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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Vernal Ventures [OOC/PG-16/Started/Not Accepting]


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IC Thread


[spoiler=Interest Check Information]

Hi, hey, hello. Welcome to my first attempt at hosting an RP in literal years. I've been in the section here and there over the years and always toyed with the idea of hosting something but this is the first idea solid enough to give a shot. The concept of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games has always appealed to me. However it is not until very recently that I'd actually played one. I hosted a PMD RP once long ago which was fun while it lasted but now I'm back, looking to do something a bit more long lasting. This time I'll be armed with knowledge of the games so hopefully that'll help.

Anyway, I ought not get too far ahead of myself as this is still only the interest check phase of things. Allow me to briefly state what is to come in the rest of the thread. First I intend to give a basic explanation of the game series and how they would typically play out. In speaking with friends, even very big pokemon fans, not many have played this series but I don't want lack of knowledge to be why you the Rpers of YCM stray away. After that I will speak some of the premise I currently have written down so you can get a feel for what I'm going for with the intended plot. Lastly, I will pose to you a few ideas and questions for your consideration.

Please read what follows carefully and always feel free to ask questions. Thank you for your time!


[spoiler=PMD. What is it?]
The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series is a spinoff series that melds the mechanics of mainline Pokemon with the long standing Mystery Dungeon series. As the name might imply, most of the game play takes place in randomly generated dungeons that are populated with items and enemies. Everything moves only when you do, simulating turns in a more traditional pokemon title. Pokemon can hold items, use items from the bag, use moves with good old PP limits, have abilities like in the main games and the like. You tackle these dungeons with 1-4 pokemon and only directly control the party leader. Teammates have several tactics options to better direct their actions.

The basic premise to every PMD game is that somehow you, the player, wake up in a world inhabited only by Pokemon. You remember only two things: your name, and the fact that you were once human. However to your surprise you're now a pokemon. Which Pokemon you get is determined by a personality quiz administered at the very beginning of each title. Later titles let you simply pick from among the starter options if you weren't satisfied. From here the player meets their partner who decides to team up with them and help them out until they get an idea of what's going on. The two will join a team or a guild of some sort and go about the mystery dungeons rescuing lost pokemon, punishing outlaws and other such activities. The plot unfolds slowly around these day to day actions and the player slowly comes to understand how it is they came to be transformed into a pokemon. All the while you interact with teammates and townsfolk and explore varying vistas home to all sorts of pokemon.


The actual plot typically deals with something that has disturbed the natural order of the world such as an increase of natural disasters or even so far as time itself being messed up. Whatever it is, it's typically the reason for all the missions the player and partner will undertake. The player will go on to figure out what's going on and what they can do to stop it. You'll encounter good pokemon who want to help, bad pokemon who want to stop you and everything in between. Legendaries often appear as important bosses or plot figures but this can and does vary.

For the sake of not walltexting you about a series you may not have even played I'll cut to the chase. At it's core the PMD games are nothing groundbreaking. The plots are simplistic, though they get more complicated as you go through the series, and the characters are usually just a few tropes. But there's a lot of charm to everything. There's some real emotion behind the bond between the player character and partner pokemon as they press through the difficulties presented to them. Pokemon's never gripped me quite like this series has and I want to have that same sort of experience here with a few of you.

[spoiler=RP Premise]
You used to be human you know. At least, your mind keeps telling you that. Yet if you look at your reflection it clearly disagrees. You're a Pokemon. But in your mind, beside your name and the idea that you used to be human, there's something else. One more memory that, however vague or clear it is in your mind, has a real impact on you. Whatever it is, it feels to capture the essence of your soul. It's almost like it's your proof. Proof that you you're actually human. Proof you're not crazy. Thankfully, you're anything but alone.


There have long been tales and legends of young Pokemon appearing out of the blue, who claimed to be human. But in the last few years the Pokemon world has seen this phenomena in far greater numbers. There are now dozens of Pokemon running around, claiming the same as you. They were human, they have a name, and that something else. Reactions of course are mixed among the other Pokemon. Some believe those who make these claims. Others are more skeptic, wondering if perhaps this isn't some strange mental illness sweeping the world. And still many others simply don't care. Whatever you were means a lot less than what and who you are now.

Still, the world is something of a dangerous place whoever you are. There are many beautiful places to explore and discover and treasure to find. To more safely experience the world around them, many Pokemon band together and form exploration teams and guilds to train aspiring explorers. Many a human-turned-pokemon has sought out a guild to join feeling that if there are clues to their situation out there, they'll have to go and find them. 

More recently however, things have become somewhat more complicated. Nature itself seems to have been shaken. Local climates have violently and abruptly shifted, spreading chaos about the world. Deserts find themselves buried in snow, plains have become perpetually overcast and many other such things have happened. Pokemon have shifted about trying to find homes more suitable to them. And in the middle of it all, crime rates have gone way up. The need for rescues and brave explorers have never been greater as the Pokemon try to cope. On the whisper of rumors are the ideas of magical objects that stabilize the climates. There was little to confirm their existence but the word was enough. Pokemon the world over are exploring and looking for them. And maybe, just maybe, the answer to why all these humans ended up here lies in them as well.

[spoiler=Purpose of the Interest Check]
So with all that said, I'd like a bit more out of interested parties than simply declaring their interest. I don't quite have all the ideas ironed out so input from you who would RP is going to be a great help. Please answer any of the questions you have an opinion on. I'll assume if you don't address something you're not concerned with how it plays out.


1.) Should the Pokemon you play be decided by personality quiz or be left to your choice?


-The most authentic PMD experience would be me making a personality quiz with like 10-20 potential pokemon you could end up being depending on your answers. However I understand not getting a pokemon you really like or it not even being an option would feel bad and maybe even discourage you from participating. So if you want the thrill of the quiz deciding it for you, some input on what pokemon should be available would be great. If you're more wanting to just pick yourself that's great too. And know that if the latter is how we go, I won't want to limit your choices too much. My only counsel would be try to pick something that isn't overly large and if it has evolutions, lean on the side of the earlier stages.

2.) Skype or Discord?

-I want to have a group chat for this RP provided it gets going as it lends itself to easier communication between players and me the host. I have both Skype and Discord so using either isn't really a problem for me but I'd like to know what most people would prefer. I'm not however going to run both so whatever we go with is what we get. I'll of course make sure the OOC is kept updated with the most important announcements but chats help a lot.

3.) Should this RP play more typically or should we try to implement game mechanics in some way?

-What I mean to accomplish by this is gauge how much you as the potential players would want to attempt to replicate the experience of playing the game. I doubt I'd go as far as having stats and calculating damage when you declare moves. But there could be things like me actually making dungeon floor maps and letting you wander about it IC, beating up a bunch of random attacking pokemon along the way fairly easily, or just moving through a more streamlined area with more focus on story and cool fight scenes and what not. Whatever you guys are feeling lemme know.



[spoiler=Things to come]
On the assumption this ends up becoming an OOC I'll list here the changes to come to this main post.

-Updated title/logo

-App Skeleton/Explanation

-Rules Section
-Guild Information

-World Map/Area List

-Hub Town Information


[spoiler=RP Rules]
-All YCM Site and RP section rules apply. You know 'em. You love 'em. Please live 'em.

-I as your benevolent, tyrannical host have final say on all matters and disputes. In my infinite kindness I will more than likely talk out anything you want to so long as you remain calm and courteous throughout.

-In line with successful precedents thus far established on the site I intend to post in the IC thread at least once weekly and thus expect the same of you. This is to accommodate busy schedules but also ensure things keep moving. If we ever find the whole of the cast posted up and ready to move sooner than a week I can of course post more. Basically we go as fast as you guys want (within reason) but no slower than everyone once a week.

-On the note of posting schedules, I reserve the right to control/do horrible things to your characters in the event you go an extended period of time without posting and without prior notice and that your character's actions/response are necessary to a situation or they were in a dangerous situation when last you posted. I get that stuff gets crazy at times so just give me a heads up however you choose. Whether that be the discord server, here in the OOC, YCM PM or what have you just lemme know.

-I haven't exactly determined if I want to limit acceptance or to what number if I do. But know I don't want a crazy number of players as things get unmanageable quickly.

[Acceptance is closed until further notice and such a time as I feel comfortable adding to the cast.]

