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Frequently Asked Questions V2 [UPDATED: 9/17/2018]

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Many of you, whether you just joined or have been here for a while, have questions about the site and/or the card maker which are often asked multiple times. Chances are that someone else has asked this question in the past, and an answer was given. 


Below are some of the common ones that are asked. Use the table of contents below to find a specific one (CTRL+F if you need to).




1A. How to write commonly used BBCode.
2A. Changing a topic title.
3A. How to gain Levels / user stars.
4A. How to change name / member title.
5A. How to give reps/likes
6A. How to earn and give points.
7A. Where to duel with custom cards.

8A. Where can I send my cards to be printed?

9A. Konami ripped off my ideas!

10A. Profile music is broken.

11A. Cannot upload avatar manually.

12A. I never got a validation email


Technical issues with YCM overall


1B. Cardmaker problems.

2B. When are you going to fix YCM?
3B. Get YCMaker over here!
1C. Commonly used terminology.



1A. Writing common BBCode
All of the common ones you need to know (such as adding spoiler tags, bold/italics/strikethrough, uploading pictures, etc) are in here, along with examples of the coding and what to expect. 
Please note that I did not talk about the special ones that are inherent to certain sections only, but to use them, click the Special BBCode button (it's the button directly left of the font one, or 3rd from the left on top). Add in the required details and you should be fine. 
2A. Changing a topic title
If you wish to change your topic's name, then go into the Full Editor. You can access it by either clicking the "Full Edit" button on your opening post, or "Edit" to open the partial one and then Full Editor.
You can only do this with your own threads (unless you're staff and have access to other user's stuff). 
3A. How to gain Levels/user stars
You can read a more detailed description here, but the simple answer is: You must post in areas that have post count enabled to gain more.
Aside from Miscellaneous/Games and the OOC area in RPs, every other section on YCM is post count enabled. 
A quick guide to the ranking system here:

  • 0 - 24 posts = Level 1
  • 25 - 149 posts = Level 2
  • 150 - 399 posts = Level 3
  • 400 - 999 posts = Level 4
  • 1000 - 4999 posts = Level 5
  • 5000 - 9999 posts = Level 6
  • 10000 and above = Level 7

As you get more posts, you'll get into higher groups which usually have more privileges (they are color-coded here for reference). Again, you may reference the linked thread above for more details, including how you attain these groups and associated privileges. 
Just don't spam your way up, or the staff will remove your posts / lower post count accordingly. 
4A. How to change your name / user title
In order to change your user title manually, you must have attained at least 50 posts on YCM. 
To do this, go to your User CP, found here. Within the section marked "profile information", you should see a box for updating that. 
For name changes, click on "Change Display Name" on the left sidebar. Please note that you are only allotted 1 name change every so many days (most of you is once every 3 months, but as you get more posts here, this limit may lessen). 
(If you run into issues, you can always ask a staff member to change your name, but in doing so, this will reset your timer [meaning if you ran out of name changes for the period and get it changed, your cycle restarts])
5A. How do I give reps or likes?
Reps or likes are a way of showing that you like a user's post. You may hear a lot of the older veterans (myself included) call them "rep points" or the like due to how it was called back on MyBB. 
To give a member a like, you simply need to click the green "Like" button at the bottom of posts. If it works, that icon will turn gray and render "unlike" if you decide it was accident or whatnot. Your recipient usually will get a notification that you liked their post. 
6A. How do I give/earn points?
Similar to how you would get more Level stars, the way to earn points is usually through posting in areas that have post count enabled, Unless otherwise mentioned (certain sections yield more or less), you normally get 25 points for making a topic, 10 for replies and sometimes whenever other people post in your threads. 
Another way of earning points is if members donate them. 
To donate points, go to a user's page and click the "Donate Points" button. You should be given an option to provide a reason why and the amount of points you wish to give. (Make sure this amount is no larger than the number of points you actually have.)
If this option fails (or if you need to donate to multiple members en masse and don't want to access their pages all the time), then go to the Shops tab (https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/index.php?app=ibEconomy) and hit Quick Donate. Aside from requiring the member's display name as well, the other two fields are similar to standard donating. 
[in the case of members who have special characters in their display names [which happens], it is advised to just go to their pages directly.]
7A. Where to duel with custom cards?
We have a site called Duel Portal that lets you test run customs, which can be accessed from the following link:
Please note that the site may be down every now and then for maintenance and other (unavoidable) server issues, but they usually don't last longer than a couple of days at most. 
Those of you familiar with DuelingBook will be able to adapt to the format in adding cards or having matches. There is also a solitaire mode in case you want to test run your combos beforehand (see if they need to be changed to either be more fluid in their plays or less oppressive). 
If you want to fight your creations against an AI, then you also have the option of YGOPro, however this option requires that you are somewhat adept in coding in Lua and handling SQL (.cdb) files. Also note that depending on your operating system, you may not be able to play properly due to later versions of the program either not being supported (i.e. no Linux or Mac support for MR4 at this time) or certain innate bugs in the current version that require addressing. 
(This is a barebones tutorial and only valid for ARC-V stuff at the moment; I haven't added the VRAINS stuff based on whatever I could tear out from Mercury233 and Gideon .cdb files)

