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[Written] Link Extension


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Link Extension

Continuous Spell Card

Once per turn, when you Link Summon a Link monster: you can Special Summon 1 Link monster from your GY whose Link Rating is lower than the summoned Link monsters with its effects negated. The monster summoned by this effect cannot be used as Link Material for a Link Summon during the turn it was summoned. You can only control 1 "Link Extension".


So Link Extension is a Special Continuous Spell that works with Link Laddering as it helps expand the number of areas that you can summon monsters where for example if you Link Summon a Decode Talker using a Honeybot as Link Material, you can then through this cards effect summon Honeybot to one of the zones Decode Talker points to in order to have both Decode Talker gain ATK and Honeybot to grant you 2 more additional zones to summon monsters from your Extra Deck to.


In addition to this the card is balanced by having you only control 1 of this card at a time and the monster summoned by this card cannot be used as Link Material to further Ladder into big Link Monsters.

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