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Black D'Sceptyr

Chaos Emperor Dragon (Not an Envoy, Still An Eradicator)

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Don't believe me (on this sub-header's clam) just watch




[spoiler=Chaois Emperor Dragon: Info]


FIRE/Dragon-Type Fusion Monster/Level 8/3000 ATK/2500 DEF

Lore:  2 monsters with the same Level, including a Dragon Effect Monster in your possession
Must be either Fusion Summoned, or Special Summoned by sending the above cards from either field to the GY (in which case you do not use "Polymerization").



Yes, this is a non-effect naturalization of the Envoy of the End, like Black Luster Soldier was a non-Effect version of the Envoy of the Beginning.
Dunno if that Fusion requirement list can actually be properly done with the Fusion Spells, but the idea is there-Dragon Effect Monsters now have Super Poly on their side.
It's really a testament to how much you can do with so little. And really, it came from an idea on how Konami elaborated on the Black Luster Soldier support, especially with Dragon, especially the most recent of their Ritual Spells, Super Soldier Origin. That is what its called currently right? 
The one that uses Materials from the Deck, anyways. So yeah. 
Any way I can change it so it accomplishes that Super Poly potential while still being a non-Effect Fusion Monster is appreciated.
UNTIL THAT POINT COMES though I may consider continuing the Chaos Emperor line, this is only the tip of an iceberg of Emperor Dragon support and I'm testing the waters-on earth YCM as it is in heaven Duel Portal.
Reviews, revelry, yadda dadda doo.
BDs, signing off.

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Well for starters, this is a cool idea, but you have to make it Contact Fusion similar to Chimeratech Fortress Dragon if you want to use monsters from either field. However, this is supposed to be a non-effect monster. That would be annoying, if I didn't discover something amazing hidden in the game.


For starters, Fusion monsters don't really specify where the Materials need to be. While that is a cool self restriction that you could probably use for other cards, this doesn't work in this case, since it doesn't say that you can use monsters your opponent controls when using the card. If you were to do something like this, it would be:



FIRE - Level 8 - Dragon/Fusion - 3000 ATK/2500 DEF

2 monsters with the same level, including at least 1 Dragon Effect monster in your possession.

Can be either Fusion Summoned, or Special Summoned by sending the above cards from either field to the GY (in which case you do not use "Polymerization").



Ritual non-effect monsters while not treated as effect monsters, list there Summoning conditions. You can't negate that part of a Ritual Monster if you activate Mind Drain. Furthermore, Chimeratech Fortress Dragon's effect doesn't activate, since they're a summoning restriction that's inherit to the card, and inherit summons don't start chains. Therefore, you can hypothesize that Contact Fusion doesn't require the monster to be a Effect Monster. I do believe the Summoning Restriction makes it not a Normal Monster similar to how every non-effect Extra Deck monster is. 


The pandoras box of card design this opens is pretty spectacular. While I'm not 100% sure on this, I feel if it was in the DPR I wouldn't call it a crime. As for the card itself I really wish it just required a Dragon monster rather than a Dragon Effect monster, particularly because you might want to use Normal Monsters instead with Fusion Continuum. 




EDIT: May have been wrong here, since there are nomi monsters without other effects that are treated as Effect Monsters. Not sure if that just means you have to be a Extra Deck monster to have a Summoning restriction that doesn't make it a effect monster, or if it was never possible in the first place. Unfortunately there isn't a Contact Fusion monster I can find that doesn't have another effect.

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