For the most part, you are usually better off using Duel Portal. 

8A. Where can I print out my cards and/or send them to Konami?


Yugioh Card Maker is not associated with Konami or its affiliates. Moreover, Konami will not accept fan designs for legality purposes unless they host a contest for them (but nowadays, those only happen in Japan, so TCG players, you get the short end of the stick).


If you want to print them, you just have to print them at home. A note that a real Yugioh card is 2.375" (length) x 3.625" (width) [or multiply these dimensions by 2.54 for metric conversion]. You may be able to print 9 of these cards on a piece of paper, allowing for spacing, and then cut them out. If you want, you can either glue them onto old cards you don't want anymore or cut out index cards to the same size and glue them on. 


(Or if you want to commission proxies online for a more realistic feel, you can, but they are very expensive.)


(NOTE: Fan made cards are ILLEGAL for official play, meaning you cannot use them in official competitions. In a casual setting, you may do so with the consent of all players involved.)


9A. Some of Konami's cards resemble stuff I've made here! I want to claim copyright infringement!


First and foremost, Konami owns the copyright to this game; we're only using it to design our own stuff. We don't own anything, even if some of the ideas for new summon mechanics and whatnot are fan-made.


This is a case of parallel design (or rather, we have to assume this is so). Basically, if a card comes up that resembles stuff you made, you have to assume it is coincidental. The staff members cannot track the IP addresses Konami uses, nor can we claim that your work was plagiarized. You actually have to PROVE they were looking at your works here, which is impossible and just claiming it was ripped off without proof won't go anywhere in court. 


tl;dr, if your stuff was apparently plagiarized, you have to assume it is parallel design / coincidental. You, as a player, don't have the copyright to this game.


10A. Profile music no longer works. 
If you are using Google Chrome (or a derivative of it), then it updated such that videos will not automatically play (and this does include the code that is used to do profile music requests).

To revert this change, paste this url on your browser:


and change its value to No gesture required.

I quoted this from the usual profile music code site, but yeah, just fix this setting and it works. 
It should still work for other browsers like Firefox, but if those have issues, then we do not have a solution for you at this time. 


11A. I cannot manually upload an avatar.


This function has been broken since mid/late 2016, but there isnʻt much that can be done about it.


If you find an image you like online, get the URL to that picture and paste that in the upload box. You can then crop it to your desired specifications. Same goes if you made a custom avatar offsite; upload it to Imgur or wherever, then get the link.


12A. I never got my validation email.


Did you check your spam folder?


Sometimes email providers like Gmail and the like will auto send messages from this site to your spam folder. However, certain providers like Hotmail seem to not accept messages from this site as of 2016.


If you didnʻt receive your validation email (either if you just registered or changed your email), then please use the Validation forum to request manual activation. Note that only staff members and those in the Validating group may see this section.