-Rated PG-16 if ya didn't see the tag in the title. Things might get violent, probably some colorful language, npcs will probably die, your characters could die if you're blatantly stupid with them consistently or just want me to kill them for some reason. So yeah, by no means a dark and edgy RP but we're leaving the room open there. Nothing too explicit of the violent or sexual nature either. Typical YCM RP stuff really.

[spoiler=Extended Premise]

You used to be human you know. At least, your mind keeps telling you that. Yet if you look at your reflection now it clearly disagrees. You're a Pokemon. But in your mind, beside your name and the idea that you used to be human, there's something else. One more memory that, however vague or clear it is in your mind, has a real impact on you. Whatever it is, it feels to capture the essence of your soul. It's almost like it's your proof. Proof that you you're actually human. Proof you're not crazy. Thankfully, you're anything but alone.


There have long been tales and legends of young Pokemon appearing out of the blue, who claimed to be human. But in the last few years the Pokemon world has seen this phenomena in far greater numbers. There are now dozens of Pokemon running around, claiming the same as you. They were human, they have a name, and that something else. These something else's have come to be known as Core Memories. Reactions of course are mixed among the other Pokemon. Some believe those who make these claims. Others are more skeptic, wondering if perhaps this isn't some strange mental illness sweeping the world. And still many others simply don't care. Whatever you were means a lot less than what and who you are now.

Still, the world is something of a dangerous place whoever you are. There are many beautiful places to explore and discover and treasure to find. To more safely experience the world around them, many Pokemon band together and form exploration teams and guilds to train aspiring explorers. Many a human-turned-pokemon has sought out a guild to join feeling that if there are clues to their situation out there, they'll have to go and find them. These days, one of the most well known guilds around is the Helio Guild set in the gorgeous Thicket Town. Known for it's beautiful weather in a forest clearing, Thicket Town has long attracted Pokemon from all over to come and see if they could enter the guild. It's certainly difficult but well worth the effort as any Pokemon who gets in will tell you.

More recently however, things have become somewhat more complicated. Nature itself seems to have been shaken. Local climates have violently and abruptly shifted, spreading chaos about the world. Deserts find themselves buried in snow, plains have become perpetually overcast and many other such things have happened. Pokemon have shifted about trying to find homes more suitable to them. And in the middle of it all, crime rates have gone way up. The need for rescues and brave explorers have never been greater as the Pokemon try to cope. On the whisper of rumors are the ideas of magical objects that stabilize the climates. The Season Souls. There was little to confirm their existence but the word was enough. Pokemon the world over are exploring and looking for them. And maybe, just maybe, the answer to why all these humans ended up here lies in them as well.

But then, that brings us back to you doesn't it? Where do you fit into all of this? You know, the Helio Guild has been very vocal about helping your cause. That is to say, they want to find out what's causing all of these humans to come to this world as Pokemon. They're not exactly alone in the effort but few guilds have comparable resources to offer. If you want to find something out, that'd be your best bet. Getting in is gonna be tough of course. So many Pokemon try that they now have a biannual recruitment festival with seldom more than six or seven Pokemon making it in at a time. That should be going on soon you know. Ask anyone in Thicket Town, they'll tell you all about it. It's the most fun thing that happens. Especially now that the skies over the Thicket Forest have become perpetually overcast.

Something is stirring in the world. An odd energy seems to fill the air at times. Who or what is causing all this? Maybe you'll be the brave explorer to answer the world's most pressing questions. So, are you in?


[spoiler=App Skeleton]

Pokemon Biography:
Human Biography:
Core Memory:


[spoiler=App Guidelines]
-You might notice I didn't include a section for age. People turned into pokemon are vaguely described as showing up as child pokemon so you're young and that's what we're going with. Your human age is less important but can be discussed later in the bio sections.

-Name is pretty basic. You don't need a surname if you don't want.

-Since everyone is a pokemon species is pretty much enough to tell what the characters look like. However I've included the appearance section so that you can describe any deviations from the norm be it colors/patterns/accessories or what have you. You could also include a picture that does this for you if there's some fan art out there you like. If there's nothing outside the norm for your character then simply indicate as much in that section of the app.

-For the personality section I'd like two paragraphs. More is always welcome. I need a good feel of what it's like to interact with your character.

-You'll notice there's two biography sections. As you may recall from the premise your character was a human who came to the pokemon world the rp takes place in through some unknown means. Your character can have been in the pokemon world for as much as a year prior to the rp's beginning so describe what they've been doing since then. If they're meant to be new arrivals then indicate as much. As for the human biography, your character won't actually remember this but it is important for me to know some of their life as a human for plot purposes. A reminder that the human world in question here is basically the world of the mainline pokemon games where there are humans everywhere interacting with pokemon.

-The Core Memory relates to what was spoken of in the premise. Humans-turned-pokemon remember three things: their name, the fact they used to be human, and one other memory that differs from pokemon to pokemon. What this is is entirely up to you. It can range from something as vague as an emotion or sentiment or be something very specific like an experience. Whatever you decide on, know that however clear the memory is your character will not be able to remember what they looked like as a human. Also know that this memory is very close to your character's heart even if it isn't a happy one. Core memories aren't just offhandedly shared with strangers or acquaintances but rather require a bond of trust prior to revealing them. They'll be very plot important so have fun.

-Now for moves. Fights will be playing out like other rps you've experienced so there's a variety of basic attacks your pokemon can do. It just depends on their biology and all that. But you still get four moves like in the games. You'll learn more later on and I might let you have more than four but not too many more. Anyway, pick four low level moves to start. You might notice I'm also letting you all have a Z-move. This can be the generic type-specific one or the unique ones if you're the corresponding pokemon. That said, I will allow you to create your own unique z-move if your pokemon of choice doesn't already have one. Whatever you go with, don't expect to use them much more than like once a day or whatever. And no you won't one-shot boss fights with them I just figure the flashiness will be appreciated. You won't have them for a while anyway as they've gotta be explained IC and then you guys will have to go on a mission to find some z-crystals.

-The Ability is just like in the games. Pick one of the abilities available to your pokemon of choice. We'll iron out how it works in this setting in discussion.

[spoiler=The Helio Guild]
Guild Master: Heliolisk

-Something of an enigmatic figure, the leader of the Helio Guild is anything but physically imposing. Yet his name and the guild name carry weight the world over. He doesn't make many appearances outside of the guild yet is often found within its confines. He is polite and courteous to any Pokemon upon first meeting them though he has a habit of making up and sticking to nicknames for most guild members however much they may dislike it. It's a sort of judgment and changes to one's nickname can give one an idea of what the guildmaster thinks of them. Granted it's a bit of a complicated code to decipher. Still he's usually a happy soul that brightens the mood of the guild. A world renowned explorer like him is sure to whip any hopefuls into shape.


2nd In Command: Noivern
-Heliolisk's right hand woman is Noivern. Typically speaking she is all business and rather strict, especially to new members. She is in the most contact with Heliolisk and enforces his rules and decisions on the guild. She's been his partner as an explorer for a very long time now and the trust between the two is plain as day. Assuming one isn't shirking their duties they'll find her approachable and helpful though always on the stern side of things. She will bring attention to faults as she sees them and advise actions against them. Mistakes irritate her but she can forgive them. It is blatant violations of rules that will bring out the fury in her. Angry Noivern lectures will increase in volume and frequency until all the subject can feel is their eardrums about to burst. Despite all this, there is an underlying care for the guild members in everything she does.

Senior Guild Members (Those who have essentially become Heliolisk's partners and help administrate the guild, help oversee training of recruits, and lead major expeditions)

-Sandslash: One of Heliolisk's first wave of recruits, now a senior member of the guild. Sandslash is rough around the edges and seems generally unapproachable. Gets easily annoyed with overly energetic or overly shy kids. He is the combat expert of the guild, and has claimed the most bounties of any member in the guild's history. His signature combination is Sandstorm and Dig, a strategy that often knocks out outlaws before they ever saw him. He's missing a few quills on his lower back and a scar now takes their place. The cause was a fight with a well known outlaw Skarmory who had been kidnapping children from several villages. It is not impossible however to build some sort of emotional connection with him but it will be rather indirect to start on his end.

