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1v1: Legacy Support Challenge

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All leaderboard rules apply


How to enter

All that needs to be done is that you DM me within 24 hours of this being published. You will be assigned a number for which it would be picked at random.


1). When the contest starts, you must first make between 5-10 cards for the archetype chosen. Said archetype will be chosen at random.

2). You must submit the cards within 48 hours

3). The cards made must fit the playstyle

Potential Archetypes (# = Archetype)


1 = Meklords

2 = Nordics

3 = Ice Barriers

4 = Noble Knights

5 = Magnet Warriors

6 = T.G.

7 = Genex

8 = Ally of Justice

9 = Arcana Force

10 = Vylon

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To be honest with you, making sets isn't a good way of doing 1v1s, especially with the activity level low as-is, even for singular cards. It's not your fault, but rather, 1v1s just are inactive as heck. 


Also yeah, no Leaderboard tag means this will not count for standings in there. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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