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Lexicon Assembling...

☆☆ Daft Punk ☆☆

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Greetings, YCM. We have a fun activity for you today.


C'mon, Guy-Manuel; You sound so austere.


Well this is very serious, Thomas.


I thought it was supposed to be fun.


YCM, we are practitioners of music; Music we're very proud of. But it is all we know. We don't know the music of your planet.


So we wanted to get to know it, and you guys will get something for it as well!


Anyone who submits a song here (one per day) will receive some points we have been graciously gifted.


AND, there's a once per day SECRET challenge; If your song is the first to meet that secret criteria for the day, you'll get some EXTRA points on top of that!


Exactly. So please, YCM. We were sent here to learn of your music and become the best performers in the galaxy.


With a bias towards the Halloween theme being very helpful, of course! Spooky is great!


Help us build our lexicon.

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you're using that word wrong


try "library"



Lexicon: the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge.


Aaah, but music IS our vocabulary, friend.


So far the secret challenge has not been met.


So it's the same for today! Points will be awarded for all your great submissions when it is met. Who will get it first? 


Feel free to submit a submission for today if you did yesterday; We are eager and accepting.

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Flattery was not the secret challenge.


But it is appreciated nonetheless.




The secret challenge was a song with the letter "Z" in the title.


Some serious pointage to the winner; 2000!. And points for everyone else who has contributed!


More will come to those who continue submitting. The secret challenge has been reset; Good luck.

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