-Mudsdale: Already an established solo explorer herself, Mudsdale came to the Helio guild seeking connection with the resources available to the institution. She is in charge of maintaining the base and managing the supplies. The basement is her territory and Arceus help you if she catches you down there without permission. While strict in her official duties, Mudsdale has a light heart and jovial nature. Among the senior staff she has the most blatant soft spot for new recruits and will be the one most likely to spoil them with extra treats or slightly easier training for the day. She's known to give rides to places if asked nicely.

-Buizel: A graduate of about a year now, Buizel is the newest addition to the senior staff. His responsibilities are over providing the daily dinner for the guild members and maintaining the bulletin boards with up to date information on requests. He's not nearly as old as the other members and thus feels a bit out of his depth. He more readily relates to the recruits, not being too terribly older than some of them. He's got a real creative streak to him. His meals always have a professional appearance to them and the bulletin boards are kept neat and visually appealing. This comes with some perfectionist tendencies, at least in his duties and passion projects. Secretly rivals the local Smeargle in painting ability but isn't confident in his work and doesn't often show it off.

-Audino: A friend to Noivern and Heliolisk prior to the formation of the guild, Audino has long served as the guild doctor. She keeps good track of every guild member's health and is always advising them on what they could and should be doing to keep healthy. She'll dote on sick or injured guild members enough to rival their mothers. Unless of course the injury was brought about by the pokemon's own stupidity. Then there's lectures involved. Audino's deep empathy makes it easier for her to gauge the emotions of those around her. Fronts and facades are difficult to maintain in her presence as a result. She always seems nice and happy but one can occasionally catch glimpses of something deeper. Like some sort of hidden secret past. But you're probably just imagining it.

Junior Guild Members (Those who haven't graduated yet but are further along the program than the cast, help new recruits out on harder missions)

-Growlithe: The most popular girl and leader of the little four man clique that is this squad of Junior members, Growlithe is confident in her abilities and will be sure everyone knows it. She is very supportive of newer members so long as they recognize her superiority and praise her sufficiently. Granted this front drops around the guild officers, particularly Noivern who wouldn't tolerate it. Her squad's well accomplished hence the trust the staff give them in helping training newcomers.

-Tyrunt: Growlithe's childhood friend and biggest fan. The two were the original duo and entered the guild together only to meet and join up with Blitzle and Skiddo down the line. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and easily excited. Never touch his food though. He has big issues with it. And not aggressive issues either, he's a big germophobe and hates the idea of getting sick.

-Blitzle: The team strategist and more subdued member of the squad. She focuses on tactics and precision over brute force. She can quickly size up the available skills in whatever group she's in and form viable strategies from the information. She has a love of music and is often scratching down notes of tunes that pop into her head. Rarely she'll go so far as to attempt to compose a piece off one of the ideas. Doesn't handle kids super well but does her best to help as she's needed.

-Skiddo: This goat has no filter and will say mostly whatever comes to mind in most circumstances. While not one to get philosophical, Skiddo seems to possess a vast amount of sensible life advice as taught to him by his father. Be ready for "Papa always said" in abundance. He and Blitzle roomed together upon joining the guild and became good friends as time went on, eventually forming a fearsome four man squad with Growlith and Tyrunt. Skiddo focuses on being well supplied and carries more than his fair share of the load in any exploration effort to free up his more talented friends.

Base Description:

On the south side of Thicket Town there is a hill just before the clearing ends, with trees beginning again at the back side of the hill. At the foot of the hill is an entry way that looks like a giant heliolisk head. The guild base itself is the inside of the hill that has long since been hollowed out. There are plenty of windows in both the walls and ceiling to let sunlight through. On the hill top are several fire pits that are lit every night. There are several floors inside the guild and it is built to accommodate many different size of Pokemon.

Ground Floor:

-Once cleared by the guards manning the gates, any Pokemon, guild member or not, can enter this floor. Here will be found the job boards for exploration teams hence it being open to the public. These boards are regularly updated by the guild and contain requests for rescues, explorations, apprehending of outlaws and many other similar jobs. Other services offered by guild members will also take place here. When looking to go exploring this is always the first stop.

Second Floor:
-This floor is used primarily for guild gatherings. There are only two key rooms. The first and largest is the assembly hall where the guild conducts its daily meetings. The second and smaller off to the side is the mess hall where the guild eats dinner together every night.

Third Floor:
-The third floor is home to the rooms provided for the guild members. The rooms each have several beds in them and not much else to speak of.

Fourth Floor:
-The fourth floor houses Heliolisk and Noivern's offices and is thus not often visited by guild members unless one or other requests their presence.

-The basement is a large storeroom for the guild's food and other supplies. Not to be played around in.

[spoiler=Thicket Town]
There is a large clearing in the middle of the Thicket Forest where a small settlement was made long ago by a collection of grass-type pokemon. It has long since blossomed into a large city where Pokemon come from all over. This is in part due to the town's roughly central position on the continent. It becomes a natural juncture for travels to most anywhere. A lot of it as well was the weather. It was always bright and sunny during the day but never overly hot. And even on the hot days there were trees in abundance all around. The growth really took off when the Helio Guild was established and explorers began flocking to the city to learn from one of the best.

These days, the weather is anything but bright and sunny. There is a perpetual cloud layer obscuring the sun. Still the town has adapted to their cooler, overcast home. This is hardly the worst of the climate changes around the world so the Pokemon simply hope nothing else comes.





This is the first of I'm sure many very poorly made maps on my part.


1.) Thicket Forest which surrounds the city and for the most part naturally encloses it. It goes on for miles in any direction and is largely safe to travel through.

2.) Town Square. Big events are held here like the guild recruitment festival. Some official-type buildings are along the perimeter such as a police station of sorts and the town elder's house.

3.) The Helio Guild

4, 5, 6.)  The North, West and East Gates respectively. While the town is not properly fenced about, these are the most natural entry points and are thus usually given a guard or two largely for formality's sake. The guards more often greet and provide information to visitors than anything.

-Along the depicted gray streets leading from town square to any of the gates or the guild are the shops and services provided by various local Pokemon which can be described more in detail at a later time. The remainder of the clearing is dotted with the homes of the many Pokemon families that live here.

-Not far west of town is the Thicket River which runs through the forest and is the main water supply.

-Underneath Thicket Town is a system of connected tunnels to facilitate the easy movement of ground-type pokemon without disrupting the city. Think of it like a subway with entrances scattered fairly evenly about town and non-ground-types can even go down and hitch a ride for a nominal fee.

[spoiler=Accepted Apps]
Character Name - Species - Username


Felix - Starly - radio414
Kiera - Flabebe - Niko
Karliah - Salandit - Wind Rider
Blake - Honedge - JellisOP
Cassidy - Tynamo - God Emperor Cow
Zee - Abra - Mr. Hyde
Tuff - Stufful - Lewyn
Jeremy - Dratini - Hakima 
Corbin - Doduo - Dova

[spoiler=Discord Server]
Feel free to join for discussion prior to posting/finishing your apps. If you don't end up finishing one or I don't accept it for whatever reason I'll just kick people out later.


Turns out these invites only last a day so that link won't help much. Hit me up if you need in.


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I find this pretty amusing because I was actually debating between starting up a PMD RP or starting something else (I went with the something else). I'm glad I did though, because this looks like it could be cool. Sheesh, I wasn't going to be joining any more RPs, but this is actually seriously tempting me.


As for the quiz, you could do what Super did, and implement a quiz, and then allow us to choose whether we want to go with that specific Pokemon or choose something else. For example, I'd probably want to take the quiz, but I'm not so sure I'd like to be locked into the choice if it's a Pokemon I don't particularly care for (like Cryogonal).


Personally, for chats, I prefer Discord. Barely go on Skype anymore except to catch up on RP chats.


I will say that I'm interested in how you handle the mechanics or lack thereof since PMD has entirely different ones compared to the main games, and it's very much a turn-based game. Turns affect everything from HP recovery in dungeons to hunger, so if you implement mechanics, then it could get very complicated, or at least just a lot to keep track of. I do like maps though, so if you want to use them, I'd be all for that.


So yeah, posting pending interest.

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Dammit I thought I'd be first but then of COURSE Sethera swoops in out of nowhere...

Also I don't mind the quiz but I imagine others will and don't care either way of discord or skype seems that my discord ban I gave myself was forcibly lifted so >.>

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Noting my own interest right now!


As far as the questions go...


