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Flash Flyer - Sakura


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(Yes, this is a pure version [well, mostly anyway]; not the hybrid ones.)

If I make changes, use the written list:


3 Z-Thoroughblade

3 Z-Viper

3 Z-Molmorat

1 Z-Bunnyblast

2 Z-Ram

3 Terrortop

1 Taketomborg

2 Yuki Usagi

2 Haru Urara

2 Maxx-C


3 Z-Elemental Triangle

3 Tenki

1 Book of Moon

2 Twin Twisters

1 Raigeki


1 Z-Seasonal Direction

3 Solemn Strike

3 Dimensional Barrier

1 Solemn Warning


3 Z-Bullhorn

2 Z-Tigress

3 Z-Hammerkong

1 Z-Wildbow

2 Z-Drancia

2 Z-Lyca

1 Fire Fist - Tiger King

1 M-X Invoker


Last Updated 2/18/2017



[spoiler=Play notes and miscellaneous comments]

I need to remove Bunnyblast/Rabbina (or least 1 copy) thereof, although there have been situations where I need to recover stuff and can't rely on Seasonal to retrieve them, given its conditions on 5 different cards (at least for Main Deck). Speedroids are only there for making Invoker.


Not running Cluckle because it's meh, Wildbow was used in previous versions, but I almost never played it, let alone got 12 mats on it to do stuff and haven't found space for Hammerkong (even if it is another name for them to make).


I did try Haru Urara in place of Usagi, but I didn't find it useful during test runs (though it could be that I was playing mirror matches when I had Urara, and the negation but no destruction wasn't hitting opposing Zoos hard enough). May consider adding it back.


Side deck stuff is stuff I contemplated on adding, but can't find space. Adding Raigeki is a habitual thing for board wiping when I need to. Jar of Avarice is just there to do Seasonal's job, but I haven't really liked it too much (or didn't draw into it when needed).


(If I haven't said this beforehand in the past, I don't play matches so I have no need for a Side Deck.)


Once the new mechanics come out online, then I will have to modify this significantly. I made this a couple weeks ago, but just didn't have time to post it.



There is also the issue of my desktop YGOPro [which I took this screenshot from] being outdated so I can't run this properly [namely the "OPT" filter not expiring on the latest version I can run, so...]. I do have a netbook that can run the latest version, but I don't use it often.


Dueling Book exists, yes, but not using it at this time because of issues.




So yeah, CnC is greatly appreciated.

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Looking at topping Pure Zoodiac decks, they don't seem to need the Tensu, Zodiac Field Spells, the 2nd Bunnyblast, nor 3 Zoodiac combo, but just 1 of the latter.

So, you can take those and Terraforming out, then fill with Raigeki, Dark Hole plus hand traps like Ghost Ash, Flying C, or backrow like Torrential, Dimensional Barrier, My Body as a Shield, Book of Moon, Solemn Traps, Eternal Nightmares, etc., which can also be sided, too.

Apparently Cosmic Cyclone is preferred over Twin Twisters.


-1 Tiger King, -1 Tigermortar, -2 the Utopias to make Extra Deck space. You really should be playing Kong and Wildbow for the Ratpier plays. Definitely get that Kong because there is a funny combo I saw that uses Lyca to revive it, then Tigermortar to attach a Viper on it, making its effect live and protecting your Drancia from being targeted.

You can further make Extra Deck space by -1 a Broadbull.


I'm assuming you are building the deck under a TCG banlist with OCG cards allowed, since you have some currently OCG-only cards, but running more copies of cards that are Limited there, namely Tenki and Terrortop.

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I'm a TCG player (like most of us here, bar maybe Winter [no offense]), so yeah, this goes under whatever banlist we have at present here. Or TCG mixed.


But yeah, Hammerkong's protection effect is really nice and should be using it. Think I had Wildbow in pre-MACR builds but don't think I ever got much of a chance to play it, let alone make it to 12 mats even with Molmorat.


Could try adding Eternal Nightmare/Cosmic Cyclone, considering I do have a lack of S/T removal outside Drancia and I don't want to be dealing with backrow that'll kill me. But at the same time, considering I am still running 4 Solemn Traps which each cost a chunk of LP, I'd rather not make it worse for self. At least with Twisters, I can get rid of dead Seasonal Directions in hand, though Cyclone has its benefits for banishing stuff too.


I think I kept triple Combo to get rid of Tenkis so they don't clog my S/T, but don't think I ever had to use them all (or drew into them thereof).



I'm modifying the Deck offline, but yeah, it'll be a pain in the neck to reupload the pic. I'll just modify the written text with changes (which I have at this time).

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Combo is the Zoodiac Trap, not the Continuous Spell. You don't need 3 of the Trap, but definitely 3 of the Continuous Spell, of course.

Wildbow is used mostly for the effect is gains with Molmorat/Ratpier attached and the extra material on a Zoodiac ladder, not for the 12-material effect. And who knows, the direct--attacking effect may come in handy sometimes.


The usage/popularity of the Solemn Traps dropped after Dimensional Barrier, so you could very well swap them for hand traps or backrow and reserve the LP for Cosmic Cyclone and My Body as a Shield. Or at least just keep 1 Warning and 1 Strike.

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This is what I get for using the translated Japanese names as opposed to what they're called in TCG; Combination is Seasonal Direction and Triangle is the one I need triples of, no questions about it.


But yeah, I never had to use the Trap often; the Spell is definite (there's a reason why it's still $60-something each at dealership). Can swap out 2 Strikes and stuff for other backrow I need that lowers the amount of LP I need to pay to handle stuff. I'll adjust it later, because it is rather late at time of writing.

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