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Deep Sea Dredge (Diva's Got a Brand New Bag)

Black D'Sceptyr

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So, to those wondering why I've decided to go give more consistency to Merlanteans, allow me to regale you all with a simple tale. 


Under the sea, there were these twinned Archetypes that went together like chocolate and caramel. They, however, were besieged on all sides by fearsome forces, those that could outlast their destructive power, such as the strikers of the sky or the agents of the ghost girl. 


There were also forces that provided little chance to use their branch of destruction upon them, such as the dracos of truth, or any deck that could etch a U onto the battlefield through the infamous arrow-pointed Extra Deckers. 


But then, there was a simpler way to outlast the Atlantean Assault; to do what they did in between their rampages, but better-filling the field with fodder to fuel the rise of the Extra Deck. Such was the coin of the Realm of Danger!, the warrior tribes united under the twin tales of the Noble Knights, even the Tuners with their access to the Crystron's new fiber of life.


For them, overwhelming the none-too-shabby Atlanteans with more forces was easier done than said.


So the BlaDeS of Change Workshop used their powers of brevity and levity to bring the Atlanteans a new gift-a better gift than that which they had before. 


So came the promise behind the downpour of the....





[spoiler=Deep Sea Dredge: Info]


Quick-Play Spell Card


Lore: Target 1 Sea Serpent monster you control; until the End Phase, it gains this effect. You can only activate 1 "Deep Sea Dredge" per turn. 

• Once per turn: You can discard 1 Sea Serpent monster; draw 1 card, plus 1 more card if that discarded monster was a Tuner.




Till the next card, folks and folkettes- review, revelry, you know the drill.


BD'S, signing off.


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This deseves a like just straight up for the story ;) (before reviewing just want to say absolutely love the artwork and it matches the imagery captured upon reading the storyline!) 


Pretty much cards of consonance with no atk limit but also not specific to a tuner so you can clear your hand if its dead! would definitely be a nice addition to a deep sea diva focused synchro deck!



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Looks good enough to me. Provides draw power and a clever way to trigger Atlanteans that float when sent as cost for a WATER monster through a Spell Card. The pool of Sea Serpent Tuners to take advantage of the extra draw may be terribly small, but its bound to gradually grow, so that's fine. Besides, there are already interesting cards, such as Hooked Shinin' Syncher.


Of course, a drawback on this card is that much like Wonder Wand, it needs an appropriate monster on board, and there may be times this card will be dead because of that. Another amusing yet situational weakness is that it would make Sea Serpents with no effects that activate vulnerable to Snow Rabbit once they attempt to use the gained effect.

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