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[Written] Brave Swordsman of Landstar


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Brave Swordsman of Landstar


Link: D


1 Level 4 or lower Warrior Monster

Increase the ATK of all Warrior monsters you control by 500. When an opponents monster declares an attack: you can tribute this card; negate that monsters attack. When you would be dealt damage (Quick Effect): you can banish this card from your GY; damage you take becomes 0 instead.

ATK/500 LINK-1


So Brave Swordsman of Landstar is the Link Retrain of both Swordsman of Landstar and Comrade Swordsman of Landstar where this card keeps the ATK boost of Comrade but with a added 100 bonus on to it and in addition can be tribute to negate attacks and banished to protect you from being dealt battle or effect damage.


In Warriors in general this card can be handy for adding both an offensive and defensive set up to your plays where its down marker helps with getting a Extra Deck monster out with a added ATK boost and if this card is attacked you can use its own effect to negate that attack forcing your opponent to then focus on your bigger monsters.

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Looks like a sweet toy for Goukis since it can make a single copy float when usually they would take 2 and go for a Link2. It could make other Warriors float as well, but at the moment cannot think of any non-Gouki ones. Whether that's a fair thing to do, or is something the game could handle, I do not know. I find amusing how similar it is to Linkuriboh: Unlike Linkuriboh, this gets to stop 2 damages sources on its own, but it's also missing any effect that puts it back on the board.

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