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Trickstar Darklords


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[spoiler=Written list]

1 Darklord Morningstar

3 Darklord Ixchel

3 Darklord Superbia

3 Darklord Ukoback

2 Carobein

3 Candina

3 Venus

3 Shine Balls


1 Foolish Burial

3 Trickstar Light Stage

3 Darklord Contact

3 Banishment of the Darklord


1 The Sanctified Darklord

1 Darklord Rebellion

1 Darklord Enchantment


2 Ghost Ogre

3 Ash Blossom

2 Infinite Impermanence




Basically, I decided to add Trickstars (& Venus might remove her since Trickstars engine is less bricky)  for an easy access to "Condemned Darklord". "Light Stage" searches "Candina", NS "Candina", search "Carobein", ss Carobain, and there you have it: 2 Fairies. What happens next depends on your hand tbh. Best case scenario is summoning Morningstar against an Extra Link board (if you managed to survive all hand-traps and interruptions). What I need now is an Extra Deck, waiting for your suggestions.

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If you have Extra Deck space free you could always consider adding Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon to trivialize Cyber Dragon Infinity, as well as Super Polymerisation and targets (if you are in the OCG the fusion Trishula is a must for Super Poly, you know the one that requires 3 monsters with different names, that one can break (apart from Number 86) about any board).

Also I have to go for the obligatory Borreload + Borrelsword mentions.

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