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Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

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Jacklyn found the emphasis that Belle put on her words a bit weird, but she could relate. Back home, she had spent some time at the docks and always found the fishermen amusing there. So, she had often pretended to go through the motions of fishing herself, internalizing the theory of what she was supposed to do when she could finally afford a fishing rod all her own. As Belle finished her thought on the price however, the adventurer got herself out of her own thoughts for a moment simply seeming surprised, and then more so by Ivan's reinforcement that a rod would be too expensive. "No way..." 



"...it's true." The girl hung her head in defeat as she saw the price tag on the cheapest fishing rod that was around in the outdoor store that they had stumbled across. Lifting her head back up, she sighed and said, "next time. For sure." After giving a bit of a nod, the girl continued to move around the store, doing what she did best before going over to where Belle was. With supplies in hand, she said, "here you are. One sleeping bag and a pillow, and a backpack for you. That should get you through the night just fine. Oh and also," showing the two her newest find, "a portable lamp. For when it gets dark at night and we need to read or tell scary stories without a campfire." With clear enthusiasm in her expression at this, she then turned back to the blue haired girl saying, "oh, don't worry about sleeping outside. You can share the tent with me. Unless you'd rather watch the stars, which can also be fun!" Looking at the two of them more clearly now she said, "well, if we've got everything we need, I say we go catch ourselves a boat!" 

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Location: Islesbury Town

Poké: 740

Some exploring later, not to mention a few fights with her new Inkay companion to get used to having her on the team, and Kanon had been about done with her business in the marsh. Without slipping and falling this time. Kanon's new Inkay - since dubbed Ursula - was looking a bit stronger already! However, she was also looking pretty beat-up, so it was time to head back to town. Kanon had already stopped at the local Pokemon Center, and even tried in vain to get Nomi out of bed while she was there. As she continued her way through town - Bubbles and Ursula both following behind her - she looked around for one person in particular.


And soon enough found him, at the docks. He must have gotten really into the whole fishing thing.


Kanon headed down, stepping up to mister city-boy and his own little team of Pokemon. Did he always have a fish? Actually, that one specifically looked kind of familiar... but if Kanon couldn't remember where she'd seen the fish, it couldn't have been that important, right? "Having fun down here?" she asked. The Inkay at her side seemed to be looking over Oswald's own pokemon intently.

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It didn't take long for the group to heal up their Pokémon. Belladonna watched the small Pancham following after its owner happily. What was the point of letting Pokémon out of their balls like that? Wouldn't they be exhausted by the time they actually did fight? Still, it was none of her business, so the girl stayed silent on the matter, munching on her Gummy Bewears. Before she knew it, her hand was wiggling around the bottom of the bag. "Well, darn," she muttered, almost throwing the bag on the ground before thinking better of it. This wasn't her room, after all. And she couldn't just psychic toss it to the nearest trash can either. Letting out a put-upon sigh, the girl started looking around for one.


"There's no way we can afford a rod." Ivan replied to Jacklyn's question, as he stepped in front of the two girls. Belladonna happily let him take point. "Let's get the supplies and go - the sooner we hit the road the better." He seemed eager to leave, though the bluenette wasn't sure exactly why, unless it was the smell of the place. But again, none of her business. She was just traveling with these three. It didn't mean they were friends, by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe if she were somebody else...but thinking about things like that was pointless. She was herself, and that was that.


"No way..." Jacklyn seemed disbelieving at the thought.




"...it's true." The purple-haired girl hung her head in defeat as she saw the price tag on the cheapest fishing rod that was around in the outdoor store that they had stumbled across. Lifting her head back up, she sighed and said, "next time. For sure." After giving a bit of a nod, the girl continued to move around the store, before showing off the supplies she had found to Belladonna and Ivan.


The bluenette blinked at the other girl's enthusiasm, nonplussed. "What..." she said, a little disbelieving that anybody could be this enthusiastic about the outdoors. And traveling. And, well, anything. It was like talking to an alien, though in this case, Belladonna was probably closer to the alien, considering everybody's obsession with becoming Pokémon Trainers, which, she really couldn't understand that.


I think I can understand wanting to watch the stars though, maybe, she thought cautiously. I can't remember the last time I saw them, or took the time to just look at them. It had to have been when she was younger, a small girl obsessed with the idea of seeing as many different places as possible. But that was back then, she shook her head. I'm different now. That was patently obvious. If she were the same, she'd be bouncing around like an overly energetic Spoink, much like Jacklyn was doing right now.


No, instead, all Belladonna had wanted was to find a trash can. Which she did. So now all she wanted was to grab the stuff and go. "Sounds like got everythin'," she mumbled, energy going down just listening to this girl. It didn't help she ran out of her sugar supply. Glancing around, the girl looked for anything else they could need, before grabbing another five packs of Gummy Bewears. "Good t'go." She wasn't sure what else they would really need, though there was something nagging at her mind. Like she had forgotten something important.


"Oh yeah, forgot these," she grabbed a handful of Poké Balls, bringing them up to the counter. "Prob'ly useful," she muttered, half listening as the clerk gave her an extra, white-colored ball for buying at least ten at once. Barely glancing at it, she pocketed the items, and then stood awkwardly in front of the clerk as she fumbled with her wallet. "Shopping's difficult," she grumbled as she walked away. Shopping in video games was a lot easier. All you did was pick out the item and cha-ching, it was bought. Here, you had to hand over the money, put the items away if you had room, or if you didn't, carry the bag, and then put the change into your wallet, all the while there was somebody waiting impatiently behind you. Too much effort. This was why she was a shut-in. Or at least one of the reasons.


The girl looked to the two she would be traveling with. "Ready now."

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