1.) The second is definitely the easier option, though you can certainly try to set up a quiz of sorts if you really wanted to do that. Whether it's worth the effort ultimately is... Kinda iffy, to be honest. If the goal is to have players answer the questions with the sort of thing their character would say, then it seems a bit rough cause most characters would be designed with a particular outcome in mind in the first place, or it might make things a little... Iffy if someone just gets something they aren't super invested in.


Either one works ultimately, and I kinda like the idea of having the quiz as an option but being able to veto it if it ultimately doesn't sit well, Super Mystery Dungeon indeed introduced that and it was a nice touch.


2.) I think most people have moved to using Discord for RP stuff, but there might be a few who haven't yet? I dunno, the ease of having multiple channels makes it easier to sort RP stuff, so I kinda lean towards that myself. Channels for RP discussion, some for off topic stuff if rambling happens, it's cleaner than one big mess on Skype.


3.) Depending on how players get split up, Dungeon Maps and stuff could definitely be a good idea. If everyone goes as one group, and it's one HUGE dungeon instead of a bunch of separate floors, or if characters are split into smaller groups with smaller dungeons, either way a dungeon map could help keep players from misinterpreting the layouts of places.


Mechanics-wise, I'm interested with either a more turn based or free flowing type of battle system. Both have their upsides and downsides, turn based are more orderly but tend to move a lot slower, while free flowing are more active and tend to retain interest easier, but it's definitely harder to keep them organized at times.

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Thanks to everyone for expressing interest and giving opinions on the matters I presented to you. It helps a lot to know what the would be players prefer on the whole. Given the number of interested parties thus far, I will be proceeding with plans to make this into a proper OOC over the next few days.

As for the things I asked about, here are my current plans of action based on what's been said:


1.) I will be leaving what Pokemon everyone plays up to them. As i mentioned in the first post I would advise against incredibly large or already evolved Pokemon if your choice has evolutions. However, I don't want you all to feel restricted so if you have a good enough idea for a bigger pokemon or an already evolved one I wouldn't toss it out immediately. As the OOC comes into place and work begins on apps we can discuss things in more specifics.

2.) I'll be making a discord server for this. Once the OOC is ready I'll send everyone who has expressed interest in the thread a pm here on YCM with a link.

3.) This last one is less concrete but I do think we'll be playing things out a bit more traditionally but I will be making maps of places and things and trying to give explorations something of the mystery dungeon feel. As for other game mechanics being incorporated in some way, that will require more planning out of the plot/setting/premise on my end to determine how that'll go.

As for any others who may still be interested, please do offer your opinions as well as every voice counts.

Thanks again, moving forward's going to be exciting!

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Sound assumption, all generations are on the table for characters and npcs.

As for the question of alolan forms I'm definitely fine with them being used. I don't think every alolan form will be from one part of the world here. Rather they'll look different depending on the location they're from. Like sandshrew in the desert look normal while some that live in the tundra would be the alolan. Once I've done the world building and have something of a semi-functional map it'll be easier to say where each alolan form might have originated.

Long story boring: every gen's in on this, alolans are fine just won't be called alolan forms in universe.

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Howdy folks. I've updated the opening post with some of the OOC content. However I've yet to finish everything so as of yet I haven't changed this from an interest check to a proper OOC.

What I have added is as follows:

-Updated subtitle and logo
-the rules
-app guidelines and skeleton
-names of the main guild and hub town but no other information

I still have to add more information on the premise and how the beginning of the rp will play out and then get a lot of information on the guild and town together. But for now you all can begin work on your characters. I'll ask for the time being that you refrain from posting them, WIP or otherwise, until I've finished the process of turning this into an official OOC thread. As always, I'm open for questions. The discord server isn't ready yet either so that'll be up and running when the finalized OOC is. That'll greatly accommodate the discussion of things for characters and such. Your continued patience is appreciated!

Oh and Hakima I just wanted to address that I have seen your desires and am more than willing to make an onix character work so when more stuff's ready we can definitely talk that out.

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@@God Emperor Cow
@@Mr. Hyde
@@Wind Rider

Now to see if I know how to use the @ system at all.

Anyway, thank you all for expressing interest thus far. To you and to anyone else who may see the RP and be interested I say, welcome to the formal OOC thread!

Characters, both work in progress and finished, may be posted whenever. The Discord server link has been included as well as a touch more information on the premise and information on the guild and hub town. So if you've got questions you've been waiting on the chat for now's the time to get in there and get 'em asked.

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[spoiler=Your Friendly Neighborhood Starly]

“If I can help even one pokémon per day, I consider that a day well spent.”

Name: Felix

Gender: Male

Species: Starly


Just your normal, run-of-the-mill Starly.


"Is there anything I can do to help?"

Felix is an optimist, especially when other pokémon are concerned. He always tries to see the best in those around him, and hopes that they will do the same for him. “Flighty” would probably be a good word to describe this sort of behavior if not for two reasons. The first is that it’s too obvious. Saying he’s too flighty or “a birdbrain” will inevitably be met with a curt “If you’re trying to insult me, you should probably get some new material.”


The second is that he hates flying. Or rather, he hates heights. “It’s really not being high up that bothers me,” he’ll say. “It’s more of the, um, it’s more of the suddenly not being high up anymore that’ll do it.” As a Starly, he’ll still flutter, taking long jumps between bushes or low branches, but he’d really really rather not take actual flight if he can help it.


Felix is very eager to please. He loves helping out, doing anything he can to make those around him more comfortable. If there’s something you need help with, he wants to be one of the first people you ask. And if he can’t help directly, he’ll try to find someone who can.


There’s an underlying vanity behind it all, though. Felix needs -- needs -- to be liked. His innate kindness, general cheeriness, and prepared comebacks go a long way, but off-hand remarks and insults still hurt a lot more than one might expect. This is the more negative side of this eager to please attitude. He can’t stand the thought that someone might not always enjoy his company, and will do everything in his (admittedly limited) power to try and correct these thoughts.

[spoiler=Pokémon Biography:]

"If you have any questions, any questions at all, you know where to find me!"

Not old enough to be one of the first humans to arrive in Thicket Forest, not young enough to be one of the newer arrivals, Felix is one of those “in the middle” ones that nobody’s sure what to do with anymore. He’s found his niche in helping other, newer arrivals to Thicket Town, both the pokémon and humans in pokémon bodies, making sure that they’re comfortable and, in the case of the latter, helping them come to terms with what’s happened to them.


Not that he can provide any answers. He doesn’t even really think about it these days. It’s simply a fact of life that, for example, he’s stuck with memories he can’t quite place. It’s a fact of life that he can’t ever truly relate to any of the natural-born pokémon.


It’s a fact of life that when rain clouds darken Thicket Town’s night sky to a near-pitch black, he’s plagued by nightmares he can never remember once the storm finally lets up.


In his better dreams, Felix imagines himself surrounded on all sides by a hard shell, impervious to the outside world. For a while, he is happy simply being, knowing the extent of his own universe, exploring every inch of its space that he can. But towards the end of the dream, his walls begin to fade. They grow thinner, as if they were dissolving away, and he can start to see the sunlight outside. He pushes towards it, the eggshell begins to crack…


And that’s when the dreams end.

[spoiler=Human Biography:]Felix was born into money, and if he hadn’t become a pokémon, probably would have died with money even if he’d made more than a couple unsound investments. His mother had never worked either, she had inherited their money as well, and on and on up the family tree until it gets lost in the fog of time. His father was the son of some shopkeeper who’d worked and saved his way into the wealthy elite,


Needless to say, Felix never worked a day in his life. That’s not to say he was idle or lazy as a child, but he was still a little spoiled. The idea that he could, say, order something off of a menu without looking at the price was something he enjoyed. But he was still curious about the world around him, and would spend weeks at a time delving into some obsession before discarding it and moving on to the next thing to hold his interest.


He was just coming of age when he was transformed into a pokémon. He still hadn’t found a singular thing to focus his studies on, though his most recent interest had been archaeology. So maybe he would have been that when he grew up. Maybe he would have found something else.


But that doesn’t matter now, now does it?

[spoiler=Core Memory:]On Top of the World


Moves:Tackle, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Double Team


Z-Move: Supersonic Skystrike


Ability: Keen Eye


Miscellaneous: Some say he's a decent enough singer, or they would if he'd ever let them listen. But on the nights when his bad dreams get the better of him, one might be able to hear a soft little hum amidst the nighttime ambiance.


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[spoiler=Budding Flower]

“I've seen what's happening to the world in the short time I've been here, I would like to help stop it.”


