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Do you write your own music, or is someone else giving you the beats you perform over?


IYlJKrE.png?1 Of course we do!


IYlJKrE.png?1 You should see Marie when we work on songs. Super passionate!


I will neither confirm nor deny this. kod62z0.png?1


But yes we do write most of our songs. kod62z0.png?1


Why does everyone obsess over Splatoon?


IYlJKrE.png?1 Huh? What's that?


I think he's talking about Splatfest. kod62z0.png?1

IYlJKrE.png?1 Oh!


IYlJKrE.png?1 Because it's only the biggest event to ever hit Inkopolis! Duh!


IYlJKrE.png?1 You should join us one day!

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The ink that Inklings make, does it just come out a color that corresponds to that person, or is it all the same color and it gets dyed later?


IYlJKrE.png?1 Inkling make their own ink that matches their current color, which corresponds with their team.


That's why enemy colors slow us down while we're able to swim in our ink color just fine. kod62z0.png?1

If we dyed it later then we'd be able to swim in all of the ink just fine. kod62z0.png?1

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I can't find if you have ever made an statement on this subject so, what's your opinion on "Off the Hook"? Do you have any kind of expectations for the young duo?


FYeBTE2.pngI haven't had much time to listen their songs, but I think they've got talent! Good on them.


They're alright. j4e1Ayc.png


After all, they are copying the best. j4e1Ayc.png


Also their tag line is... meh. j4e1Ayc.png

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