1B. Problems with the card maker.
Since early 2016, we have known about many of the issues concerning the internal cardmaker. While we do have a new one that was crafted by another user (with some help), ours is still used in some capacity. 
Below are the known issues and their answers. For the most part, they come out from this thread (I'm moving it here to have it grouped with everything else). 
Please note that I will only talk about the internal card maker in this site. Issues related to the Neo New one by Yemachu will not be covered.

The automatic uploading doesn't work! Why?
Issue since March/April 2016
We don't know WHY it's broken. Is it a pain to upload cards now? Yes, however there are some workarounds. 
- Save card to desktop and then upload again via Imgur / Tinypic. 
- Right-click the card and select "get image location", then upload it via a free image host.
- Download the Imgur app for Firefox/Chrome, then click the option when it renders. (It does not work in incognito mode, however)
In all of these cases, you will be given a series of preformatted codes. Pick the one with the IMG brackets around them and copy/paste that into your post. 
(On a normal basis, you should just left-click the card and it'd already upload for you with the code preformatted.)
The cardmaker's name and text render funny now. 
Known issue since October 2016
Again, we don't know what caused this problem. It is likely that the downtime around the start of the month played a role in it, but that is not certain.
Pictures no longer upload properly and render as white space.
(Known issue as of mid-November 2017)
We're aware of this issue, though at this time, we do not know WHEN it got started. Looking over where the images are being stored, it appears that it is no longer working / in use.
This error applies only towards uploaded pictures from your desktop. Getting the URL from images online still works (except for Pixiv and some other areas; you'll need to rehost the pics on Imgur or something). 
NOTE: This is connected to registered members, as the picture is uploaded to a folder correlated to your account. Guests can upload regularly.
Pendulums and Links aren't here!
(Issue since 2014 / 2017)
Yes, we know that the cardmaker is stuck in eternal ZEXAL mode, and as such, this isn't a "bug". We need to have them added eventually, but that requires several major changes to the coding.
In the meantime, you may either use TCGEditor or again, the Neo New Card Maker, which DOES have both. TCGEditor has not been updated since September 2017, however the developer has stated he cannot finish it at the current time and does not have an ETA.


(Please see here for explanation.)


Bullet points and accented letters don't work in the cardmaker


Similar to the above; this is not a "bug" (for the most part), but rather an issue with the fonts used in the cardmaker. The bullet points will work for Vanilla monsters, however will not do so in Effect Monsters when they are used. 


Accented letters work with the card name with lowercase only (Uppercase letters do not work), but not in the card text. Please note that long vowels are not supported in either form, and as such, will need to be substituted with circumflex vowels (contains " ^ " over letter) when needed. 


(We are aware of the fact that there exist cards that do have accented letters)


Miscellaneous things


These are just workaround things to adapt to any changes made to the game post-ZEXAL.

  • Ability line for Ritual, Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Monsters: Just put the corresponding abilities like Toon, Spirit, etc inside the standard type box.
    • It will be out of order, but because the cardmaker is hard wired as-is, you have to just work around it.
  • Normal/Effect Monsters and ability line: Set it as the correspond monster (Normal or Effect), then add / Tuner, / Spirit, / Normal, / Flip, etc as needed inside the general Type box. 
  • Pendulum and Link Monsters: As mentioned earlier, our internal cardmaker is not fitted for ARC-V or VRAINS despite templates being available for them. However, you can still "make" them using the following.
    • Pendulum Monsters: Just write out both effects and Scale values in the regular text box. (Please note that because this is adding on more text, it will shrink)
    • Link Monsters: While the color and design is not correct, Ritual Monsters are closest enough in color for it. Set the Level to 0 (because they have neither Level nor Rank), leave the marker locations at the bottom of the effect text and use the DEF field for Link rating. 


(However, if you opt to just write these cards out; it's also fine)



2B. Why aren't you fixing YCM?


A lot of the changes that need fixing in terms of the cardmaker and any forum-related things like uploading profile avatars manually require YCMaker (the guy who owns this site) to actually fix things. However, he is extremely inactive and rarely shows up due to his job as a program developer for outside companies.
The staff does have his email address and phone number (courtesy of Tormented) in the event we really need to contact him, but we will keep to the former option. Last time the staff directly messaged him, no response was given.
While we can have Tormented help out with SOME of the problems YCM faces, he cannot address them all due to things that require YCMaker to access. 