Name: Kiera Collins

Gender: Female

Species: Flabébé




As far as Flabébé go, Kiera looks fairly standard with one exception. She rides along a blue flower color one, but the biggest difference is easily noticable as the edges of the flower appear to be brown and wilting just a bit. The edges droop downwards more than the standard Flabébé's flower does, giving her a slightly sickly look.





Kiera describes herself as a perfectly pleasant person who sometimes gets a little angry. For the most part, however, that isn't exactly the case, as people generally aren't the best judge of character for themselves. She's a lot more rash than she believes she is, and is definitely inclined to act first in a stressful situation or speak before taking the time to consider what to say. Despite that though, she does try to control her temper, she just has a harder time realizing that she isn't as good at it as she thinks.


While she does tend to speak without thinking, she isn't entirely blind to social cues and when she realizes she's said something out of line, or someone reacts in a negative way, she'll often view herself as owing it to them to make it up. She'll do whatever she can to right a wrong she felt like she caused, even if it doesn't matter to the other party. She'll often be found at night pacing around, trying to figure out the best way to apologize to people when she makes a mistake. Her concern isn't so much about how people think of her, but more to do with the standards she's trying to hold herself to as a result of her upbringing. She tries her best to remain at least on speaking terms with people, but thanks to a lack of experience of interacting with people around her own age, she can have some trouble with it.


Despite her shortcomings, she does enjoy being able to expand her social skills and talking with people, as strange as it is from her quiet upbringing. Not having people to interact with as a child could have stunted her and made her more withdrawn, but it led her towards the opposite. She can be a bit overbearing at times, not quite seeing when she might be derailing a conversation right away, but she tries to learn from her mistakes to avoid repeating them as often as she can.




[spoiler=Human Biography]

Kiera was born in Floaroma Town, Sinnoh, to a family that was entirely devoted to the flower fields... Sort of. Her father worked in flower fields constantly, spending long days out there, while her mother worked at the nearby Windworks Powerplant. They didn't spend a lot of time together, nor with Kiera, leaving her to fend for herself a lot of the time. While there was food in the house, so she was never hungry, she didn't get a lot of social interaction, especially with the town being as small as it was. She was unfortunately, one of the only kids in the town at this point, the kids older than her were just older enough to be unwilling to be around her, while the younger ones were... Too young. As a result, she spent a lot of time on her own, trying to fill her time.


And she ended up spending a lot of the time with the flowers as a result. She wasn't quite as good at taking care of them as the adults were, obviously, but she was able to figure out over time which flowers needed what kind of attention. Which ones were better off closer to the trees in the shade, which flowers needed more and more sunlight, the amount of water each particular species needed... With her father's notes that she sneaked out of his room and read, she was learning more about them each day. She did her best to keep her projects a secret from her family, not wanting them to start to get involved in her life at this point. More of her days were spent packing food into her bag as she ran off to explore the woods and flower meadows around her town than ever, her focus spent on just tending to the flowers...


At least until the event in her Core Memory.


After that, she confined herself to her room. She didn't trust herself to leave her room anymore without messing something up, and she practically became a shut in aside to leave to eat something in the afternoons. She was almost starving herself on one meal a day and unable to take care of herself due to her remorse, but with no proper way to let it out, she wasn't making any progress... And then one day, she didn't wake up where she had started...




[spoiler=Pokemon Biography]

Kiera had spent a couple of months as a Pokemon before finally making her way towards the Guild in Thicket Town, mostly spent trying to recall... Well, anything.


She appeared in the middle of a forest grove with little fanfare, her much smaller body laying in the grass, almost complete obscured. The grass was practically bigger than that small frame as she rose up slowly, taking a glance around the forest. There wasn't much to see beyond the trees, but there was a soft fragrence. Something just pleasant enough to spur Kiera up and out of her half-awake stat and properly assess her body. The tiny figure seemed to confuse her for a moment, her arms wrapping around her body as she tried to process what exactly happened. Her movements were sluggish as she began to follow that fragrance into the grove a little bit deeper, almost getting lost in the woods. Finally, after what felt like ages to her, she floated her way into a clearing in the forest, the sun shining down into it. Flowers were strewn about the field in patches, some red, some blue, and a feeling of calmness seemed to hit her thoughts. She made her way towards the flower patches and began to go through them, almost instinctively making sure that they were taken care of. Her hands and thoughts seemed to move on their own, as if the way to take care of the flowers was hardwired into her. Luckily, the was a brook nearby she could get water from, along with plenty of berry trees around this clearing. 


She spent about a week in that clearing before realizing that something was a little bit off. That daze about who she was and why she was even here was starting to clear up as she realized that this wasn't exactly what her life was supposed to be like. Where she was? She couldn't even place it, and if she lived here, she would've had a better idea, right? A little flame burned in the back of her mind, telling her that this wasn't her life. She wasn't supposed to be a Pokemon... Her tending to the flowers just seemed to come naturally, but she couldn't remember doing it past a week ago. She had started to grow a little antsy in the forest area, a little bit of concern growing in the back of her mind. She kept tending the flowers around the field all the same, it brought her comfort, it gave her a way to distract herself. She stayed in that clearing for a month, hoping to remember more while taking care of things in a way that brought comfort to her...


But unfortunately, the flower fields seemed to be going through a rough time. All across the clearing, flowers were beginning to wilt, the nearby brook was becoming less sanitary to drink from as it seemed like dirt was being washed away in the increasing amount of rain, and with the nutrients from the dirt being washed away, berry trees were having a hard time sustaining themselves as well. After about a month of fruitlessly trying to fix the field, she realized she wasn't going to be able to stay much longer. She picked a single flower from the field and plucked it from the ground, choosing it to act as her 'home' from that point forward, a blue flower that had lasted longer in the wilting stages than the rest. It seemed to be frozen in time from then on, and she used it to carry the few berries left that she had collected as she began to travel out of the forest. She had no idea where she was going, but deep in those woods, she stumbled upon another Pokemon... An Ariados. She flinched as it approached her, expecting the worst, but luckily for her, it seemed friendly enough. He introduced himself briefly, noting that he hadn't seen her in this part of the woods before, before asking her if she was lost. When she confirmed that was true, the spider Pokemon offered to escort her to a safe place, keeping away some smaller Pokemon who could have done harm to her. The journey didn't take as long as she would've expected, about a week for them to make it to Thicket Town. The Ariados didn't escort her inside, not saying why exactly, but instead told her to get situated there. The town was filled with good 'mon supposedly... Along with a guild who were investigating the ongoing crisis.


Kiera bid farewell to the helpful Ariados, and entered the town, hoping to find a way to help solve the problems. She didn't have much, but when she told her story about the dying forest grove, people directed her towards the guild towards the hilltop, it would be recruiting soon... And they had a mystery about Pokemon appearing in the world, claiming to be humans. With the information she had, she realized that it would be her best lead, and once that recruitment festival started, she was going to be there.




[spoiler=Core Memory]

Kiera's memory revolves around one particular thing, and that's a little flame. It didn't seem to spiral out of control, and there wasn't much around it, aside from a few logs that seemed to fuel the fire. The memory seemed to invoke a bit of warmth to her when she thought about it, but she seemed to tense up at the same time without realizing it.


Everything past this point, she doesn't remember at the current moment in time.


When the scene expands from just the flame, she finds herself in the middle of that flower field she knew so well from home. After a particularly cold evening at home, her parents not having said a word to each other or her, she chose to spend the evening out and away from them. She packed a bag, carried  what she needed to set up a tent, and made a little campsite in the forest fields to hide away from that tumultuous home life. The night was pleasant enough, the sky was clear of any clouds and the moonlight filtered in through the leaves of the trees into the clearing nicely. She spent a lot of the evening just relaxing next to a fire, roasting marshmallows and eating the sandwiches she packed into her bag. Things weren't so bad.


She eventually got tired enough that she felt the need to fall asleep and crawled into the tent she had set up. The sound of Bug-Types moving in the night lulled her to sleep slowly but steadily. Unfortunately, she had made a fairly large mistake...


The campfire she had created was never put out and without her to control the flames, they started to spread along the flowers. The field she had cared for was slowly consumed in flames, and Pokemon began to wake up due to the dangers. Starly's abandoned their trees as bugs fled the woods, and the attention of the town was caught. People began to rush with their Pokemon, Water types, Fire Types, Flying to survey the woods from above. By this point, the fire had nearly consumed the entire flower field...


