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ishai and tana partner commanders (MTG EDH Commander Deck)

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#MTG #EDH #commander Building a 4 colored partner edh commander enchantment aura deck by starting with a 20 dollar deck builder toolkit.






ishai, the ojutai dragonspeaker and tana, the bloodsower are the two partner commanders.



The four colors of the deck is red blue white and green.



The object of the deck is kinda voltron like and aura enchantment focus but mostly battle focus.



Pump up my already hexproof/unblockable creatures with auras.



Ishai gets more pumped up the more opponents play and tana makes tokens for dealing damage.



Making commanders hexproof and or unblockable works really well.



I did add Aurelia and Bruna (also helm of the host to boot)



Bruna can recover all aura and pump bruna to insane amounts



Aurelia can give double battle phases which is helpful when I need to deal commander damage potentially knocking out 2-3 people in one turn.



We need a list of cards to give you any real constructive criticism.


2x commanders (And my back-up commander but this is mostly deck works around the two partners)



28 lands

1x evolving wilds

1x morph zone

1x shimmering grotto

5x basic land plains

5x basic land mountain

5x basic land island

5x basic land forest

6x etb tapped lands (for mana fixin)



10 artifacts

8 mostly typical mana rocks except sol ring. want to put a sol ring in

1 swiftfoot boots

1 helm of the host



2 multicolored cards

1 Aurelia, the warleader

1 Bruna, the Light of Alabaster




mostly ramp stuff like

1x mana dork

typical mana ramp cards

1x thunderfoot balooft (the one that likes having commander out)

1x cmc 6 drop 8/8 that gives every other creature I own trample

some enchantment auras




unblockable guys

some enchantment auras

some draw cards




cmc 6 flying white angel that gives every other creature I own valiance

some enchantment auras

open the vaults

sagas like fall and triumph





some pump spells

some enchantment auras

tormenting voices

haste/flying/trample creatures



card names.



Your list is vague and unhelpful. For each line, there are many potential options, and I suspect you aren't using the best of them. Just type out the names of the cards, I know it takes time, but the time you spent on the shortcut was wasted.



What I'll say now is to run more lands. Your deck has neither the speed nor consistency to do with such a low number. Shoot for 36.


My mana rocks kinda make up for the lower amount of lands*



26x Lands

x1 gruul guildgate

x1 thornwood falls

x1 highland lake

x1 tranquil expanse

x1 temple of enlightenment

x1 boros guildgate

x5 plains

x5 islands

x5 mountains

x5 forests



10x Artifact

1x darksteel ingot

1x traveler's amulet

1x mind stone

1x manalith

1x command's sphere

1x armillary sphere

1x hedron archive

1x skullclamp

1x swift boots

1x helm of the host



4x instant spell

1x trumpet blast

1x natural connection

1x impulse

1x stonefury



9x Sorcery

1x adventurous impulse

1x tezzeret's ambition

1x tormenting voice

1x open the vaults

1x farseek

1x Seek the Horizon

1x Divination

1x cultivate

1x explosive vegetation



21x Enchantments/Enchantment Auras/Enchantment Sagas

1x Field of Souls

1x hold the Gates

1x font of fertility

1x favorable winds

1x Fall of the Thran

1x Triumph of Gerrard

1x shiv embrace

1x angel gift

1x frenzied rage

1x blanchwood armor

1x mardu runemark

1x tricks of the trade

1x tilonalli's crown

1x aqueous form

1x talons of wildwood

1x squire's devotion

1x trollhide

1x spirit mantle

1x lighting talons

1x lunarch mantle

1x ordeal of heliod



28x Creatures

1x druid of horns

1x thresher lizard

1x bruna light of alabaster

1x nyxborn rollicker

1x serra guardian

1x llanowar elves

1x kwende pride of femeref

1x thunderfoot baloth

1x court hussar

1x tetsuko umezawa fugitive

1x Aurelia the warleader

1x phantom warrior

1x murder of crows

1x charging monstrosaur

1x trained condor

1x siegebreaker giant

1x whisperer of the wilds

1x stadium vendors

1x hada spy patrol

1x aggressive mammoth

1x auramancer

1x danimitha capashen paragon

1x azra bladeseeker

1x invisible stalker

1x evra halcyon witness

1x blighted agent

1x volcanic dragon

1x azami lady of the scrolls



tell me what you think of this so far?

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My mana rocks kinda make up for the lower amount of lands

no, they don't.


Having 3-4 drop Mana rocks doesn't change the fact that you won't be seeing enough land to consistently play the early game, let alone reach the late game. Even if you were running 2 drop rocks (of which there are many, almost all of which are very good) you are running a comically low number of lands. For casual decks, don't even consider running less than 32 lands.

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