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Coming At You From Inkopolis

Squid Sisters

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IYlJKrE.png?1 Hellloooooo YCM!
IYlJKrE.png?1This is Callie!

And I'm Marie... kod62z0.png?1


IYlJKrE.png?1 And we're...



IYlJKrE.png?1 The Squid Sisterskod62z0.png?1




IYlJKrE.png?1We've come all the way from Inkopolis for a special live tour event!


  It was quite a trip! kod62z0.png?1


Or so I was told. I took a nap during it... kod62z0.png?1

IYlJKrE.png?1 Anyways, we hope everyone has a good time while we're around.

Looks like we're not the only ones here either. kod62z0.png?1


IYlJKrE.png?1The more the merrier!


IYlJKrE.png?1 Staaaay fresh! kod62z0.png?1

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This should be interesting to see.


But yeah, welcome to YCM, Calle and Marie.


I know youʻre only here for two weeks, but I gotta ask that you abide by the rules and stuff. Wouldnʻt want you guys getting into issues with other people and all, including with my colleagues (some of whom are a bit stricter than most).


Anyway, hope you have fun while youʻre around :D

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A pair of teuthidas, whilst being the second pair of monsters in this little event. The Great Mysterio wonders if there was a memo where there was a need to have a partner. Nevertheless, I will watch how this little act of theirs plays out. Perhaps another duo that could further my plans to return the arcane arts to these miscreants.

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Another pair? You seem lively. Maybe we should consider performing together-


Oh my, The Squid Sisters? I am a huge fan, can we open for you?


Thomas, please.


There's so much competition around here, Guy-Manuel; We gotta get in the game while it's good.


Have you been processing vernacular programs again? What is getting in the game?


Doesn't matter. Best of luck to you two here in this Yugioh Card Maker Forum! 


And may we see you upon the stage ourselves.

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