It was purely luck that she was woken up by the panicked cries of Pokemon. She stepped out of the tent and saw how the fire was growing out of her control, and she had to quickly escape. She ran off into the woods, avoiding the growing wall of flames to the best of her abilities, with the occasional lucky break as she noticed a gap in the fire, or a tree she could climb to jump from over a gap. She made her way back into the town near the outskirts, sneaking her way to join the townspeople as they fought the fire...


It was morning before the fire was properly contained and killed. The remains of her bag and tent had been charred to nothing but ash, so there was nothing to point towards her at this point, but she knew she had caused it. Her parents seemed to have realized it as well, the already neglectful treatment seemed to become out right ignoring her, especially from her father. She spent less time in the house, but with the destroyed fields, she just... Had nowhere to go.







Vine Whip


Fairy Wind



Name: Floral Fragrance


Description: The user relaxes all the allies in the nearby area with the scent of flowers. It provides a healing boost to nearby allies by reinvigorating them with the pleasant aromas.


Base Move: Grassy Terrain


Effect: Provides a healing effect to allies. Depending on the system, it can be a vague, second wind type thing or an actual number if an HP system is actually going to be used.




Ability: Symbiosis




So the app isn't... 100% done technically. I might expand the personality a bit more and I'll make a note if I do, and there is technically a 4th move slot but I don't have a move to put there unless I break into TMs or Egg moves, neither of which really make sense with the RP. Maybe Lucky Chant, depending on what the upper limit for moves is...

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Name: Karliah
Gender: Female
Species: Salandit

The orange strip down her back and tail is more of an indigo blue color.

Personality: Karliah can be rather quiet at times, choosing to either let others talk first before voicing her opinion or to just remain quiet. She only ever forms a complete sentence or a full conversation with, and only with, those she truly can trust. Because of this, she rarely ever talks to someone new to her and prefers to keep her distance as best as she can. This paints a picture of being a complete loner, but in actuality she does want companionship, only that she wants a true friend that she can trust completely and who won't betray her or leave her behind.

Outside of her quiet nature, Karliah can't stand the sight of someone being bullied or picked on. She believes that the strong should never harm the weak, but protect them instead. The sight of someone abusing their power ticks Karliah off, to the point where she will confront the person and call them out on their abuse. Even if she would be struck down in the process, she'd get back up and keep on the assault until she proves her point.[/hider]
Pokemon Biography: Karliah is a newcomer to the pokemon and is understandably in a confused state (the feeling, not the status effect -w-). She's roaming around Thicket Town hoping to find answers as to why she's here in this new world.

Human Biography: As a human, Karliah was orphaned at a young age and had to beg and scavenge in Saffron City to make a living. She had made friends with a few wild pokemon, who offered her food in the form of berries. These wild pokemon included a Growlithe who would cuddle next to her at night to keep her warm. Eventually, she and the Growlithe were taken in by another human, a figure she affectionately refered to as Big Sis.

Core Memory: Karliah remembers being an orphan and having to fend for herself just to survive.

Moves: Ember, Smog, Protect, Return
Z-Move: N/A
Ability: Corrosion

Here's my app, finally. Life has not been kind for me but I'm finally done.
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An App, I guess.

[spoiler=Sharpening Points]

Name: Blake
Gender: Male
Species: Honedge
Appearance: A Honedge with a lavender cloth instead of a blue one and a dark grey metal, with a scratch on the flat of his blade. His eye is also Lavender.

Blake is very organized, having a very methodical approach to life. He is definitely is an introvert, preferring studying alone or with one other person. He has few friends other than his Pokemon, and tends to make others shy away. He generally dislikes easy things and prefers a challenge.

His main flaw is that he has trouble opening up to people. He is Paranoid, and can't bring himself to truly open up. He also has been know to lash out in anger. These go hand in hand, when people pry,  he gets punchy.  He also holds grudges for a long time.

[spoiler=Pokemon Biography]

Blake woke up on a beach in the sand, waves rolling on him. He discovered what he was, freaked out, of course, but he soon put his sword fighting abilities to use. He discovered how much control he had of his body, and admired the craftsmanship of his body. He then met a friendly Wingull who told him how to get to thicket town. After many weeks of travelling, he met a shady character in the woods, a Haunter. Now, this Haunter was actually a half decent Pokemon, not trying to actually hurt him. The Haunter taught him the other side of his abilities, teaching him how to use Shadow Sneak. With Haunter, Blake made it to Thicket Town.



[spoiler=Human Biography]

Blake Lived in Mossdeep City in the Hoenn Region. From a young age, he was shy and had a hard time trusting others, thanks to an abusive mother, who she blamed for everything. His father had a divorce, and then he lived alone with his father in Mossdeep while his mother moved to Lilycove. Then, at the age of nine, a man came up to him and offered him a Pokemon, a Beldum. This helped Blake open up a bit, and helped him gain a friend. This kid was happy go lucky, incredibly positive. His name was John. He offered him a toy sword, and they played with their foam swords on the beaches of Mossdeep, and they hit it off ever since.

This continued for many months, and swordplay had become relatively normal activity for them. They even battled alongside their Pokemon, One of the rarer things they did. However, they both gained a crush on a girl, and the fighting became more and more intense, closer duels, more cuts and bruises. So one day, a cool foggy Friday, they agreed to one final fight over her. It was close, but Blake won narrowly, and had won a promise that John would not go after her. However, when he went to ask the crush, John was found flirting with her. This crushed Blake, and ruined the friendship. They had a violent duel, but John won because of Blake's Recklessness. He remembers practicing more and more reckless sword slashes against the beach cliffs, angry about John's betrayal. He never truly recovered.

[spoiler=Core Memory]

Blake Remembers dueling John with practice swords on a beach, alongside their Pokemon, his Metang and John's Steelix.

Moves:Swords Dance, Fury Cutter, Autotomize, Shadow Sneak
Z-Move:Corkscrew Crash
Ability:No Guard

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[spoiler=Tomboy Eel][spoiler=Basic Info]Name: Cassidy
Gender: Female
Species: Tynamo
Appearance: Cassidy doesn't look much different than a regular Tynamo except that her fin membrane has a greenish tint to it.

[spoiler=Character Info][spoiler=Personality]A rough and tumble sorta girl. Cassidy isn't afraid to get dirty and in fact seems to prefer things to be messy and dangerous. If she didn't float everywhere she'd likely always be covered in dirt and grime. Some could say her fight or flight instinct is permanently stuck on fight. She's very prone to snapping at people if they seem to be doing something she thinks is wrong or if they mock her. Cassidy has a chip on her shoulder and seems to want to prove to herself she can succeed.

She loves to take on challenges and if you dare her to do something chances are she'll do it. Doesn't have much of a filter and can be rather blunt. That being said she's rather lax about other people. She believes that everyone has their own way and as long as you don't try and interfere with someone else's way, or hurt someone, then you should just keep on being you.

Cassidy doesn't seem to get along very well with adults, or those a decent amount older than her, and is a bit uncomfortable with those her own age. However when around younger Pokemon she's rather different. Almost motherly in a way. She makes no effort in hiding the fact that she prefers to be around a younger crowd with some exceptions who really have to work to stay on her good side.

[spoiler=Pokemon Biography]Cassidy hasn't been in this world for long and she's still trying to get her bearings. She was discovered by a kindly, older, Pokemon but immediately refused their help. The Pokemon tried to convince them otherwise but Cassidy wasn't having any of it. Insisting she'd be fine. So she's been wandering around for about a week trying to figure out just what this place was. While roaming about she found many young Pokemon in various instances of trouble so she had started just helping people out as she went. Looking for what she should be doing.

[spoiler=Human Biography]To understand Cassidy's life you need first to know about her parents. Her father was a farmer, a man from Solaceon Town in Sinnoh. A man who met a beautiful young woman visiting from a large city to place various prized Pokemon in the daycare. He was smitten and she was...charmed. They had a relationship that, for her father, was full of love. Her mother would visit regularly to check up on the Pokemon she left and she and Cassidy's father would have various dates. Until for months she didn't show up. He tried to contact her to no avail and someone else came to collect the Pokemon from the daycare.

