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Hi-Speedroid Kaitou Rappa Zzle

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So, this was revealed a few days ago. I know we don't know anything about it, but what are people's hopes for this card? As a Sp'roid player, I really want this to be Level 7, because of the Yoyo->Tri-eyed situation, which can often happen under the influence of having tributed Taketomborg. I don't own a Clear Wing IRL, so this means I often have to cut my plays short, when I could otherwise continue. I also hope that this card has decent ATK, because both Kendama and Chanbara are miserably weak as beaters. The only good beater I have is Goyo Guardian, but that isn't WIND, which can hurt at times, and 2800 isn't that good really. 3k would be really really nice, but pushing it, I think. But what do you think? What would be a good effect? What do Speedroids truly need?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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