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[Story Planning] Fairy God Daughter

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So there's this guy and he's a huge loser. No job, no car, living in his parents basement. Typical YCMer.

The only light in his rather bleak existence was a girlfriend he had broken up with about a month or so ago. They were very close, he knew her family, he was there at her sister's wedding, all that jazz.

On this particular day he wakes up to a knocking on his door. His ex-girlfriend is there, holding a small girl.

"What!? You were pregnant!?"
"No stupid, It's not ours. This is [Girl's Name] my [sister]'s daughter. We agreed to be her god daughter if something happened, remember?"
"Oh yeah. But that was only if her parents died. You don't mean..."
"Yeah... Okay, take care of her while I'm out."
"What!? Where are you going!?"
"Uhh... to work? Ever heard of it?"

And so begins our epic tale! As it turns out, Daughter is half fairy and they get into silly high jinx and whacky misadventures.

"So what the funk you need from YCM-kun?"

I had various ideas for the story, but can't really narrow it down. Primarily the biggest problem is the setting.

Where does this take place? Normal modern times or Magical Final Fantasy-like Realm?

Normal Modern Times:
Easier to write and easier to relate to (A normal city? Everyone lives in one.)
More humor/wackiness! (in comparison to Magic Realm)

Needs more exposition to get the story going (Explain why the girl exists, how they broke up, etc etc)
Will probably have more characters (Parents, bosses, landlords, stuff like that)
Will probably get more boring and drag on in parts (More characters leads to a slower plot)
Will probably feel like a "Backwards!" Fairly Odd Parents

Magic Town:
Easier to explain away nonsense like fairies and elves and stuff (Faires? Yeah, those exist. Continue!)
Easier to start up the story and explain stuff (Rule of cool, just go with it)

Harder once the story gets going
Will require plenty of research and dedicated world building to get right

Will probably be less funny or less interesting because magic already exists in this world and is well known (Daughters power will probably have to be toned down, and with plenty of higher level magicians in existence, it's easier to return stuff to the status quo)

If we go with Modern Times:
Girlfriend's sister married a Half-Fairy or something. They had a daughter. Daughter got Fairy Gene from Dad and Human Gene from mom, making her a half fairy too. Hit the ground running! Silly adventures of man and woman awkwardly trying to raise a daughter together. Possibly they fall back in love? Possibly other things! More rom-com and silly humour.

If we go with Magic Town:
Fairies exist, deal with it. So do Orcs and Elves and other magic stuff. Girlfriend might be half fairy too. Boyfriend and Girlfriend were about halfway into a big epic quest to defeat the Ultimate Evil Lord, when they find out someone had already beat them to it. So they just kinda go back home and try to pick up their lives where they left off. She takes up a job as a White Mage Nurse or something, and he, an adventurer... doesn't have anywhere to really go. It's still funny and lighthearted, but it eventually will probably spiral out of control and into another big epic quest or something.

SO! Which one would YCM-kun prefer? Explain your reasons!? Ask questions or give (constructive) advice. "HEY THAT'S GOOD I'D READ IT!" may help my ego, but it's not constructive.

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Holy necrobump Batman!

Re: How old:

Presumably right away...

As to how old the girl is, I hadn't decided yet. Possibly just a baby. Possibly on the cusp of speaking. I hadn't given it much thought and was hoping to hear more feedback from YCM.

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