And then she showed up with a child in a basket. She thrust the child into his arms and told him that she nearly ruined her life because of a "fun diversion" and that she wouldn't let that happen. She cut off ties with him completely and left. He was devastated but tried to pull himself together for the child he now had to raise.

Cassidy loved the town. And most importantly she loved the Pokemon. She would spend hours and hours playing around in the ruins nearby and the Pokemon Daycare. A fairly friendly, if aggressive, child she was popular with many of the other children. Though her father, out of damaged and misguided concern, tended to keep her from getting too close to them. And after a certain incident Cassidy herself stopped seeking out others for companionship and focused more on her own adventures and on Pokemon.

But she was happy like that. Her life was filled with joy and much love and she seemed content with living her life in their small town.

Unfortunately that wouldn't last long. She was only 13 when they moved to the Unova region, taking a Turtwig the Daycare owner gave her on her 10th birthday, and Driftveil city. Her father claimed that he had a very tempting job offer and that she should travel a bit to see what the world has to offer. This wasn't entirely false but it wasn't the whole truth. Cassidy later would learn that her father had discovered that her mother had moved to the Unova region and he was still obsessed with finding her and "patching things up". This discovery led to many arguments between daughter and father.

She left the house more and more often but things weren't the same. There were places to explore, sure, but larger cities didn't feel right to her. There was something missing.

Then she discovered a Pokemon Ranch. Run by a former ace trainer turned breeder. It was located near the Lostlorn Forest, a mysterious place she had never thought to visit because it was near one of the most active cities in Unova, and she only found it after getting lost during a storm. She began to work at this ranch in her spare time and grew close with the Breeder and the Pokemon on the ranch. Until...

[spoiler=Core Memory]Abandonment. That is the feeling that Cassidy remembers most from their past life as a human. She met her mother only once, when she was ten years old, while she was in town for business. She had a new family. A new husband and a son, a bit younger than Cassidy. Cassidy had found her father talking, clearly distraught, with a woman who looked vaguely like her but older, and went to investigate. When the woman saw her she gave her a look of pity and told her that she could "Leave this waste of a man and come with me if you want." Cassidy shouted at the woman and defended her father. At which point her mother responded "Seems he's already tainted you. Fine, I hadn't really wanted you anyway."


[spoiler=Combat Info]Moves: Tackle, Thunder Wave, Spark, Charge Beam
Z-Move: Gigavolt Havoc
Ability: Levitate



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Name: Zee
Gender: Male
Species: Abra 






Although he is rather smart, Zee holds no amount of common sense within his consciousness.  Most things, like jokes, just fly over his head, and he tends to wander aimlessly.  However, once he learns about something, he is never one to forget.  Teaching him a phrase he was ignorant to will often excite him, as he'll try to use the joke or phrase as many times as possible before he eventually falls asleep.  Zee is also a terrible liar, and rather blunt.  He will tell the truth, even if it will hurt someone's feelings. 


Like most Abra, he tends to doze off naturally, while around friends.  Even while dozing, he has no problems helping people with tasks if they have enough patience trying to get his attention.  If the task may take too much of his time or energy, Zee tends to make them try a bit harder.  Although not the bravest Pokemon, Zee can be tempted into doing almost anything for food.  His favorite berry, the Tomato Berry, is his favorite of all time.  He would fight any Legendary Pokemon for just a bite.  Once he has a bite of the spicy berry, he tends to become an entirely different Pokemon!  A bit goofy and mischievous at the same time, which is a far cry from his rather tamed self.  


[spoiler=Pokemon Biography:]


Upon waking up, Zee walked around for days on end, unsure of where he was and how he got there.  His first nights were spent alone in some dungeon, where he ate berries and avoided hostile Pokemon.  However, the fact that random Pokemon in the woods tried to attack him was very upsetting, as all he wanted was somewhere safe to take a nap.  However, when a passerby noticed his frightened state, they picked him up and took him to Thicket Town.  They called themselves Explorer's and asked him to stop by sometime if he ever felt like helping Pokemon like him.  


It's been a while since Zee arrived in Thicket Town, and he tends to hang around the Town Square, where he runs a Teleporting Service.  If someone doesn't want to walk somewhere, for a low fee, Zee can take them anywhere around Thicket Town.  The money he earns from this goes to Berries.  However, he has been meaning to thank the kindness of the Helios Explorer's Guild, and will make a visit soon.  


[spoiler=Human Biography:]


As a human, Zee was quite studious, but introverted.  He didn't like the idea of becoming a trainer.  Rather he wanted to become a Pokemon scientist!  He dedicated most of his time to raising smaller Pokemon and learning about them while in their presence.  He had always taken a liking to Psychic Pokemon, seeing as how they were usually a bit smarter than the rest, and could help him around his wannabe lab.  He was never well versed in the ways of outdoors, so he tended to stay in his room most of the time, only venturing out to go to school.  


[spoiler=Core Memory:]


The feeling of warmth, snuggling next to him in his bed.  He was never alone...and he never wanted to be.


Moves: Confusion, Teleport, Psychic Terrain, Barrier
Z-Move: Shattered Psyche 
Ability: Magic Guard




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It feels like time to get some official comments on the apps presently finished.

Well Felix is our first and what a way to start. I really like him and feel he fits in well to the Mystery Dungeon style of narrative and character. Strong positive personality with some obvious fears/issues that can be worked out as he gets along with others and what not. 

Realistically I have nothing to criticize. Also major props for the core memory. Really went above and beyond on that and I'm glad you did. I will be sure to make good use of it in the plot.

App Status: Accepted

Another strong personality that I like. The connection to flowers as a human and becoming a flower pokemon is appreciated irony. I like the story of her finding her way into Thicket Town. If you want things to happen with Ariados through the course of the RP I would definitely welcome discussion on it whether in the discord or in private, whatever you prefer. 

The core memory is some suffering and I enjoy making characters suffer. Leads to some real growth if handled well and I have reason to believe you will.

The custom Z move seems fine so you're good to go there.

App Status: Accepted

@@Wind Rider
The personality seems fine. In my initial readings of it I somehow hadn't connected the two paragraphs as being part of it but together they work well enough.

In general I just get this feeling that things are too short. But as I read you're not really missing any beats on what's needed so it puts me in an awkward spot. I don't want to make you fluff things out just to satisfy my idea of how long an app should be. And other apps since have been on par with it length wise and feel fine so my initial gut reaction just wasn't helping here is all.

So I know we talked about it and you're okay not having a Z-move but if you change your mind just let me know in the server and we'll get ya sorted out.

App Status: Accepted

A fun choice to pick one of the inanimate object pokemon. I was worried a bit as I read about the personality given Mystery Dungeon tends to focus on friendship and presents it as a fairly easy thing so long as no one involved is a jerk. That said we're not going to be quite as simple or idealized as the games so it should work. He'll often be forced into team situations anyway so can only avoid people for so long.

As with other bios that mentioned pokemon, if you want the wingull or the haunter to be part of the town and show up somewhere in the story, let me know. We can definitely make it work. The human bio and core memory work well in making the Honedge form ironic which I always like. Everything seems to be in order. Well done.

App Status: Accepted

@@God Emperor Cow
Oh boy. The journey we took to get here. Fun times. I'm impressed you managed with the dozens of character ideas floating around your head. As it stands I'm happy with the one that made it. Not liking adults is gonna make for some interesting dynamics I'm sure. 

Bios are in order. Core memory is some of that juicy suffering. Nothing else to really mention here. Good job all around.

App Status: Accepted

@@Mr. Hyde
Good old Abra. I like the personality, fitting to his species. Pokemon bio seems fine. Like with the others, if you want the pokemon who helped Zee out to actually appear again just hit me up and we can make it happen.

Everything else seems to be in order. I like it. Not much to say.

App Status: Accepted

In the interest of statistics and just general info:

-The current gender ratio (Male/Female) of accepted characters is: 3/3
-Pokemon being used by accepted characters include: Starly, Flabébé, Salandit, Honedge, Tynamo, Abra


As well as any other interested parties who've yet spoken it.

I believe I'll be giving the RP one more week before starting so if you intend on joining to start, finishing an app in the next few days so I can review it would be advised. If that's not realistic for you do stay in touch. There may be opportunities to join later into things. I don't believe I'll be limiting the number of participants to start. I will hold apps to a standard of quality before okaying the character to played and once the RP has begun people will need to be in close contact with me to get everything smoothed out.


