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[Written] Proto-Cyberdark Dragon


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Proto-Cyberdark Dragon

lv 6 DARK


2 "Cyberdark" monsters

Must be Fusion Summoned by sending 1 "Cyberdark" monster you control thats equipped with a "Cyberdark" Dragon monster to the GY. When this card is Fusion Summoned: equip 1 "Cyberdark" Dragon monster from your GY to this card. Once per turn: you can equip 1 Level 3 or lower Dragon monster from your hand or GY to this card. This card gains ATK equal to the combined ATK of the equipped cards.

ATK/800 DEF/800


So Proto-Cyberdark Dragon acts as the 2 material fusion of Cyberdark Dragon but also acts in some ways a stronger version of it where it can equip 2 monsters onto it at the same time giving it a 3000+ ATK boost where it can equip a Cyberdark when Fusion Summoned then once per turn can equip a Level 3 or lower Dragon from your hand or grave to it.


The only difference this has to other Cyberdarks is that with its massive power gain its balanced out by not having the effect to protect itself from destruction by destroying one of the monsters equipped to it instead.


Ideally in Cyberdarks you can summon this off Cannon searching a main Deck Cyberdark like Horn, Summon Horn and equip it with Cannon and then use them to make this, then use both this cards effects to effectively equip Cannon and either another Cannon or Horn onto this making it a 4000 ATK beatstick.

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Like the concept, and definately would be a card that could fit in in the cyber dark series. The ability to bring back claw and cannon to one monster and trigger 2 effects on an attack that will fuel your hand and graveyard is a nice touch. This card wouldnt be used really as a beater, probably to fuel quick cyber dark dragon summons which can sometimes be a struggle! There is only one thing I would change about htis card and that is its level! As a Zane cyber dragon fan boy I would make it level 5 (and maybe even add the effect of: This Card is treated as 'Cyber Dragon' while equipped with 2 'Cyber Dark' type monsters.) This is a personal touch but anything that intergrates the two is always somehting I have wanted to see (you could then pop overload fusion into chimertech and use it to fuel your graveyard with cyber dark monsters through claw and cannons effect) 


As I said thats a personal touch that I would add but I really like the creativity behind the effect and the resource recycling behind this card!


9/10 (would love to see this card made with some badd ass artwork) 



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