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Having a little difficulty adding images

Kailyn Leona Kyosuke


I've got the correct image code but my post preview returns an error that I'm not allowed to use that image extension on this community.  Far as I can tell this shouldn't be the case.  Can someone help me out?  


The current script for the post is in this google drive file.  I'd post it for example but...then I'd actually just post the thread to begin with.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l7KCFCyxt0qFLyCGdcFxdqtKIB90oBNuA-CNrvQUqok/edit?usp=sharing


Every IMG file added is a JPG using the IMG code.


Please and thank you!  



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I'll try redoing the links for the images that seem to already be images and not the img code, see if that works.  I didn't really think about that before, but when I click preview post it shows the code as the images in the preview text box.  :o


EDIT:  Yeah seems like those two cards were what was breaking the entire thing.  Got that fixed.  Thanks for the pointer!

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