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[spoiler=The Pink Punk]


"Whatchu lookin' at?"

Basic Information

Name: Tuff. Oh, you don't think that's my real name? Well that's none of your damn business, ain't it?
Gender: Male. What, you think I'm a girl cuz I'm pink? That's sexist as f***.
Species: Stufful a.k.a. Stuff it.


This is what I look like right before I'mma whoop your ass for laughing.



Psyche Information


You wanna know about me? I'm super tough, tough as nails. And I don't take no Tauros sheet from nobody. I may not be the baddest mofo on the planet, but you can bet your britches I'm almost there. Just gotta work at it. Once I evolve, ain't none of you gonna be laughing anymore, just you watch. You think I'm lying? I do a lotta things, but I don't lie. I may not be big, but I have an ego and a will to work the size of a Wailord, so I just know I'll be the last one laughing in the end.


What else you wanna know? Already told ya my dream, gonna be the best. I like it when people laugh, just not at me. Life, well, you gotta take it in, in all its ups and downs. If you gotta choose between laughing and crying, or laughing and being angry, I'd say laughter is the way to go. Unless you make fun of me. Then all bets are off. What else? I don't need to tell you anymore, right? You're satisfied, right? Well, sometimes, I wish I were born differently. Yeah, I know, who'da thought? But no, seriously, I feel like, I might not have been dealt the best hand in life. But I guess if wishes were fishes we'd all be dishes. Or however that phrase goes. I don't know. Do I look like a nerd to you?


[spoiler=Pokémon Biography]

What biography? I just got here, what, ya want me to give you my life story? Okay, fine. Once upon a time, or some sheet like that, I woke up, saw my reflection in the pond, and realized I turned into some ugly pink f***er. There, the end. Some story, huh?



[spoiler=Human Biography]

As my brother is unable to answer this, I shall endeavor to do so in his absence.


You see, the two of us were born in Konikoni City. He the older sibling, and I the younger. You could say we were inseparable, but that was a lie. It was more me, tagging after him all the time. I had a hard time making friends, but he never seemed to have that problem. Everybody loved him for his foolhardy courage and for never leaving any of us out. He never hesitated to stick up for us, and for that, we would follow him anywhere. Adults hated him though, which I could never understand. Even my parents told me that I needed to separate from him, that he was a bad influence. And then the next thing I knew, he was saying, "I don't need you followin' behind me like a fool, okay? S'not cool to have a crybaby like you dogging me."


Before I knew it, we got older, and started joining different crowds. I ended up helping people and Pokémon in need, and joined the Aether Foundation. Meanwhile, my brother...well, to put it mildly, he got into fights, haggled with merchants, started to steal, and ultimately joined Team Skull. And I only knew that because he shouted that right before he stomped out the door after one last fight with our parents. That we probably wouldn't ever see each other again.


Except that was a lie.


It was while I was visiting the Volcano Park for field research. I got lost, and stumbled upon the totem Pokémon, Salazzle. I thought I was done for, but my brother appeared in front of me and told me to run for it. I'll never forget the sight of his back, turned to me, so skinny, but so strong at the same time, and crisscrossed with scars that even his tank top couldn't completely cover.


That was the last time I saw him.


It was only later I found out from my parents that he'd started stealing to help pay for bills, that he'd been the one to provide the money for my entrance into the Aether Foundation. In the end, he was always looking out for me, protecting me, and I, and I...


I'm sorry, I don't think I can continue. Just, if you see him and he's still alive...tell him I'm sorry for saying he was a failure. That's a lie. I was angry, bitter that he left me behind like he did. I wasn't thinking, I just wanted to see him hurt, like I was hurting.


No matter what, he has been and always will be, the best person I've ever known, and my older brother.



[spoiler=Core Memory]

It's kinda fuzzy, but I remember standing in front of a giant lizard thing. It was huge, and looked like it was about ta eat me. Mainly I remember holding my arms out, like that woulda done anything 'gainst something that huge. I dunno, don't ask me what I was thinking then. Probably crazy in the head, I was. Except there was a reason for it. I think. Maybe. I just knew I wasn't budging from that spot. Woulda taken an act of a legendary to get me to move, and even then, I doubt that woulda done it.


There was somebody else with me, too. They were like half my size, and standing in front of me. Except I pushed 'em away. "What, you think yer some big hero?" I asked. "Yer nothing but a rat, like me. Go on, get outta here. I don't need you mucking things up even more." And that's all I remember. Yeah I know, it's stupid. Probably not even a real memory, just some weird-ass dream. Never said it was interesting. Yer own fault for buggin' me about it.



Combat Information

Moves: Leer, Tackle, Bide, Wide Guard - Let me know if you think this move is too badass for me, as unbelievable as it sounds.
Z-Move: A Pink Pummeling - I get really mad and I just punch the other guy over and over again. Hey, it works.
Ability: Fluffy - Yeah, yeah, shut up. If you say anythin', I'll fluffy your ass into the next decade.


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I love it. Only thing I could really nitpick is not having his human name mentioned anywhere. If you intend him to just be called Stufful that's fine. But if he's got a name lemme know.

Either way, app's accepted.

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[spoiler=Under the vines]

Name: Alder Grand
Gender: Male
Species: Tangela


More or less a normal Tangela, if possible its face seems to be even more obscured than normal

[spoiler=Personality]Hardly comfortable while talking with others, Alder is awkward and timid, finding very difficult to engage in social activities. This doesn't mean he has no idea on how to behave, just that he's too insecure and scared of doing something wrong to feel at ease in the most basic conversation, never certain on what is the best thing to say.

This translates into the rest of his life as well. Too much pressure or attention will send him in panic and/or flee, and he'd rather hide himself from confrontation rather than face it. Oddly enough, he's slightly better when said confrontation is outright antagonistic, since in that case he usually doesn't have to worry about what the other side is thinking of him.

Once almost a shut-in because of this, turning into a pokémon helped him on this front by forcing him to go out and travel in search for answers. Not that it helped with the rest of the issues. He starts to open up once he feels safe around you, but approaching him in a too extrovert or overbearing manner can scare him away.


[spoiler=Pokemon Biography]Arrived six months ago, Alder found himself completely lost in the new environment and it took a lot of time to come to terms with his new life. Thankfully, he found himself near an inhabited center where he could learn more about this world, and a couple of months ago he has started traveling the continent in search for answers about his new condition, up until now with no success, thanks in no small part to his shyness.

Alder recently arrived in Thicket Town, deeming the place and its guild the places where the information he's seeking are most likely to come up in some way. However, after all this time and the constant remind of his core memory, a steady sense on insecurity has started to overwhelm his nostalgia for home, and he's growing less and less convinced if his efforts are truly worth it.

[spoiler=Human Biography]Previously living in Celadon City, Kanto, Alder didn't live a bad life, but neither it was a particularly satisfying one. As introvert as a human that as a pokémon, Alder was the "weird guy" among his peers, with all the friends he made slowly drifting away as he passed more and more time alone, closing in himself. this was a great source of worry and disappointment from his parents, who were starting to take in serious consideration the possibility of taking him to a specialist. truth is, he started to grow increasingly aware of the perception the other may have on him, but instead of dealing with it, he shied away form them exacerbating the situation in a vicious loop.

He kept telling himself that it was just because interacting with others would have created expectations about him, and since he didn't want to delude anyone then might as well extirpate the problem at the root. But as much as he denied it, Alder knew that in truth it wasn't just the other's expectations that he feared to break, but he was deadly afraid to be judged by the others to a ridiculously irrational degree, and he was just too much of a coward to face it.

[spoiler=Core Memory]His mother talking worriedly to him in his room, proposing futilely about getting a pokémon to hang out a bit before leaving. That was the last image Alder had of her, the bit that reminded him that somewhere, someone still cared about him. then it was less pleasant, crying in the bed to the realization that for all his excuses, he already had deluded his parents, his old friends, and over all of them he deluded himself, that last one in more than one way. It was embarrassing to think at, he couldn't recall his features, but he was sure he looked like grown-too-much crybaby. Doubly so, since he doubted to have changed much since then. And it made him unsure that he could ever do and be better, even if he had the chance.


Moves: Vine Whip, Bind, Stun Spore, Absorb (Tangela can't learn the move Camouflage, but I'd like to put it instead of Absorb if possible since it fits with the character)
Z-Move: None
Ability: Regenerator


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