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YCM Splatfest Debut!

Squid Sisters

YCM Splatfest 2018  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. Dark Magician or Blue-Eyes White Dragon?

    • Dark Magician!
    • Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

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START - 10/20/2018 @ 4:40 PM EST

ENDS - 10/31/2018 @ 11:59 EST

IYlJKrE.png?1Heeey YCM~!

It's your favorite idols. kod62z0.png?1



IYlJKrE.png?1 The Squid Sisters! kod62z0.png?1

IYlJKrE.png?1And today we're here with YCM's first ever Splatfest!

Things are gonna work... kod62z0.png?1


A bit differently here, since it's a forum and all. kod62z0.png?1


IYlJKrE.png?1Yeah! We can't really have a Turf War, unfortunately...
IYlJKrE.png?1 However, we've looked into this "Yugioh" game the site is named after!
IYlJKrE.png?1 A perfect substitute for a Turfwar!


Basically, we'll be splitting you guys into two teams based on whatever option you voted for. kod62z0.png?1


Then you can go around and challenge anyone on the other team. kod62z0.png?1


IYlJKrE.png?1You'll earn points for your team for each duel in a best of 3 match you win, and winning the duel itself earns even more points!
IYlJKrE.png?1 Don't fret, however! You'll still get a few points even if you lose.


Obviously not nearly as much as the winners, but hey it's better than nothing. kod62z0.png?1


IYlJKrE.png?1At the end of the week, we'll calculate points based on which side is more popular and which side won the most duels.

Each member of the winning team that participated in duels will win 7500 points. kod62z0.png?1


IYlJKrE.png?1Don't feel like you need to duel, however!
IYlJKrE.png?1 If you didn't duel and you joined the winning team, you still win 2500 points~!


You can duel each other with whatever platform you desire. kod62z0.png?1


Dueling Book, YGOPro, even in real life! kod62z0.png?1


IYlJKrE.png?1Just make sure that you and your opponent confirm your results here so we can validate it!


IYlJKrE.png?1 Or post proof of your victory.


IYlJKrE.png?1 Ideally you'd do both!

If there's any questions, feel free to ask either here or shoot us a PM. kod62z0.png?1


IYlJKrE.png?1 Get your game on!

So, which monster did you pick out? kod62z0.png?1


IYlJKrE.png?1Dark Magician, of course!
IYlJKrE.png?1 Such a fashionable monster, and a Spellcaster too!
IYlJKrE.png?1 Not to mention it was this "Yugi" guy's deck, and he's one of the bests duelists I've seen!


Really? kod62z0.png?1


This should be easy then. kod62z0.png?1



I chose Blue-Eyes White Dragon, who is just plain objectively stronger than Dark Magician. kod62z0.png?1


Not to mention it looks sooo much cooler. kod62z0.png?1


After that one guy told us what Dragons were, I couldn't not choose one of the mightiest of them all. kod62z0.png?1


Plus Kaiba uses it, and he's probably one of the most important duelist ever. kod62z0.png?1


IYlJKrE.png?1It's not all about ATK you know!
IYlJKrE.png?1 You'll see when I win this!
IYlJKrE.png?1 Regardless of what happens, though, this should be a good time!


See you all on the battlefield, and remember. kod62z0.png?1



IYlJKrE.png?1Staaay Fresh! kod62z0.png?1

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