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Shade Cupid [Written]

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Shade Cupid


Arrows: Top, Bottom


2 monsters

Monsters this card points to cannot target each other with their effects or attacks. If a monster this card points to leaves the field: destroy the other monster this card points to, and if you do, inflict damage to the controller equal to that destroyed monster's ATK it had on the field.



A Link Monster that is all about luv. Two monsters, guided by Shade Cupid, fall in love with each other, but they cannot be together... because they are on different sides of the field. If one of them dies, so does the other (Unless your monster has immunity to destruction and can handle a heartbreak.).

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A tiny bit situational looking at how it depends on zones 2 or 4 to be filled on your opponent's side, and it is a commonly avoided one because as tiny as it is, Decode would plus 500 ATK off of it, and it, Firewall, and who knows what other Links, would point there so it is good to leave it available when possible.


"Dies" is not very clear. I guess destroyed by battle/effect. Though it'd be great if it extended itself to "leave the field" so that your laddering could take care of the opponent's card.

Then again, I also don't really wanna suggest that because flavor-wise it would be tragic to hear a monster went up to the hand and plans to come back, and the other killed itself due to that absence. So it'd be better if both would go to the same place. Return 1 to the hand? Bounce the other one. Return 1 to the Deck? Spin the other one. Destroy 1? Destroy the other. Banish 1? Banish the other. Though that'd either make for a very lengthy text or some weird experimental format for the effect.


Another bit to point out is the fact the card can cause you to burn yourself xD
IDK what the application for that would be, but I'm sure it can open up something casually interesting like Rainbow Life, Damage Gate, or setup for Clear Kuriboh, IDK.... I wouldn't really get rid of it, but I just wanted to point it out.


Then the elephant in the room:
It is an absolutely generic Link 2 that points own in any way, shape, or form. That alone makes the card solid IMO. It is a solid card right off the bat.

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