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[Written] Clock Gadget


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Clock Gadget

lv 4 EARTH

Scale: 6

Pendulum: During each of your Standby Phases, increase the ATK of Cyberse monsters you control by 200. The ATK and DEF of Cyberse monsters you control cannot be reduced.


When this card is used as Link Material for a Link Summon of a Cyberse Link monster, Special Summon this card face-up from your Extra Deck to a zone the summoned Link monster points to. You can only Special Summon "Clock Gadget" this way once per turn.

ATK/1400 DEF/600


So Clock Gadget is a Cyberse Pendulum that boost your Cyberse monsters ATK and DEF while making it so that their ATK and DEF cannot be reduced by any means. Then this cards monster effect allows you to ladder up into bigger Link Monsters as it can come back to the field if used as a Link Material once per turn.


In Cyberse this can be effectively used with the Code Talker cards as with this card in the Pendulum Zone if your using Code Talkers that gain ATK until they lose the condition for that ATK boost Clock Gadgets Pendulum effect will kick making it so that it will still keep that attack boost.

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It's shame it doesn't fit with the other Gadgets as a Machine, but I suppose then it stands as the second to Cyberse Gadget. 
I'm personally not a fan of assisting Links with laddering, they have a lot as it is, but my gripes aside, this card lets you turn a Link 2 into a Link 3. Not much more than that. It's simple. Can't hate the effect too much. I'm in the middle with it, but I'll await others input.

Always like seeing your cards go up!

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