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Ghostrick Zomb-Oni (No Vehicle To Ride, But A Pathpaver Nonetheless)

Black D'Sceptyr

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[spoiler=Ghostrick Zomb-Oni: Info]

Zombie-Type Link Effect Monster/Link-1/1200 ATK


Link Marker: Bottom Left


Lore: 1 face-down monster

When this card is Link Summoned: You can discard 1 "Ghostrick" card; send 1 monster on the field or in your Extra Deck to the GY. Neither player can Link Summon monsters. While you control a Set monster, this card cannot be targeted for attacks, it can attack directly, also all Set monsters on the field are unaffected by the effects of other Attack Position monsters.




So now that Savant Thomas has shown the way to make a good Ghostrick Main Deck Monster, I take it upon myself to make it an equally good Link Monster. 


Works off a face-down Monster as Link Material, following the trend set by the Ventriloduo, discards to search like Parshath de la Link, deflects attacks like Gullvelg, offers even more blanket protection to your Set monsters, and...






could it be anymore obvious that I like Vrains Pack 2


also so cute that pic


wanna pinch all four of its chubby cheeks.


Until the next card, which will likely be a new Madolche support card you may take a liking to, reviews, revelry, you know the drill


BD'S, signing off.

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A bit puzzled at this card.

It's easy to access and to make its last effects live for the protection and direct attack threats. But the "discard 1 Ghostrick card to send a card to GY", I find it a bit strange. I don't think Ghostricks would benefit too much from discarding their cards, and thematically, sending Dullahan or Alucard will trigger their float effects, while still being able to mill stuff like Nt'ss, but then you may as well send to the GY whatever card intent to destroy anyway. Or send Arc Light and Chimera Rafflesia to grab splashable Ritual & Fusion stuff respectively like Instant Fusion? IDK. Regardless, in this way the "discard 1 Ghostrick" cost is the balancing factor, which works, but cannot but find it a bit out of place in Ghostricks. Granted, that's a cost comparable to the detaching costs from the Xyzs.

A card like this would encourage me to tech some Ghostrick cards, or arrange an engine of some sort, especially when Dullahan and Alucard require generic materials and can be Xyz evolved into Angel to search a Ghostrick Spell/Trap that can be discarded as fodder for this cad xD

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