around how I please until plot happens. The second one, though, sounds like a lot of fun and it'd be easier to interact and get along with people. Tough choice.

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