If you do find other technical issues with the site, such as another feature not working, bring it up to us to we can document the matter. Right now, the known issues are as following. 

  • Cardmaker problems
  • Inability to manually upload avatars
  • Internal warning system broken (hence why those of you who receive punishments get PM'd nowadays about this and when they expire; normally these would automatically wear off)
  • Hotmail does not receive emails from this site (since 2016)

3B. Why is the staff not getting on YCMaker's case on a repeated basis to fix the problems?
Compare this to receiving hundreds of spam emails and text messages on a daily basis (or those of you on Discord, getting frequently mentioned every 5-10 minutes or something). You would get annoyed at it, wouldn't you? 
If the staff were to engage in this, he'd add all our emails on a block list, ignore us completely or at worst, shut this place down. 
Remember that he owns this site and can do whatever he wants with it.
Please understand that you, as the member base, are not the only ones upset at YCMaker's lack of upkeep of this site. We (the staff members) are also upset with his lack of presence in handling affairs for a good while. 


Yelling at us to do something about it isn't going to make him come any sooner and may result in you getting penalized for unruly behavior. 


Our hands are tied as to addressing these problems as mentioned above. So as long as YCMaker doesn't come around to fix things, the errors will continue to remain for the site. 



1C. What are common terms used on this site?
Throughout this site, you'll see several terms floating around. A few notable ones are as following, and translate as such.
Site/section stuff
  • YCM - This site's name abbreviated. You will rarely see members write out the full proper name for this site. (Also potential members, this is one of the answers for the security question)
  • CC - Custom Cards. (This is usually referencing the section as a whole; the subsections are usually referred to by their stated names, minus the "card" portion. 
  • TCG - the Trading Card game section beneath Custom Cards, and normally just refers to the Yugioh portion of it.


  • Bump - "bring up my post". This basically means pushing your thread up to the top of page 1. Each section has restrictions on how often you can do this (and are not the same), so check before you do this. 
  • Necrobump - "bumping up a dead thread". This is usually a month (30 days), however just like regular bumping, certain areas have different restrictions which may be more lenient or strict.
  • Report - This means reporting offending content so that the moderators may look at it and address them accordingly as needed. Usually this entails pushing the yellow Report button at the bottom right of posts, but may also consist of PMing a staff member directly. Either method works. 
  • Warning - What happens when you break a rule. These can usually range from verbal reminders to correct the issue up to potential warn points and bans (either temporary or permanent).
    • Please consult the overall site rules for further explanations on the types of punishments that may be levied on you if you amass a certain amount of warn points (WP). 


This is subject to being updated, but at the moment, this addresses most of the common stuff that usually gets asked. Do feel free to ask about something that isn't here.


Most of this was ported from the original FAQ thread in 2013, but since updated to be relevant with current issues. I have not included some of the questions from here due to them being uncommon questions nowadays. 

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what will happen to my topic after i "necrobumped" into it? Is it locked forever or what?


Usually it gets locked, but depends on the section in question.



The period for necrobumping differs among areas, but depending on the period, may either be let go or locked. If latter, you can try to talk to the mod in charge of that section about why it took you a while to post in it again. We're generally reasonable. 


Otherwise, unless we explicitly say you cannot do so, you are more than welcome to remake the topic if it got necro'd. Sometimes it is better that you do. 

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QQ since I'm reviewing Necrobumping (and inadvertently committing one now, but looks like this is the most appropriate thread)

I have a custom set I was working on about a year and a half ago that never got locked, and have since made new cards for it.  

Would it be better to start a fresh thread or would it be okay to just update and bump the old one with the new cards?

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QQ since I'm reviewing Necrobumping (and inadvertently committing one now, but looks like this is the most appropriate thread)


I have a custom set I was working on about a year and a half ago that never got locked, and have since made new cards for it.  


Would it be better to start a fresh thread or would it be okay to just update and bump the old one with the new cards?


You should make a new one.

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