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CAC MOBA. A moba where you make your champion

Phelphor, of the Deep

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Working title but yeah, an idea of mine for years where a moba game where players themselves make their characters:


*Players will pick the gender of the character

*choosing the race of the character

*choose a subtype

*choose the character's place of origin/region

*choose the character's clan

*choose the character's guild

*choosing the background of the character

*choosing the alignment of the character

*Choosing up to 2 roles from 5-10 roles (roles that you character will fill during the match)

*choosing type of damage the character does

*choosing the character model (very small, small, reg, middle, hefty, big, very big)

*choosing character's range, close, mid or long

*picking passives and/or abilities from generated list of passives abilities

*adding a specialty to the character

*rolling for stats points (12 stats to roll for)

*adding modifiers based off of stuff.


additionally customizing the character's overall appearance (within reason)


similar to soul caliber make a guy and you kinda echo someone else. this is similar but now outside of the fighting game genre and placed in the moba genre.


Tell me what you think of this?

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So it's D&D meets moba? I'll be honest, while I appreciate both tabletops/rpgs and mobas, I haven't played enough of either to be much of an expert (heck, I'm probably below average in moba games). Take my comments with a grain of salt. All that said, I feel like there's potentially a few flaws that'd have to be worked out, and they all stem from pvp interaction and game balance.


Firstly, rolling for stats. That feels... useless at best and potentially gamebreaking at worst. If you're making a character and you get bad rolls, what's stopping you from resetting until you get as high a stat spread as possible? If you're LOCKED into rolled stats for a game, then it adds an unbalanced element of rng to the mix. Fortunately, a fix here might not be too hard. Changing from randomly generated stats to having a set pool of stat points to play with feels more balanced, gives the players better customizing control, and won't allow for certain players to have obscenely more powerful characters than other players.


Secondly, the base idea of customization opens up lots of potentially degenerate player design interactions. If you're playing a random game and you see a super thin floaty character wearing flowing robes, your first instinct isn't that that is the team tank, is it? Customizing characters makes the game itself harder because each set of characters may have their own ability and utilities that simply can't be deduced by appearance. This could even be taken to another extreme where all the players on one team have the EXACT same appearance, but completely different movesets. Players are able to get better when they can see something and know (or have an idea of) what that thing is capable of.


Finally, the abilities themselves. Depending on how choosing them is broken down, no ability can be looked at in isolation. All of them need to be balanced in conjunction with each other and... That's just a really monumental task. Even games with set characters and movesets have difficulty with balance and this idea is just exponentially harder.

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