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That Which Judges All Life (10 Nights of Fright 2018: Card #7)

Black D'Sceptyr

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I awaken, soot-blackened, in the middle of a dust-choked chasm-though I am looking for an exit from this cavern, all that meets me through the sweltering gaze is the silhouette of a figure. It is too much to hope for it to be of that figure of the afterlife, but I must know.


"Hello?" I call out. The figure does not move, but the illuminating glow of two masks it holds in its hands turn to face you. One is grinning, while the other is frowning. The hood that covers its head moves solemnly, almost fluttering too fast to be staying on its head as it is.


"W-who are you?" And finally, the mask on the right reacts, in a voice as harsh as its scowl. "You know who we are." 


Silence reigns for a spell before you gather the courage to speak. "Bu-but I had a good life-I made sure to give proper sacrifice to the monsters of the tablets, I kept a loyal family, I stayed out of others' way...."


The figure does not respond. You take it upon yourself to continue-the oppressive heat in the chamber demands your testimony lets it choke the air out of you. "Your visage does look familiar though...could you be That Which Feeds...."


"....He is but a collector." The smiling facade glows in response. You gather more courage and cough out some more words. "You know, there is the talk of the greatest trick you ever pulled- m-making the world believe you don't exist." You cannot help yourself, the curiousity behind the truth of that parable stings at you.


"My greatest trick was not in what I do not prove, but in what I successfully made all above us believe I pulled." The glowing smile turned back on you again, only for the scowl of the other mask to take over. "That you had a choice after this existence."


"....w-w-wait. You're saying there is no Solemn?" 


A cloaked figure with parchment-white skin finally appears in front of the cross-legged figure, holding a ceremonial cup to its face. The little fluttering life that stretched from its tattered red wings seemed to ebb as the figure partook of the chalice's contents, the crimson glow growing all the stronger, pounding through the increasingly illuminated caver like a heartbeat is fueling it.


Then it turns and your throat is fit to burst from the swelling heat of the air rushing in your mouth and the knot of bile boiling from your stomach below-this figure has no face, nothign but a maddening red sigil framed by its hood, and the last words it says before that blinding burgundy overrides your every sense is-







[spoiler=That Which Judges All Life: Info]


DARK/Fiend-Type Effect Monster/Level 7/2400 ATK/2000 DEF


Lore: You can Tribute 1 other Fiend monster in your hand and 1 monster on the field with 2000 or less DEF to Tribute Summon this card face-up. You can banish 2 Fiend monsters from your GY: Special Summon this card from your hand. While this card that was either Tribute Summoned or Special Summoned by its own effect is in its owner's control, it gains this effect, depending on the total ATK among the monsters Tributed and/or banished to Summon it.

• 2000 or less: The original ATK of all other monsters on the field become that amount. 
• 2000-3000: Other monsters with less than that amount of ATK cannot attack.
• More than 3000: Other monsters whose ATK is less than that amount have their effects negated.




Till the next card folks. 


BD'S, signing off. 

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Nice lore. I actually do like the versatility of this card's Summon, with plenty of powerful fiends to take advantage of the high ATK requirement. My first thought was Diabolos, but w/e. What's funny is I think the effects get less powerful, or rather, less useful as they go on, with the first effect being great for clearing strong boards and dealing with bosses if they don't have a quick effect/their quick effect has already been used. The second is alright for temporary stall, especially as the boss itself fall in that category, meaning your opponent can't get over it while its on the field, but the third is only really useful as a means of locking your opponent out of plays while you do your own, as a 3k beater is still a 3k beater, even if you negate its effect. What would be cool is if you swapped the second and third effects around, because then you could use the 2k-3k bar to completely deal with a Knightmare lock, and the 3k thing is much better at dealing with annoying threats.

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I like the creativity on the one. The flexibility for summoning it is welcomed too. As Dova implies, the Tribute method could work well with Diabolos & support.

IMO the 2000- and 3000+ ATK effects are the best, the former to break boards as Dova stated, and the latter, well, it's close to a Majesty's Fiend. Would be amusing if it affected monsters anywhere, that way it would stop hand traps as well as GY effects.

Sucks the card won't have any effect if you Summon it through other ways.

Maybe it can afford a higher ATK too, considering is has a summoning condition similar to Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, which as a whooping 3500 ATK on top of a disruptive and damaging Quick Effect.

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