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[DBCG] Sky Mekkstrikers


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Monsters: 20

x3 Ash Bosom

x3 Fact Veiler

x3 Snow Ribbit

x1 Blow-Up Bulb

x2 Big Blue

x1 Indigo Go

x3 Hermit Purple

x1 Magician's Red

x3 Ace Ray


Spells: 19

x2 Call me maybe

x1 ROTAtion

x2 Area 6

x1 Buuuurrrn!

x1 Horny Drone

x1 Sharknado

x2 Widow maker

x2 Multitasking

x3 Engage with me

x2 Terra for mars

x2 Tween Twisters


Traps: 1

x1 Legacy's Dark Secret


Extra Deck:

x1 Wonder Womagician

x1 Borrelblade

x1 Clara & Rusa

x1 Google Glassfiber

x1 Three-headed doggy

x1 Jean Grey

x1 My little pony

x1 Linkuribro

x1 Morning Star Platinum

x1 Hayate the combat butler

x2 Kagari Shiina

x1 Kain & Abel

x2 Shuzuki



x1 Mad Max Dogoran

x3 Drool & Lick

x1 Gammaciel

x1 Kumon

x1 Yellow Temperance

x1 Nap time is over

x1 10,000,000 volt thunderbolt

x1 Jammin' to this

x3 Oddly Unmatched

x1 Indignation Judgment

x1 First Warning




I have wanted to jump into playing YGO for a while, but I'm no netdecker so I plan to go for underused variants by mixing diverse engines. In this case, I'm going for an hybrid of Mekk-Knights with Sky Strikers.

My main concern is the Mekk-Knight engine. IDK if I should go for +1 Blue and leave Yellow in the maindeck, or just keep the latter in the side, if at all. I guess I need more tests to determine that. Also I want to fit 1 World Legacy Succession in to grab it with Morning Star. The Mekk-Knight Trap that negates Spells may be handy in the side as well, IDK.


Thoughts? Tips?

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I did start my jump into the game with Mekk-Knight Invoked but I found the deck and play-style unwieldy. Too many discards by Mechaba, Morning Star. On the other hand, I have had my fun with this variant so far. Granted, I have yet to face true top tiers like Thunder Dragons, Sky Striker mirrors, etc.


As I said, I don't wanna fall back on netdecked or overused variants so... thoughts on Dino Thunder instead? That's a variant I'm willing to test. Or anything with a Dino engine (Conductor, Overtex & the pill), for that matter.

Another idea is Altergeist feat. Quintet Magician, through a Magicalize Fusion tech.

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