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This is something I have been curious about for quite a long time now. When it comes down to the semi-limited list, I'm often curious about the viability of a card that goes from 2 copies to 3 copies, or what the viability of a card could be if it were at 3 copies instead of 2 copies. 




Level 4 / Dark / Zombie / Effect 

1200 attack / 1800 defense 


If this card is Normal Summoned: Shuffle all banished cards into the Deck. This card gains 100 ATK for each card shuffled into the Main Deck by this effect. If this card is banished: Each player banishes 5 cards from the top of their Deck (or their entire Deck, if less than 5). 




Is this card even viable anymore? Something I noted while making my banlist ideas thread was that Necroface being brought to 3 would make it more likely to banish itself off of the top of your deck, meaning you could banish up to 15 cards from the top of both players decks. 


Would this even by a viable strategy though? While I have seen some Metaphys players playing Necroface, I have yet to see a deck like Thunder Dragons play it, and it seems like the majority of people that play the card mostly just play it in more casual settings, in decks that are gimmicky in nature ( decks that play cards like Soul Absorption, Gren Maju Da Eiza, and other such cards ). 


Is there something I'm missing though? Would this card really become a powerhouse at 3 copies? 

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One of the uses I recall with this card was dropping a Grinder Golem or ATK boosting effects to make sure you could trigger "Inferno Tempest", which banishes all monsters from both Main Decks, I believe between 18 and 24 are the usual numbers for a build. Then since Necroface would be included, you'd be banishing 5 cards 3 more times right away, for a total of 15 extra cards.


Then there's the question of how much more of the Main Deck was in the opponent's opening hand and how much they shrank their deck through their turn 1 play, which the most combo-heavy decks can end their turn with 24-ish cards left in the deck.


Now, to be honest, its key card is not the most consistent thing ever and it is a "going second" OTK attempt through deck-out. That isn't a lot worse than what the game can currently do. There's Gold Sarc and hoping more Necrofaces get hit at random, and there's also Allure of Darkness and Card Destruction as potential speed tools here. 

Then something else to take into account is, which counters does the game currently have? Mainly which hand traps can hit it, if any.
Last time I put any attention on Necro Face, it still needed to be restricted, which is why I brought it up, but there's also that it went up to 2 at some point and it doesn't seem to be doing any outrageous things.



My stance is that it'd still not be a good idea to put it at 3 and give the game yet another tool to try to break something, but if people were to argue the contrary, I can probably imagine why.

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